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Modern City Role Play Server

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  • Location: America
  • Minecraft: sherlock39
  • Xbox:sherlockpj

Posted 13 October 2012 - 03:18 AM


Sherlock City

“An Amazingly Unique Role play Like no other”

What is Sherlock City?

Sherlock city is a moderate role playing experience like nothing you have ever seen before. The city is an incredibly detailed world, down to the last sky-scraper. Players take time to create a character to fit their personal preference, and are then sent off into this metro-city. Many paths await them as they begin their life here. What will you be?

What Is there to do?

What isn’t there to do here? This world has been designed to make Mine Craft the most realistic game possible. With the vast plugins and mature staff, here is a list of the everyday things you can do.

·    Get married

·    Purchase homes, apartments, shops, and real-estate!

·    Drive cars, and pay for gas

·    Budget your life! You have to pay for food as you cannot make your own!

·    Work! With over 50 unique jobs, the choice is yours!

·    Have nights out with friends!

·    Choose a criminal path!

·    Take drugs and deal drugs

·    Drink alcohol, get drunk!

·    Pick-pocket people!

·    Be in or own a gang!

·    Have gang wars over territory!

·    Rob banks via TNT!

Get good and bad karma

Get awesome perks for donating!

With this being only a short list of things you can do in your time, you will see that the choice is yours.

The Background of the City

At the first look of Sherlock City, anyone will agree its breath taking. But what lies in the city is much more deceiving. By day, this place is a safely protected area to live a perfect life. But behind the shadows lie violent criminals waiting for the sun to set, and powerful men behind oversized office desks, plotting the demise of this fair city. Everyone in the community plays a role here, and the news is always changing. Who will you be?

Jobs and Major Companies

In Sherlock City, there are 5 major companies who play the biggest part in the city.
1. Power of Tomorrow
The power of Tomorrow is a massive nuclear power plant. They supply most of the cities power with cheap energy, crushing small solar power companies with their low prices. Working for such a company would involve boring, repetitive tasks with low pay. But the except almost all applications.

2. Richard Real Estate
Richard Real Estate is the proud owner of about 80% of the property within Sherlock City. So when you are purchasing any property, chances are it’s with them. Richard Real Estate is also one of the largest, most reliable stocks in the city, and by far the safest investment.

3. The Lucky 38
This Casino is no ordinary place to blow away your weekly pay. This Casino is known for keeping the control of the night life within the city. Mr. Shotton, the believed owner of the Casino, literally pays most of the police watch to turn a blind eye to the streets of the night. Most believe the majority of gangs provide him a cut of their profit. Some call Mr. Shotton and his organization the mafia itself.

4. Mc. Fatties
Mc. Fatties is main source of humor and comedy within Sherlock City. Owning over 10 fast food restaurants in the city, they also provide the stores and markets with fresh food, strait from the factory! The entire city would probably starve if it weren’t for this processed food paradise.

5. Fair Doller Industries
Fair Doller Industries is the economy management company of Sherlock City. Owned by the 3rd wealthiest man in alive, John Nelson, Nelson industries provides most of the jobs through the city. They are also the main providers of products, and own most of the banks.

Basic List of jobs

Here is a small list of the possible jobs within Sherlock City.

1. Business owner

2. Salesman

3. Factory Worker

4. Mechanic

5. Police Officer

6. Fire Fighter

7. Guard

8. Doctor

9. Club Manager

10. Priest

11. Cleaner

12. Teacher

13. Gang Leader

14. Gang man

15. Bounty Hunter

16. Pick Pocket

17. CEO

18. Waiter/Waitress

19. Actor/Actress

20. President

So How the Server Works

Just like the world we have created, the way we run our server is 100% Unique. We have a server hosted for 28 slots. We also expand our world as our popularity grows. This concept can be confusing. Right now we are playing on a map premade called New Craft. We offer complete credit to the maker of this map, as we just edit it to fit our world. Here is a link to the original map

So we have a walled in area of this city based on the amount of players. When we get more, we expand the walls, opening up more area for living and businesses. We will also soon be excepting donations for in game perks. Perks are included in this post, yet donations are not set up yet.

In the Mean Time…

The server is estimated to be up and running by Oct. 19, 2012. This is not saying it WILL be ready, but that is our best estimate. SO in the meantime, here’s what you can do.

1. Post a whitelist application. This will help us the most as we can get a feel for how many people are interested.

2. Provide feedback! This includes advice, comments, and questions!

3. Think about donating. Not only do you get perks like extra money, but you’re really helping us out to get a faster server, and better connection.

