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factions pvp bettershops iconomy tpa sethome staff active 24/7 no lag

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  • Minecraft: Slappygilmore

Posted 14 November 2012 - 04:11 PM


Server Ip - PvP.Insanitycraft.Org

Owner: SlappyGilmore

Co-Owner: Starberry101

Head Admin: Pemex89

Admin: Savgeleche

Builder+: TheMatrixMan101



Best Features:


-Active Staff

-Mature Staff

-Non-Abusive Staff

-Great Community

-/Tpa, /Sethome, McMMo

-Experienced Owner

-Long Lasting

-Frequent Players

-Great Donator Rewards

Like The Server?

Diamond Us!


Plugin List -

VoteLink, GravitySucks, Wither, AdvIpLog, Essentails, PvPTimer, ToggleBlocks, Plugman, Votifier, LoginSecurity, WorldBorder, Buycraft, CompatNoCheatPlus, CombatTag, CraftBay, PermissionsEx, iConomy, Vault, McJobs, Factions, MultiVerse, NoCheatPlus, BetterShops,

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