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VIPERCRAFT [1.4.2] Survival Server | PvP Arenas | Mob Arenas | No Griefing | McMMO | iConomy | SimpleClans | PreciousStones | LWC

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Posted 13 November 2012 - 06:16 AM

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Server Address: play.vipercraft.net

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Website: http://www.vipercraft.net
Forum: http://www.vipercraft.net/forum
Teamspeak: voice.vipercraft.net:9296

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Vipercraft is one of the best new SMP servers around. We currently run the latest version of Minecraft with 36 plugins to ensure smooth playability and protection against griefers. Our server runs from a dedicated host, has 16GB of Memory and can support up to 400 players. We also have a growing community of spectacular builders, adventurous warriors and innovative creators.

We have incorporated many fun and unique things for our players to do when they’re not busy building, such as fighting in the Mob Arena or exploring the depths of our Dungeon Sewer System, which is full of quests, puzzles, mobs, and hidden treasures. We work hard to make your survival AND server experience as rich as possible. Make a home, join a town or strike out on your own!

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Here are some of the features our server has to offer:

MC v1.4.5
We currently run on Minecraft v1.4.5. Our server is kept up to date with the current versions of Minecraft to ensure that everyone can connect and enjoy the new features that come out!

24/7 Up-Time
Our server is dedicated, which means that come rain or snow, our server will be up!

Beautiful Towns
Our players work hard and pride themselves in making their towns exciting and enjoyable for their clan members, and all towns are 100% custom built from the ground up. If you’re interested in seeing some of them, ask around! You may end up joining their town!

Amazing Viper Ride
Take a tour of our amazing Spawn Castle on our Viper Minecart Ride, located in the Crafting Area at Spawn. You’ll get an insider’s look at our custom-built shop and Nexus, and even take a trip through the sky to get a bird's-eye view of Spawn!

Intense Mob Arena
We have an awesomely unique, 100% custom Mob Arena that will be sure to keep you on your toes. There are two difficulty settings, so you may either play in the easy section, or hard section if you’re feeling up to the challenge!

Challenging Dungeon Quest
A one-of-a-kind massive underground adventure, filled with lore, mobs and quest rooms. Bring some friends and gear up! There are many hidden surprises and wondrous treasures when you complete the challenges.

LWC Protection
We use the LWC protection plugin to ensure that everyone's stuff is safe and secure. It is the most secure protection plugin at the moment, and your experience will be much more enjoyable with your items protected!

LogBlock and CoreProtect Anti-Griefing System
We at Vipercraft know that our players work hard to get where they are, and we want to protect that! In the event that a misfortune falls on our players, we use LogBlock and CoreProtect side-by-side to catch and roll back griefers so that everything goes back to the way it was prior to the attack.

PreciousStones Protection
We use the PreciousStones plugin as our primary source of protection against griefers. They’re easy to place and simple to use, and you can rest assured that your things will go untouched!

Admin Shop
Need to buy or sell goods? Visit our Admin Shop, located at Spawn, which is based on the Essentials plugin. Our market is fully custom, grief free, and a great place to make bank.

Donator Ranks
For those who would like to help out the server, you will not go unrewarded. We have special ranks and permissions for set amount of USD donations. These ranks and permissions are permanent and give the player more advantages and opportunities throughout our server.

Team up with friends or strangers to build up huge towns and cities, and proudly display your clan tag for all to see!

Enjoyable Economy
Our economy consists of a single currency which can be earned through selling your items or killing mobs. Players are able to transition money to each other at their own leisure. Also, this money can be used to setup chest shops or buy from our admin shop.

Growing Community
Our community has been growing at a very fast pace. We're a fairly new server with friendly members, and we strive to get the biggest flood of new members we can. As the community builds, so will the server, and we hope that the server is enjoyable to everyone who does decide to give it a go.

