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Minecraft Lore

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 03:42 PM

Good day to all you Minecrafters out there, a few days ago i made up a story line to how the Minecraft Universe began. It includes a lot of the popular beliefs in Minecraft such as that Notch is god and Herobrine is the source of all evil and so on. This story is very long winded and would be quite a pain to write the whole thing seeing as it's just a basic lore. However I am exited to share this with the Forums and hope that this sparks the imagination of some map makers or players in general. If anyone wishes to hear or use my story line leave a comment and i will reply to the best of my ability.

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 08:31 PM

Chapter 1
Our world began as a vast civilization. not of players however but of pigmen. pigmen were the first sentient beings on Minecraftia. they were very much like us Minecrafters and were a rich people. you can still find many ores and other treasures in chest around thier old abandoned mine shafts. they knew something that took Minecrafters years to figure out. Minecraftia is held together by magic. it coats the land and covers it like a thin blanket. this raised questions among the pigmen like how do we channel the magic? does the magic end? this eventually led to new research into a enchanting table which was fueled by the souls of creatures killed by the user. the more dangerous the better it should fuel the enchantment. they also used many enchanted items to reach where the magic ends. the Far Lands. where the physics of Minecraftia break and nothing makes sense. at some point unknown to anyone cobblestone dungeons appeared out of thin air underground. and in the middle was the caged souls of monsters. they seemed to burst out into the world and attacked the pigmen. however the pigmen did manage to seal off and destroy a majority of these dungeons and restored order but thier loses were in the thousands. the pigmen desided that in order to preserve thier knowledge and maybe even some surviving pigmen they must built a stronghold underground to keep all thier secrets safe. then...they came...
   Chapter 2
unknown to the pigmen at the time there were other dimensions but with no way to communicate or reach each other because of The Void. The Void is a dark empty realm that seperates and surrounds all other dimensions and destroy anything that passes to far into it. one of the smallest and youngest dimensions is called The End. The End was forged by a powerful dark dragon, the dragons were a race that predated the pigmen, Red Dragons once roamed Minecraftia until one of them was corrupted. it turned black and went hungry for power and wanted to feed upon the magic of the realm. it became to powerful for the Red Dragons to stop it. it is still unsure if the Red Dragons are in hiding or dead...the Black Dragon knew it needed more power but Minecraftia's magic was spread thin. so he created a small area in slipspace so her could channel the magic of The Void which was more powerful. however he was stranded in The End and needed something to channel the magic through. so he created a race known as the Enderman, for being born in a endless dark realm. they were made to blink from Minecraftia back to The End to collect blocks. these blocks however changed once they came in extended contact with The Void and turned into endstone. they started by grabbing what they could at first grass, stone, gravel and slowly built an island of endstone. the Black Dragon needed some way to draw power from the void, some way to channel it. this is when he attacked the pigmen.
Chapter 3
The Dragon ordered all of the Enderman to attack the Pigman, to slaughter and steal thier diamonds and obsidian. the Endermen did just that. they made a portal at the heart of the Pigmen empire, the stronghold. a mass of Endermen came from the portal and flooded the world. the Pigmen were beaten because they could not anticipate where the Endermen were teleporting and were defeated quickly. the Endermen looted the Pigmen of all thier diamonds and obsidian bringing it back to The End for thier dragon master. in a desperate attempt to escape the Pigmen built a massive portal hoping it would take them to a better place such as the mythical Aether. they travelled through with Endermen on thier heels. needless to say the Dragon was pleased. he commanded them to combine the diamonds into one block and build obsidian pillars so the powers of The Void would transfer through the Crystals to him. They say he is still there on his island in oblivion...feeding and growing more powerful so he can lead the next invasion.

  Chapter 4
After the Ender Dragon a way to gain power he found no further use of his Endermen so he did them one kindness. to let them call his dimension thier home and let them live. the Endermen without purpose now blink across the overworld confused and forsaken. they feel ashamed that they could be so easy to manipulate and attack any who look them in the eyes because then they can see thier pain.the Pigmen however made a huge mistake by going to the Nether. just as Minecraftia was held together by magic and life. the Nether was held together by Death and Necromancy. this huge heated cave was only inhabited by the Ghast. jellyfish like creature that use the sulfuric air vents from the lave ocean to float around the Nether. using thier own lighter than air gasses they can condence it into a firecharge and shoot it at any trespassers. the Pigmens Portal was quickly destroyed and they were trapped in this dimension along with some Endermen who followed them into the portal as they retreated. many of the deads souls were trapped inside the soul sand which now twisted with thier suffering faces. for a while the Endermen and Pigmen made a truce for thier survival. they started by building fortresses out of cooked netherrack and attempting to protect themselves with anything they could find. while the Endermen roasted on the battlements the Pigmen burned after trying to create a golden golem using soul sand. the dead souls inside made the creation evil and quickly turned on thier masters. they are now known as Blazes. the Endermen and Pigmen both died in the Nether. while the Endermen became Wither Skeletons the Pigmen zombified into Zombie Pigmen. they still roam the Nether undead for eternity.


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Posted 01 December 2012 - 09:02 PM

This is pretty interesting; I would like to read more.
Have a story to be read? Visit Minefic: Legacy. (The original shall be missed)
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Posted 01 December 2012 - 11:36 PM

View Postkr00k3d100, on 01 December 2012 - 09:02 PM, said:

This is pretty interesting; I would like to read more.
i will post these on a regular basis but if anyone has any suggestions that make sense il add it to the story but it must be in game updates and stuff no mods...yet :P