To note before applying: THE SERVER IS NOT UP YET. You are just helping us out a lot, and if you would like notifications, post a skype, email or forums account in your application and we will message you when were up and running. Finally, as a new player, you will start off in a cheap apartment building with 100$. You may not have anything special, so explain how you ended up here in Sherlock City.
Whitelist Application:
·    Minecraft Name:
·    Real life age: (Lieing not taken lightly)
·    How you found this post:
·    IC Name: (Charectors name)
·    IC Age: Charectors Age)
·    Gender:
·    Ambitions: (What does your charector want to do with there life?)
·    Personality: (What is your charector like?)
·    Preferred Job: (Does not have to be from small list. Almost any modern job excepted. NOTE: This is not your first job. This is what your charector WANTS for a job.)
·    Biography: (Explain how your charector ended up here. NOTE: All charectors start off in a small apartment with 100$. NOTHING ELSE.)

Rules will be posted here when the server is online. We also have a website on the way as well.

Donations: PLEASE NOTE: We do not have donations set up yet. These are just what you will get for donating.

5$ City Dweller- 5,000$ In game money
10$ Wealthy- 10,000$ In game money, 100 Karma
20$ Big Spender- 30,000$ In game money, Free Car
30$ Filthy Rich- 50,000$ In game money, 100 protection blocks
40$ Entrepreneur- 75,000$ In game money, 200 protection blocks
50$ Millionaire- 100,000$ In game money, Solar car, 500 protection blocks
100$ Billionaire- 100,000,000$ In game money, 1000 protection blocks, gang immunity, government access

Government access: Some buildings or plots around the city will require government access. Government access is a special pass only revived by 100$ donators, government officials  and other important figures. What lies within these buildings remain a mystery for the curious player to discover.

Karma: Karma is received from mods and admins for doing good or bad deeds. Large amounts of good Karma can get you special jobs and "Good" Perks. Bad Karma can get you into the most powerful gangs and "Evil" Perks.

Moderator applications:
Please note to be a moderator you must have all of the required fields  Also, you MUST be very mature. Younger players who apply for moderator will have many more tests and trials to prove your mature. You have been warned.

Mine Craft name:
Real life age:
Time zone:
Role play experience:
Server staff experience:
Define meta gaming:
Define Power Gaming:
Are you a white listed on the server?:

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and help us out. Please note that we are full on Admins.  Hope to see you all soon!

Register or log in to remove.



Posted 13 October 2012 - 03:40 AM

· Minecraft Name: ExpeditionGamerz
· Real life age:14
· How you found this post: Searching forums
· IC Name: George Evans
· IC Age: 22
· Gender: Male
· Ambitions: Own a big house
· Personality: Friendly, Can fight if need be
· Preferred Job: Police
· Biography: When George was 7, his uncle was robbed, beaten and murdered in a back alley. George promised to get revenge on the person who killed his uncle. He went to the New York Police Academy, and from there on, he learned about self-defence. He then joined the US Marines and defended the his country from anyone who will threaten the security of America. George left his parents from Manhattan, NY to move to another city, where he tracked his Uncle's killer to. While he is there, he hopes to settle down, maybe have a pet, and protect the citizens from any danger that may come their way. There are many superstitions that lurk at night, such as zombies to giant spiders. George will take down anything in his path that do anyone harm.
Mining...Mining never changes.



    Out of the Water

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Posted 13 October 2012 - 03:51 AM

EDIT: Derp me, forgot to put my Minecraft name. Just edited it in.
Edit2: Just as John requested, here's my e-mail: [email protected]

Hello. I really liked your idea. Posted Image
So anyway, here's my application:
Minecraft Name: KiloArmadillo
· Real life age: 13.
· How you found this post: I was randomly browsing the forum and somehow I got here. I think I was reading the news...
· IC Name: Locke Romanien
· IC Age: 19
· Gender: Male
· Ambitions: Bringing down the Mafia.
· Personality: Centered and focused are the two best words that can be used to describe Locke. He is very professional, even to the point of unnecessary paranoia. One of his biggest flaws is that he is easily influenced by clever talk.
· Preferred Job: Police Officer
· Biography: Locke has had an easy life, differently from most of the other people who seek his line of work. While they may want to become enforcers of the law for honor and sometimes revenge, Locke started out by simply looking for jobs like a regular fresh-out-of-school boy. After being mugged twice by gang members, and reading a lot of articles written by an anonymous "concerned citizen" who managed to inspire the young boy, Locke was convinced that the Mafia EXISTED, and that it ran the city. His father, a well-connected police veteran, soon saw in his son an opportunity to "carry on with the family business".
The game was rigged from the start.



