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Phoenix Rising raiding Server [Factions][Skylands][Griefing] Hardcore Pvp

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 04:11 PM

Phoenix Rising




100 Slots! 24/7 online!


Phoenix Rising is a unique server that runs Skylands+, MoveCraft, And other helpful plugins to create a special Pirate like theme. The gameplay is EXTREMELY addicting and you will NOT be bored. When you first spawn, you will be at Port Phoenix, and will notice the unique generation of the world. You will also see airships, being built, "Docked", and flying around (Whaaa?). That's right. You can make ships and fly them around without any client side mods. There will be a tutorial both in game and here on this thread.

You will need to buy building materials when you get to spawn with your starter cash. Then, go build your first ship, which would be a Dinghy. Here's the ship list with descriptions.

1. Dinghy: Block size - 8-16, Block speed - 1, A Dinghy is usually used as a ship to go back and forth to Port Phoenix from bigger ships such as headships and monitors.

2. Boat: Block size - 16-32, Block speed - 2,  A Boat is usually a small travel ship, small, and quite slow.

3. Sloop: Block size - 32-64, Block speed - 3, A Sloop is a good travel vehicle, decent speed, very small raiding vessel used by weak pirates. Good for conquering tiny bases

4. Caravel: Block size- 64-100, Block speed - 4, A Caravel is a very good travel vehicle, fast speed, used by guards to catch pirates, Used by merchants because of good speed. Swift Raiders. Good for conquering small bases

5. Galleon: Block size 100-250, Block speed - 3, A Galleon is a decent size ship, used as a small warship or a medium scale travel vessel. Good for small groups to use. Ideal for conquering medium bases

5. Frigate: Block size 250-500, Block speed - 2, A Frigate is used as a medium warship, or a large scale travel vessel, big clans use this for conquering very large bases.

6. Headship: Block size 500-1000, Block speed - 2, A Headship is used as a large warship, for conquering empires. Used for huge scale travel. A headship is pretty big, if you see one of these coming at you, you better run.

7. Monitor: Block size 1000-5000, Block speed - 2, A Monitor is a HUGE warship, for conquering multiple empires of clans. Used for giant scale travel. A monitor is a MASSIVE ship. If ypu see one of these, you might as well commit suicide. Instant Death upon being spotted by one.

Getting StartedPosted Image

When you first spawn, make your way into the Info Center. It is directly in front of the spawnpoint. Here, you will be able to learn about boats, how to make them, how to operate, and anything else. Also, you will learn the rules and our unique donation system (Look into it). After reading that, you will need to get to the shop. Joining for the first time, you will have $30 for starter money. Use this wisely, as you are doomed if you don't. Buy a few logs, and a lot of wool. Then, use the free sticks sign outside the shop, near the first dock. Throw out all but one stick. Now, exit spawn either by the exit sign or finding one on your own. Be wary of PvP'ers while you look for a safe place to build. Build your ship, making it as efficient as possible. Your ship must be at least 60% wool to fly, and there are certain blocks that prevent you from flying, such as water, Once you have built your ship, and are certain it has enough wool, type /movecraft types. You will see a list of ships. You probably have either a Dinghy or a Boat. type /[Crafttype] pilot. Ex: /Dinghy pilot. Or /Boat pilot. Now, while holding the stick RIGHT click and your ship should move. Take off, find an island, and colonize. Invite some friends to the server, and they can get to you via /tpa [YourName].

Building your EmpirePosted Image

After you have found an island, gathered resources, and constructed a warship, try raiding someone else's base. Now you can REALLY start gaining. Steal a ship, deconstruct it, and add it to your own. Rise up until you have an Armada and Armies, and pwn some noobs. But be careful who you allow into your domain, as ships are very easily stolen. Solid empires have bases thousands of blocks from spawn, in easily defended bases. At this point, you can probably sell your valuables at spawn, should something happen to your precious tribe. If you sell it, it is safehoused until you need it elsewhere. Trading companies, perhaps Posted Image

Special RanksPosted Image

As you play on Phoenix Rising, There will be some unique aspects to the gameplay. There are unique ranks, such as a guard. The job of a Guard is to protect the players in Port. They have access to every players coords, in order to track down lost ships and stolen contraband. They will have access to free food and armour, and also a reserved slot. Those players that steal ships smaller than a galleon will earn the wanted status. The "Wanted" Rank involves the players name being posted upon a board, and hunted by guards. The guards will take back little more than the stolen ship / contraband, and warn the player that stealing is wrong. If a player steals a ship bigger than a galleon or steals a small ship more than twice, they will receive the rank of Infamous. Infamous players are the most wanted type of criminal. When caught, the guard will take everything from the Infamous criminal, and the Infamous' base will be destroyed. The Infamous will also receive a public hanging. If a player catches a Wanted, they will be rewarded with a sum of money, and granted the rank of Bounty Hunter. However, If a player catches an Infamous, he will automatically become a Trainee_Guard. If they are an exemplary Trainee_Guard they will graduate to the rank of Guard. Catching a player involves stealing all stolen contraband, selling or giving away the coordinates to guards, and killing the player.


Posted ImageGuard (Protects the spawn and the ships)

Posted Image Alpha Guard (Guard with more Commands)

Posted Image TraineeMod (Moderator in training)

Posted Image Moderator

Posted Image Sub-Admin (Admin in training)

Posted Image Admin (The ones who own the server)

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 04:24 PM

Sry at all Pics are comming soon




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Posted 06 October 2012 - 04:33 PM

Guard Application-   My name is Torrax_, I want to become a guard to keep people from losing their hard-work and I want to move up the ranks. This server has all the things a player would want, I can't wait until the ship instructions come out, I would love to be able to help around the server. I hope you consider me, and if not, thank you for taking your time and reading this :)



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Posted 06 October 2012 - 05:57 PM

Awesome Server
Read the entire post before you comment, it could answer your question or give you extra points to talk about.



Posted 07 October 2012 - 11:21 AM

View PostZabuka, on 06 October 2012 - 05:57 PM, said:

Awesome Server

Thanks ^^Posted Image


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Posted 11 October 2012 - 01:18 AM

Cant Connect sounds like a good idea please fix

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