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Of course, we have rules on our server. So before you dive in, take a look below to make sure you don’t cross any lines!
In the event that you have a problem with someone or something, let a member of staff know and we will try to solve your issue as soon as we can! We are here to help and want our members to have peace of mind while playing on our server.

No Spamming
Don't spam the chat. It just makes you look like a fool, no one is going to like you, and it's doing absolutely nothing to harm the server. Spamming is just an annoyance and it's a waste of your time as well as ours.

No Griefing
Please don't attempt to grief other peoples' builds. People put real time and real thought into the things they build and that's not something you should take from them. We have some security precautions to protect from griefing, but you never know.

No Hacking
Please do not hack. Certain mods like Radars, Brightness mods, ect. are allowed because they do not give you a direct advantage over another player. However, ones like Flying, X-Ray and Killing Aura are NOT allowed and will result in various consequences. Hacked clients are not allowed either, and will result in various consequences. ***Certain Donator ranks are given the ability to fly and will have a rank title.

No Harassment
Do not harass people. This includes but is not limited to racism, threats, insults, and teasing. There are a variety of people on the server, and you don't know how others will react. Harassment can be very serious, so do not harass or threaten them and keep any hurtful comments out of our server.

No Abuse of Bugs or Exploits
This goes without saying, guys. If you see a problem with something in the server, please report it immediately to someone of staff so that we can get this issue solved right away. Abusing the server’s hiccup gives you an unfair advantage over other players who work hard for what they have. If one comes up, please don’t abuse it.

No Swearing
Please keep what you say in chat at a PG level. We have a variety of people from many different regions of the world and we should assume they are not all adults. Minor swear words like "crap" or "damn" are fine, but when it comes to the heavy artillery, please keep the vulgarity away. Thanks.

No Stealing
Do not steal from others, whether they are in your clan or not. We all work hard for what we have, so everyone else should do the same. Chances are if you’re in need of something, there are plenty of friendly faces around who are willing to help you out. All you need to do is ask.

No Killing Players Outside PvP
This is a non-PvP server, which means that while you're in in-world, you are not to push, break away blocks, or TP someone to you just for them to die. Things of this nature will result in consequences.

No Advertising
Please do not advertise other servers, or advertise our server on other servers. It’s just rude. If you need to advertise your server, do so on the Minecraft forums. We don't go on your server to, so don't do it on ours.

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In return for voting for our server, we offer our members Posted Image. You can vote once a day,  every 24 hours.
You must be logged into Minecraft and have an accuout on our forums before being able to vote!

Vote for Diamonds (Log on before voting!)

Vote Link 1 – (8 Diamonds Per Vote)  

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We currently only offer Donator Ranks, however, the Normal rank for all members is Civilian. Once you join the Vipercraft server, you are automatically a member of the community!

Normal Ranks

- All default player commands (Can be found at spawn. Type /warp rules)

Donator Ranks

Custom Tag
-Custom name color
-Custom tag name and color

- /back command
- Disguise as Pig
- Virtual Crafting Table
- Set 2 homes

- All permissions and/or commands from lower donator ranks.
- Virtual Chest
- /god mode (Makes you invincible)
- Disguise as Cow
- Disguise as Zombie
- Set 5 homes

- All permissions and/or commands from lower donator ranks.
- $50,000 in-game
- /tp command
- Custom tag
- Flying ability
- Set 10 homes

- All permissions and/or commands from lower donator ranks.
- $50,000 in-game
- Disguise as Creeper
- Item Spawning
- Creative Mode
- Set 15 homes
- TS Channel (Your own TeamSpeak channel)

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Head Moderators



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The best way to contact us is simply by chatting or messaging us in-game. However, if no staff member is on at that time, you can send one of us a message on the website and we will be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible. You must be registered on the site though in order to send messages!

Not sure how to send a message? Click on the person’s name on the forums and at the top right hand corner, click on Message.

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Want to support us? Put our banner in your forum signature!

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Feel free to browse through some of our server's photos!






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