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[1.2.5] ANR Tekkit | No Whitelist | EE | Anti-Grief | PvE

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 02:15 AM

ANR Tekkit

a new revolution

Server IP: tekkit.anr-mc.org

Visit us at anr-mc.org!

ANR Minecraft is the ultimate tekkit single player experience... in multiplayer.

We are dedicated to make your gameplay as best as it could be. Feel free to build anywhere! We operate the server at around 4GB of dedicated RAM (almost no lag).

Griefing Policy
Griefing isn't allowed at all. We have CoreProtect, WatchBlock, and GriefPrevention, which make an awesome combination to tackle these griefers. Griefers will be either banned on sight . Any grief that does happen will be rolled back immediately. We have a zero tolerance for griefers.


Sick and tired of all those donator commands you want but can't get? No more of that!

You can easily get these commands by playing longer as the ranks are based on time.

You can even buy game time you wanted to.

Check http://anr-mc.org/rankinfo for more info.

EE is enabled, however you must apply for it via website. Since we don't like noobs running around with destruction catalysts, we're doing it this way. Grief with EE, you get banned. Simple as that. So don't try using it on a friend's house.


We don't want you to waste that shiny new quantum armor you just made, so the mobs are 10x harder, better, faster, and stronger. Don't worry, we have you covered.

Hope to see you soon!

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