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[PVP] Stone Combat

1.4 command blocks redstone televire bad_p1zza

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  • Minecraft: TeleVire

Posted 31 October 2012 - 07:06 PM

Hey people,

This is my first map.  It's a pvp map that is controlled by redstone and the new command blocks from 1.4.

ScreenShots - http://imgur.com/a/OZ1g5

Before the round starts, each team gets to choose their loadouts.  Once they are ready, they can hit the ready button. Once both teams have readied up, the round starts. Once an entire team has died, someone should go to the lobby and jump on the new game pressure plate.

During a game, the team lobbies are locked and no new players can join in.


1 Iron Sword
1 Speed Potion(3:00)
10 Apples
1 Invisibility Potion(3:00)

- Archer:
1 Bow
Leather Armor
2 Stacks of Arrows
1 Wooden sword
10 Apples

- Soldier:
10 Apples
1 Instant health Potion
Chain Armor
1 Iron Sword

1. Do not intentionally choose the wrong team.
2. Stay in the arena until killed.
3. Don't drink potions until you leave your team lobby!
4. Do not give another player your items.
5. Do not combine items from other loadouts.
6. Play in Adventure mode with mobs disabled

Download - http://www.mediafire...2911fu2fywfbel7
I would love any suggestions

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