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-Kings PvP Event-

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 10:59 PM

Kings will be holding a tournament on Tuesday, November 13. Time 6pm PST) It will be our first event to kick off our series of Kings PvP events. All fights will be held in our world class arena and be recorded for players to watch their fights. We will hold 3v3's 2v2's 1v1's and any other lineup our players want. Using this bracket setup http://betterbracket...!/01601b5741a05

IP: pvp.mc-darkhaven.net Whitelisted until 5:30 PST of event!

-No pvp allowed outside of the arena.
- Do not safezone ontop of trees
-Hacking, autoclicking, cheating or any other form of game abuse is NOT allowed
-No Verbal abuse allowed in game
-Listen and be prompt so the events can run as smoothly as possible

Event #1: 3v3

The first event will be a standard 3v3. Two teams will be given 2 minutes to gear up with the provided gear and be ready to fight when round starts. There will be X amount of rounds depending on the turnout.

- Full diamond armor
- Iron sword
- Bow 1x Arrows 32x
- Steak 16x
- Enderpearl 8x

If you would like to enter Event #1, post a comment with the following application.

Entrance Form:

1. Player names(must have 3):

2. Team name:

3. Comments or concerns:

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 11:05 PM

Still need a few more teams