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New Server! -To The End!-


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:03 PM

Just stared a server yesterday, and it's a (by default) survival world! Just a defualt world, no spawnpoint signs, but read this before playing.


1. No griefing. What server likes this?

2. No asking for op. You need to earn my trust.

3. Don't repeatingly kill someone. That's right. PVP is on.

4. No destroying ANY generated structures. That means NPC villages to.

5. No killing NPC villagers. Save that for the zombies.

6. Don't build near the spawnpoint, please.

7. Don't ask for weather change, time change, or building materials.

8. Strictly NO CUSSING!

9. No harrassment of any kind in chat.

Failure to comply to these rules results in banning or taking away inventory.

Server Characteristics

The type of world is default, and the difficulty is normal. (2) .
Mobs can't cause structual damage, such as creepers exploding or ghasts firing the fire balls, etc.
You don't lose your items when you die. This is so you don't rage on something and get banned.
You spawn near lots of structures, and nice biomes.
You may ask for steak if you are low on hunger and have no food.
The max amount of players right now is 15. We will change this as popularity increases.
We do not want donations. We don't ask for them at all.
We don't have automated messages appear in chat.
Nether and End is allowed.








Player built structures

Spleef arena

Random player houses

Enjoy the server!!! Posted Image

By the way, the server is having difficulty with it just newly being up. We've determined that will go away in time. Also, the server will be on and off, for I have to keep a window open so the server is available.

   "They say there is a person who will tell you how to survive this land.....oh wait...That's me."  -Guide, Terraria  

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