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Dark Era [Hardcore] [PvP] [Factions] [1.4.4]

dark era hardcore pvp factions extra hard server survival dark era

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 11:34 PM

Dark Era

IP: mc.darkera.co.uk

Dark Era is a hardcore faction pvp server, were we want you to have the best possible player experience. We have helpful admins and long time players. We have a great community of players who have stayed with us from the begging way back when Minecraft was still beta. We use a vast array of plugins to ensure you as a player have a great experience while on Dark Era. Two of the main ones are Factions and Extra Hard Mode. If you don’t already know factions is a great plugin that allows you to start groups of players and claim land within this claimed land you can set your faction home were you can teleport back to later. Extra Hard Mode is a great plugin that basically makes thing more interesting. We hope you read… or at least skim the following information and drop by to try out the server.
-Sincerely Dark Era


Griefing with lava  is a NO no!! ban on the spot.

Here is a list of some main rules you must follow as a player on the DarkEra server:
1. NO irresponsible or disturbing behavior. warning
2. Do NOT abuse other players. warning
3. Do NOT spam the chat. warning
4. Do NOT advertise to websites containing porn or such. warning/kick
5. Do NOT accuse other players of cheating. warning
If you see a player cheating: Talk to an Admin
6. NO sexism. warning
7. Do NOT harass other players. warning
8. Do NOT build racist or nazi related creations. warning/ban
9. NO pornographic, abusive or racist skins. warning/kick
10. Do NOT use hacks/cheats. (speedhack, flyhack etc.) warning/kick
11. NO bad language(swearing, abuse, racism etc) warning
12. Do NOT
13. Listen to the Admins. warning
14. Do NOT disrupt/crash the server. kick/ban
15. Do NOT ask Admins to spawn/give you items, blocks, mobs etc. warning
16. Do NOT tell the Admins to kick/ban other players. warning
17. Do NOT pretend to be an Admin. warning/kick
18. The Admins are not your slaves. We run this server on our free time and can NOT help you 24/7. If you have a problem please be patient.
19. Play nice and have fun Posted Image

If you break one or more of these rules the Admins will give you a warning.
Depending on how many rules you break or if you ignore the Admins warning you will get kicked or banned. This is all up to the Admins. We are the judges.

Don't ask to become admin or Mod for now, thanks.

at the moment as u will see when u join we still have a bit of work to do with Spawn and shops. so please don't Spam to the admins about when shops will be up and working or. how can we make one are selves. it will be sorted in time just pleases wait!

Extra Hard Mode


The TNT recipe produces 3 TNT, and each TNT explodes 100% more violently versus Vanilla TNT, making TNT a useful tool for mining and worthwhile to craft. Further, exploding TNT will produce a more "natural" devastation with lots of fallen rock and other rubble.

Cave-ins are a persistent threat. Mining ore softens the stone around it, which can then fall and injure the careless player. Dirt and grass, which is often compacted into a solid mass in cavern ceilings and floors, will also come crashing down when disturbed. Of course, TNT can make a really big mess, since it also softens stone to subject it to the pull of gravity.

Loose materials like cobble and dirt will fall like sand and gravel, forcing players to solve mining obstacles (like giant pits) by bringing appropriate building materials with them or getting very creative in their approach, rather than just using the dirt and cobble they conveniently picked up along the way.

No permanent flames near diamond level (there's not enough air!). Players will have to get creative with their lighting, for example using dimmer redstone torches (spooky!), moving lava around with buckets (dangerous!), using glowstone (expensive!), or lighting temporary flint/steel fires (risky!). This also discourages players from dumping water on all the lava, since it can be a valuable source of light, holding monsters at bay.


Double monster spawns near and under sea level in normal worlds. Caves are now more scary than the surface, as they should be.

Spiders are more common under sea level and randomly drop web around them when slain, potentially introducing obstacles into an ongoing combat situation.

A portion of creepers spawn charged, and will explode with the power of (Vanilla) TNT at the slightest touch. Get out your bow and arrow, run like hell, or get creative. Even falling from a small height may set off a charged creeper, making them truly terrifying to deal with. Be aware of your surroundings!

Endermen sometimes teleport the player during combat

All players are welcome to join us

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