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Builder for spawn ! Hired !

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  • Location: woodland
  • Minecraft: Sniperguys

Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:12 AM

Hi all i'm here to hired 5 people to help my friends server to build a village in spawn
so what i mean by village as in the inside of the kingdom has some houses and shop and games all that stuff

So i required 5 people to be trust worthy and with great building skills and ideas to developed this server into a success
Once you've enter you'll be granted with creative mod and i will show you where to build.

Be warn that any dumb building or structure you building will be destroy and kick


Depends on the building that you've build, you may receive 20 diamonds and your rank will be increase and possibly you may get to MOD.

If you are interested,
Please fill in this application in the comment and i will PM you straight away

IGN: (MC name)
Skills: (how good your building and ideas)
Reason: (why)
Trustworthy: (yes/no)

Thank you for reading this !

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:22 AM

IGN: (MC name) Dukeofmanville
Age: 14
Skills: (how good your building and ideas) Im a very good builder on creative that is
Reason: (why) I have a very authentic style simple yet elegant
Trustworthy: (yes/no) yes


  • Location: Pixel Cave
  • Minecraft: Karapoti

Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:24 AM

Application for Helper:

Are you looking for and good players?

If you are looking for a great server player, here is some information:

Minecraft IGN:


Why I Would like to Help:
I would love to be a great role model for all the new minecrafters who are ready to explore and learn on your wonderful server. I also had a big server once myself and sold it for quite some money. I can teach you all the ways to get your server looking the best it can be and getting loads of players all around the world.

What my Main Talents are:
-Building (Mainly Houses and Structures).
-Writing (from Book & Quill to forum topics).
-Teaching new players.
-And many more.

Version I started on:
Creative (as a kid).

How long a day:
About 5 Hours.

New Zealand.

I hope you can accept this application for a white-list. Thank you for your time.

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