Posted 13 October 2012 - 03:52 AM

Minecraft Name: jerry007x
·    Real life age: 15
·    How you found this post: Dunno, random search :P
·    IC Name: Jerry
·    IC Age: 22
·    Gender:male
·    Ambitions: owns a fairly small house
·    Personality: comedic, funny, generous, and open minded
·    Preferred Job: Teacher
·    Biography: After Jerry finally graduated from college, jerry went out to search for a teacher application. It took him long, but finally found one and was very exited. He knew his dreams of becoming a teacher were becoming true.



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Posted 13 October 2012 - 04:03 AM


I want to be rich one day. Some people are so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be.



Posted 13 October 2012 - 04:04 AM

·    Minecraft Name: SerenityCupcake
·    Real life age: 13
·    How you found this post: The Forums :D
·    IC Name: Maddie
·    IC Age: 21
·    Gender: Female
·    Ambitions: Singer/Dancer, but would really like to be a Actress.
·    Personality: Fun, When you make her mad watch out she'll knock you out, Sweet when you need her to be, and always there for her loyal friends. :)
·    Preferred Job: Actress
·    Biography: Maddie, freshly out of college, and looking for a new place to live, also looking for the love of her life, and tryin to keep up with acting and dance and family. Maddie finally pulled for her acting career an starring in a new movie called "Locked Doors".



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  • Minecraft: mukiemuk

Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:00 AM

· Minecraft Name: mukiemuk
· Real life age: 13 (Im mature though)
· How you found this post: Minecraft forums, how else Posted Image
· IC Name: Is mukie ok? Im used to being called that so id like to stick with it. If not, id go for "Sam"
· IC Age: 25
· Gender: male
· Ambitions: Be rich
· Personality: Nice and loves to chat
· Preferred Job: salesman or buisness owner
· Biography: Fresh out of college, mukie wants to make a start in this world. He decided to start up in the local "Mcfatties" for experience, but onces hes ready, he wants to join a seperate buisness and become rich!
Posted Image
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Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:18 AM

·    Minecraft Name:gold_fire_13
·    Real life age:13
·    How you found this post:forums
·    IC Name:ryan weber
·    IC Age:21
·    Gender:male
·    Ambitions:wants alot of money
·    Personality:friendly,want alot of friends
·    Preferred Job:guard
·    Biography:hates biographys,ryan just got out of college and needs a job.with no much money to start with he must figure out how to turn it into millions!


  • Location: Iowa
  • Minecraft: KellyQuinn

Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:24 AM

Minecraft Name:   KellyQuinn
·    Real life age:   16
·    How you found this post:   Minecraftforums Survival Servers
·    IC Name: Kelly
·    IC Age: 21
·    Gender: Female
·    Ambitions: Money $$ lol :)
·    Personality: Bubbly, friendly
·    Preferred Job: Business owner
·    Biography: Small town girl starts new in a big city with a dream to start a bakery. Can she make it?


  • Minecraft: Pvtcupcake

Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:43 AM

·    Minecraft Name: Pvtcupcake
·    Real life age: 16
·    How you found this post: Minecraft forums
·    IC Name: Jeff Freeman
·    IC Age: 19
·    Gender: Male
·    Ambitions:  To start a new life in a diffrent country.
·    Personality: Headstrong, Untrusting
·    Preferred Job: Pick Pocket
·    Biography: After being cast out of his family at the age of 17, Jeff was forced into a life of crime in order to feed himself and hopes that if he keeps this up he can escape to another country where he may have a chance of getting a "real" job and forfill his dreams of becoming an artist.



Posted 13 October 2012 - 01:59 PM

Please add your E-mail so we can send you a E-mail when the server is up and ready. If there is no E-mail on the post you will not be informed of the ip right away, you will then have to wait till we post it on this thread.

