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Nefariouscraft v. 1.4.4 [PVP] [MCMMO] [FACTIONS] [MOBARENA]

nefariouscraft hardcore pvp mcmmo pvp factions mobarena pvptimer 1.4.4

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 03:53 AM

Join or 24/7 PVP SERVER!!! Its an awesome hardcore greifing,PVP, and raiding! Server has great staff! Info about the server will be found at www.nefariouscraft.com

Our Ip is pvp.nefariouscraft.com

Main Plugins: mcMMO, Factions, Essentials, MobArena, TopPVP, Votifier

We have 3 arenas! To join them do the following commands:

/ma j graveyard

/ma j nether

/ma j end

Graveyard is the hardest to beat!

You can vote for the server to recieve $100 each vote!

We hold a competition every month for voting. Whoever votes the most will recieve TopVoter rank! TopVoter rank will have all perks of a $10 donation rank!

Now, if you vote on all links, you can get 5 levels of experience!

How cool is that? An easy way to get daily experience!

So what are you waiting for? Vote now!

Go to www.nefariouscraft.com/vote to see all links!

We do some special events for any special holiday during the year like Halloween and Christmas! We do games, kits, and decoration of the spawn!

Donating will give you awesome perks! View more info at www.nefariouscraft.com/donate

You do not need to add port to log in to server.

Have fun and enjoy playing on my server :)

We now have the plugin PVPTimer! No more getting killed right when

you walk out of safezone! You have 30 minutes to roam around

freely without worrying abotu getting killed!

If you want to pvp right away, you can just run the command:

/pvptimer remove

And then you can pvp freely!

We now have a new system of voting thanks to

enjin's brand new Vote 4 diamonds module!

Now you can easily keep track of who is in the lead for voting, and how much you need to beat them by!So now it is easier

to get TopVoter!



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Posted 18 November 2012 - 06:05 PM

Kit thanksgiving is having problems. So kit thanksgiving will not be out. I might have a kit sign out in the spawn, but im or sure it will work. So please be patient as i try to fix it.



Posted 26 November 2012 - 12:26 AM

We have a brand new plugin called SurvivalGames! People can play the hunger-games on my server now for their enjoyment! you can do /warp survivalgames or /hg join! How fun is that!
We also have 9 vote links now on www.nefariouscraft.com/vote!  Voting gets you $150 dollars each vote! Plus, if you vote on all links, you wont only recieve 5 levels of experience, but you will also recieve 4 diamonds!