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Trap Door, Houseboat, Magic

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Posted 30 January 2011 - 09:49 PM

Well. I think we can all say minecraft is the best game for features, functionality, and freedom in the existance of gaming.
Its major winner is the dynamic world sizing feature that allows the world to get bigger the more you explore.
No game has yet implemented this, and it alone, makes minecraft the greatest game around. Because there is endless possibilities.

But those endless possibilities are still limited to building with blocks, and we lack a few things that I know our GOD like developer is working on.

The Houseboat
Simple design.
To create:
Break trees down into wood by placing them in 1 block in any crafting table.
Break wood down into water wood by  it in 1 block in any crafting table.

On a ground surface with water nearby, dig a trench around it (an understanding of the flow of water is a must)
So that when the boat is finished, you can go from dry dock to wet dock.

Place water wood on the ground tiles the way you want them and add the steering wheel and furnace anywhere.
Make sure your steering wheel is somewhere you can see.

Onto water wood you can place any block you wish as if it were ground.
It must have coal in the furnace to move.

You steer like a normal boat.

The possibilities are endless with such an addition.

Such could also be done to make a plane, should our GODlike developer create such an idea.

Trap Door

For above ladders. Mainly for looks etc but yeah, a must.


This is something that we should have I think.
6 elements, found in 6 blocks in the nether. Fire Water Ice Wind Earth Holy Evil
With the specific mana you get from each, you can use it to create spells that you can use, and you would need a wand.
Simple Attacks much like anything else in the game, you run out, you need more.

Machines and more to come. Let me know what you think.

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