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[Tekkit 3.1.2] The Shire [PvP/PvE][30 Slots][iConomy, Towny, iProfessions, ++]

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Posted 09 November 2012 - 04:00 PM

The Shire

Website: TekkitShire.com
Expected Uptime: 24h a day, 7d a week
Gallery: Click this link to view pictures from the progress of setting up this server

About This Server:

This server was an idea between me and some friends which we started on a month or 2 ago. We have been working quite intensely to get everything to work before we opened the server up for the public. And now we think we are ready.

Here is a link to the Countdown until Our Public Release!

The Idea:

The idea behind The Shire was that you arrived in an old abandoned prison cell after falling through a hole in the ground on one of your adventures. There you have to fight your way out through a maze filled with monsters to get back to freedom.

When you finally managed to fight your way out you could choose between 4 towns to be your home town and then you can choose which profession you want to work as. And the more you worked the higher up in the ranks you would get, unlocking crafting of more advanced items, wearing more powerful armor, create parties to play with friends, create your own guild and finally create your own town!

But then we figured that only having this would get a bit boring after a while. So we added an evil side! You can also start as a thief, without a town, and work yourself up the ranks the evil way to finally create an evil town to gather all the thieves, assassins and gangsters together to battle the good towns for control over this world!

We have a special economy which dynamically changes prices on items based on supply and demand which means you can be lucky to find cheap items to sell, or an item which have a big demand so you can sell it with big profit! You also have the possibility to hire builders, engineers, architects or interior designers to help you out. I have thought about adding the possibility to buy/sell P2P via a web interface but that is not added yet.

You can buy your own plots outside the City Walls, or you can rent a luxurious apartment within the walls for a higher price but for better protection.

All of this is added and the server isn't even official yet, so as time goes and we have a chance to improve the system you can expect quite magnificent things from the future!


We have plans for several events, including a drop-party every friday, PvP Tournaments, Wars between towns, etc. But they are not active yet for several reasons but mainly that we have been focusing on getting the server up and running and ensuring that everyone have a problem free time online.

Restricted Items:

ArmorType - Requirements

Leather - Join the server

Iron - Have a job/be a thief

Gold - Rank up to Rank 2 of your profession

Diamond - Rank up to Rank 3 of your profession

Nano - Rank up to Rank 4 of your profession

Chainmail - Only Server Guards can wear this armor

Crafting of certain items is restricted to the related professions.

Who Are We Looking For?

Everyone with good intentions are welcome to join! Of course, the more mature you are the more fun this server will be, but everyone are welcome to have a go!

That's all brilliant! But where can I apply for the whitelist?

To apply for this server just follow this link, fill in the application and click submit application!

Server Rules:

1) NO griefing in towns (Instant Ban)

2) NO advertising

3) NO hacking, X-Ray texture packs, extra client mods, spawning of items, abusing of glitches/bugs! If you find a bug/glitch in the system, inform server staff immediately!

4) Do not use/get/hide/own banned items.

If you know about someone owning a banned item, inform staff immediately!

5) Do not fill the chat with rubbish (AKA spamming).

6) Trolling is NOT allowed. (for an example: tp to someone and kill them or opposite)

7) Do not ask Gm, Mod, Admin, Owners for items or ranks.

8) Do not whine or nag, solve problems maturely.

9) Respect Gm, Mod, Admin, Owner's decisions, if you do not cooperate they may do what they find necessarily to keep the situation under control.

If you think you have been mistreated or someone are abusing their powers, you can make a post under the relevant category on the forums. We will handle the complaint as soon as possible.

For your whitelist application form to be accepted, put this as the answer to the question about what you like: "I like Trains".

Breaking rules will get you Banned, Kicked or Jailed.

The punishment will count whether you read the rules or not. (Blaming your friend or sibling is not a valid excuse)

Reading the rules is YOUR responsibility as player on this server, not ours.

Banned Items:



TNT cart

Industrial TNT



Sticky dynamite

Nova catalyst

Nova cataclysm



Destruction catalyst

Evertide amulet

Volcanite amulet

Mining laser

Ring of ignition

Mercurial Eye

Red matter hammer

Red morning star

Hyperkinetic lens

Catalytic lens

Ring of arcane


Cannon ball


Energy collectors (Mk1,Mk2 and Mk3)

"God armor" (upgraded Red Matter armor)

Red Matter armor

Dark Matter armor

Quantum armor

Alchemical tome


klein star (Vier,Sphere,Omega)

Bugged or Lag-creating Items:

Automatic crafting table MK 2

World anchor

Dimensional anchor

Watch of flowing time

Iron Shovel (Sorry, it simply makes you crash and gives us extra work, we will sort this problem as soon as we have time)

Major Plugins:









Multiverse (We have not yet enabled this for the public, but we will as soon as possible)






SimpleWarps (Only used by server staff to help you around the world with signs)

-Specialized plugin to enhance security-



WorldEdit (Server staff Only)

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