Also, please make the bios a bit longer and a bit more interesting. Posted Image

John Scott Nelson




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Posted 13 October 2012 - 04:35 PM

Minecraft Name: Oreoohs
· Real life age: 16
· How you found this post: Forums Posted Image.
· IC Name: Kravos McClure
· IC Age: 16
· Gender: Male
· Ambitions: To finally get out of this shell of loner that he is. To better himself and finally be a person who loves to communicate with others and not be someone people don't want to be. He wants to have a friend that doesn't feel sorry for him about his parents dying, that doesn't care how he looks, that doesn't care about his past.
· Personality: Friendly, Kind of a loner, Intelligent, Quick Thinking. He doesn't really like to show a hole lot of emotion and it angers him to see any form of bullying or terrible insults.
· Preferred Job: -Unavailable-
· Biography: His parents died in a car accident when he was 15 years old, now he lives in an apartment by himself. His parents had a lot of money which he gets occasionally. His parents left him enough money to last him an entire life style, but due to their lack of trust he doesn't get it for a while.
The night after his parents died he retreated into the woods and lived there for 6 months. He picked up some survival skills and trained physically and mentally while he was there. He was forced to live in the city when a couple found him sleep in one of the bushes and assumed he was dead. The police and ambulance came and forced him to stay into the city, and worst of all go to school. He studied a lot when he brought his books to the forest so he did a lot of reading. They made him stay in the crummy apartment because they thought he'd be too crazy to be with a real family.
He has at least on person who he can call a friend, and met her when he was strolling in the city. She always has guards around her but the guards let them talk and socialize but they always have to be watched. He doesn't like her in some lovey-dovey way. She was the only person that actually saw him for the person he was and had acted more like a sister to him.
He goes to school at the local high school, and people envy him for being able to do what we wants, when he wants, but in reality he longs for a family. He loves to walk through the city and visit the library a lot of the times. He is described as handsome, but not very tall standing at 5'11. He also loves to swim at the community pool every once in a while and walk in the park. He may seem like a kid, but from being alone for nearly a year he's learned a lot about the adult-life.
Email:[email protected]



EDIT: ( Saw the post about bettering my ambitions and decided to do it)


  • Minecraft: smartie496

Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:08 PM

·    Minecraft Name: smartie496
·    Real life age: 17
·    How you found this post: Searching for servers over google
·    IC Name: Jayden Ember
·    IC Age: 26
·    Gender: Male
·    Ambitions: Become one of the best Bounty Hunters in Sherlock City
·    Personality: Shy, Loner, Intelligent and friendly if you know him well
·    Preferred Job: Bounty Hunter
·    Biography: He grew up in a small village far from any Civilised life, when he was 14, a raging fire destroyed the forest and village, he was the only survivor. Knowing that he had no other option, he went to the nearest city. By the age of 25 he moved to Sherlock City in hope of acquiring his life long dream of being a Bounty Hunter.
Email: [email protected]



    Out of the Water

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  • Minecraft: gofish13

Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:15 PM

· Minecraft Name: gofish13
· Real life age: 12 (i am very mature though i won't do stupid things)
· How you found this post: searching forums
· IC Name: Norman Wyant
· IC Age: 25
· Gender: male
· Ambitions: to teach the way of god to the city folk
· Personality: kind, friendly, doesn't take kindly to gangs, killers, or other criminals
· Preferred Job: Priest
· Biography:Norman was born into a humble family in the country. his mom was very religous and wanted him to become a priest. he started studying when he was 10 and became an alter boy soon after. now after along time studying he wanted to move to the city and teach them the way of god. now he moves to Sherlock city and this is where the rest begins.


  • Location: Outside of the space-time continuim. With a parrot. We're making a sitcom about it.
  • Minecraft: Samocoptor
  • Xbox:Samocoptor

Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:18 PM

· Minecraft Name: Samocoptor
· Real life age: 14
· How you found this post: Browsing the MC forums for RP servers, stumbled across this thread and it grabbd my interest.
· IC Name: Mack.
· IC Age: 24.
· Gender: Male.
· Ambitions: To make a comfortable living and have a nice place to call home.
· Personality: Very out-going and friendly. Very down to earth and on the ball, he's someone you can rely on to get a job done. His behaviour reflects his artistic talent and he is a very creative fellow.
· Preferred Job: Artist/Author. (If possible, if not then a salesman/shopkeeper.)
· Biography: Mack enjoyed a stable upbringing, he was an only child so he was a little spoilt. As he went through his school life his creative talent became obvious and he got a place at a leading university for those with his talents. He breezed through and soon found himself starting his new life in Sherlock City.
(E-Mail is [email protected])
In the battle of Ghosts vs Robots. Robots always win.
Except in Anime.



