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Redstone Tools, Weapons & Armor Mod

redstone mod ideas cool awesome tools diamond sword weapons fun

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 11:53 PM

I think I thought of a good idea for a mod, but I am new to Java, so maybe another mod maker would like this idea.

The Mod
Essentially, what this mod will do is enable the player to craft redstone tools, weapons, and armor (obviously). That is not all this mod would have to offer, though. To make any redstone things, you would have to craft powered metal ingot. To do this, you would place a 2x2 region of redstone in the crafting table (like making gold blocks, iron blocks, or any other type of blocks). The result would be a redstone shard. After that, repeat the process, and place a 2x2 region of redstone shards, making a redstone chunk. Then again, place a 2x2 region of redstone chunks to make a powered metal ingot. This would require a lot of redstone, but you will see why.

Once you have the powered metal ingot, you would craft items like you would with wood, iron, etc. Some special features of the tools and weapons would be that right-clicking the ground with it would place redstone and make it's durability go down slightly. Breaking redstone wire with a tool or weapon would cause it's durability to go up as much as it would go down by placing redstone (but you will not recieve the redstone). Some cool features of the armor would be that it would activate redstone wire within a certain range of the wire. The redstone items would have a durability between iron and diamond.

If anyone likes this mod idea, let me know and it would great if you could make it Posted Image (credit would be appreciated)

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