Posted 13 October 2012 - 05:29 PM

Minecraft Name: Erikingz
· Real life age: 13
· How you found this post: Just browsing the forums
· IC Name: Jack
· IC Age: 27
· Gender: Male
· Ambitions: Get a nice house and a great job!
· Personality: Happy and intelligent
· Preferred Job: Firefighter/Police Officer
· Biography: Jack was born and raised in Sherlock City. His father was a priest and his mom was a teacher, he have mostly lived a normal life, not so much more to say.
Posted Image



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  • Minecraft: Saue

Posted 13 October 2012 - 07:06 PM

Minecraft Name: Saue
Real life age: 13 (But I am mature, I promise.)
How you found this post: Googled "Minecraft modern Roleplay", then this post came up.
IC Name: Zoey
IC Age: 21
Gender: Female
Ambitions: Zoey's big ambition is to be a full-time, rich and famouse author.
Personality: Zoey is one of those girls that doesn't get lot of attention. She is really different from the others. She doesn't socialize that much, but she got much on her mind. It is filled with deep thoughts and she has a huge fantasy. Besides that, is she very curious. Her big dream about exploring the entire world never fades away, but she doesn't have the time or money to go on many vacations. Zoey is a quite and shy girl.
Preferred Job: Waitress.
Biography: Zoey was born 19th of December on her family's farm, on the country side. She was born with dark brown hair and grey eyes. Her skin were pale, and free from contamination, like.. porcelain. Her family was very poor, and her big dream was to move to the city to gain money, help her family, and then become famous for a book that she had written her self. But, before she turned 16, her mother died suddenly. Someone told her that it was a heartattack, others told her that her father killed her, and others told her that it was an accident. Zoey got into a deep depression. She didn't care about life anymore, and had many suicidal thoughts. Her father died too when she turned 18, and her depression got worse. But then one thought hit her. Now she owned the farm. She could sell it, move to the city, write a book, publish it, and then become rich and famous! Then her parents would be proud of her. And so she did. Today she works as a waitress in a cafè. She is not earning a lot of money, but enough to survive.

Mail me when the server is up! [email protected]

Posted Image



Posted 13 October 2012 - 07:23 PM

   Minecraft Name:JackBwoiii
·    Real life age:15
·    How you found this post:Forums
·    IC Name: Gregory House (yes i know...)
·    IC Age:56
·    Gender:Male
·    Ambitions:none at the moment
·    Personality: sarcastic, narcissistic
·    Preferred Job:Doctor
·    Biography:if anyone has watched House MD basically that :/



Posted 13 October 2012 - 07:31 PM

Whitelist Application:
· Minecraft Name: PinnaclesKing
· Real life age: 13
· How you found this post: Searching forums randomly
· IC Name: Gendal Collid
· IC Age: 19
· Gender: Male
· Ambitions: Becoming the best buiness manager in the world. He also aspires to be a rich husband but have a simple life with a house an average man would live in.
· Personality:  Gendal is intelligent, creative, and does not always follow rules. Even though he is smart, he dislikes following rules. He is quite strange at times, but he is usually very mature.
· Preferred Job: Business man.
· Biography: Gendal was born on July 23rd to a wealthy actress and actor. His parents always wanted him to follow in their footsteps, but he always refused. His parents were very unintelligent, and he saved their lives multiple times. But at one point, he was off at college and could not help them. His parents burned down their house, and they became very poor. They died from poverty six months later. Now Gendal is in the best college available, while still working to pay off his college. He has decided to be a business man and become wealthy. He loved his mom, and wants to make her proud by becoming a wealthy business owner.



    Zombie Killer

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  • Minecraft: GregOwnz

Posted 13 October 2012 - 07:39 PM

Minecraft Name:

·    Real life age: 17
·    How you found this post: I found this forum post from the Minecraft forum.
·    IC Name: Amos Diggory
·    IC Age: 24 years old
·    Gender: Male.
·    Ambitions: My characters ambitions are not certain yet, however they include either becoming the CEO of a company, becoming the President etc. Anything that is "High Roller" if you know what I mean. Of course he'll be willing to work his way up in the world. So yes, he aspires to be a big CEO of a company.
·    Personality: Amos is a hard working young man. He is determined, proud and loyal. He is delightfully humorous and extremely witty.
·    Preferred Job: Preferred job would be something as stated above. A leader of something. I don't particularly care what Amos becomes a leader of, but he'd like to be something like a CEO.
·    Biography: Amos was always a hard working chap. He was raised by his father and mother, who were both very successful. Both his father and mother were famous lawyers, and he one day aspired to be like them. He works day and night to find a job that suits him, and follow in the footsteps of his family. Come heartache, come all, he will not stop until he gets what he wants. He is determined and he is dangerous!