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[RFW] Planet M: Can your team escape it?


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Posted 13 September 2012 - 03:54 AM

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Hi! I'm MaxSizeIs, and I'd like to present to you my first Race for Wool style map: Planet M  This is a PVE/PVP map for two teams of four to five each; themed around a space-ship crash on an failing planetoid ruled by a corrupt leader, featuring an incompetent insurrection, villager trading, and an urban environment.


Version 2.0
Planet M RFW by MaxSizeis

Version 1.1
Planet M RFW by MaxSizeis Version 1.1  http://www.mediafire.com/?b7ko111gen8rqef

Version 1.05

Version 1.0

Version Information
Compatable with Minecraft v1.4.6

Change Log
8-15-12: Alpha Development:  The original version had way too many trees in the invert forest.
9-2-12: Beta: Reduced the number of wools to 4 (Gray, Light Blue, Green, Orange), increased availability of arrows, diamonds and iron ore.
9-12-12: Official Release: Provided redstone dust, seeds, bone-meal, and a Battlechest located beneath the outhouse.
10-26-12: Added Lane Markers
1-30-13 Version 1.1 -- Redesigned wool boxes; allows for rushing, lockdowns, and more PVP!  Autoref version still in the works, I've just been busy with work these past few months!
3-10-13:  Fixed holes in Obsidian floors, Removed Obsidian box surrounding map. Eternal nighttime mechanism, no more fires in the blacksmith shack. (hopefully), a few minor lane imbalances.

There aren't very many vertical RFW maps out there.  The map is relatively large and consists of several distinct biomes arranged in a vertical ring orientation; the most important areas are the Village (the starting area), the Forest (with Green Wool located directly above it), the Powder Keg (an exploded parkour course), the Castle (a PVE area), and the Orion Engine (Orange Wool, located at the bottom of the map hanging over void).

Map Size:
Two Lanes, Red and Blue.
Difficulty Hard.
Lane Width: Approximately 16Wx128Hx128L
Ocean Biome, Dark.

I recommend turning off clouds and cloud-height to maximum before playing.

The Rules
  • All RMCT RFW rules should be followed.

  • Villagers may be traded with, please respect the villager's intention to only complete a trade with the appropriate book (which is located somewhere on the map).

  • Villagers may be killed by hostile fire and or monster activity.
The Story
The Vod Villains and the Keystone Cops are bitter enemies.  Two ships crash on Planet M, an artificial planetoid recently abandoned by its inhabitants after a failed insurrection.  Each team's only hope of escape from the planet is to collect the required components to repair their team's S.P.A.M. Radio to call for assistance from their space-based allies before the competing team makes the call for them  Only a small number of the planetoid's original inhabitants remain, but with the right persuasive interaction they could possibly assist in locating these hard-to find components.

Villager Trading
A small number of villagers remain on the planetoid and can be traded with for useful supplies.  Often, these villagers provide a book, supplying game-lore, or require a specific book in exchange for an item.  The villagers are mostly contained by the walls of the urban area; but these villagers are dangerously exposed to hostile fire from the opposing team.

A Failed Planetoid
Originally intended as an experimental arcology preserving a wide assortment of cuboid organisms and biomes, Planet M failed miserably and the arcology, its inhabitants, and contents were placed up for auction.  Seeing an opportunity to stroke his over-sized ego, a wealthy, but generally unknown investor managed to acquire the failed arcology and set himself up as the supreme ruler of the citizen-slaves within.

The promotional map at the top of this post only shows ONE lane of Planet M for clarity.

I intended this map to require a a good mix of skills and feature both PVP and PVE.  The Village area and the first half of the map will feature the most PVP. There are combat supplies scattered throughout the village, as well as a battle chest located beneath the village outhouse.  There is also TNT and redstone dust available for making cannons if one wishes to.  Most of the Top half of the map can be targeted with a bow if you happen to occupy one of the available perches.

There is currently no way to force a villager to accept only a specific written book when they trade.  Villagers apparently can't read.  I would recommend discussing a policy regarding the use of specific books when in game for trading, but one should discuss this with one's fellow players before implementing it.

The last half of the map if dark and mostly PVE, especially the Powder Keg and the entry to the Orion Engine.  There are a lot of monsters to kill and exploration is crucial to finding the juicier hidden resources.

As the map is very dark, and the geometry is unique, you may become disoriented.  I have provided several visual cues for both Spectators and Players alike on the walls of the map.  Before you choose to play, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the promotional map I have provided above, as well as taking a detailed fly-thru; there are a number of hidden features.

Directionally, the Village is intended to be the FRONT of the map, Blue is LEFT, Red is RIGHT, and the Powder Keg represents the BACK of the map.  The Orion Engine is on the BOTTOM and the Victory Monument is located on the TOP.  My sun, "M Jr." is the heart of things, located in the CENTER.

Suggested Plugins
  • Optifine to turn off clouds.

  • AutoRef to officiate matches.  (Creator's Note: I will be developing the AutoRef Definition File in Version 1.1 of this map.  So stay tuned!)
My thanks go out to Nickflame20 who created the sign, and the rest of the folks at Musclecraft.net where we design all our cool stuff, and to the testers who faithfully and patiently allowed me to torture them throughout development!

Legal Stuffs
"Planet M" by MaxSizeis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommo.../by-nc-sa/3.0/.

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Posted 17 September 2012 - 04:18 AM

Awesome map! Played in the beta test. Hilarity ensues. Fun for the whole family!



Posted 27 October 2012 - 06:43 AM

10-26-12:  I have posted this map on Major League Mining and updated the lane markers so they are more visible.




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Posted 29 January 2013 - 08:33 AM

This looks rather impressive.  I'm not sure when I'll find 7-9 others to play, but nice build!

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 05:58 AM

Planet M has been chosen for a tournament! Yay!

In other news, I have updated the wools to be more PvP friendly, rushing the wools is now possible.  Version info has been updated to 1.1
Planet M RFW by MaxSizeis Version 1.1  http://www.mediafire.com/?b7ko111gen8rqef

Autoref News: I'm still working on getting a definition set up.


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Posted 31 January 2013 - 08:57 AM

Cool Map! It made my weekly map showcase!



Posted 11 March 2013 - 03:21 AM

This release of Planet M is intended to be played on Minecraft 1.4.2+, and has patched several large bugs in the original release of the map.
The Bugfix team and I apologize for releasing a new map version so close to the Veritas Semi-Finals (Where the map is likely to be played). We are aware that teams have been working hard studying and strategizing on the previous version of the map, and this release might well put teams strategies back a bit. However, we do believe these changes have made the map more suitable for competitive play.


Fixed several large holes in the Obsidian floors, mostly around the starting village.
Removed Obsidian box surrounding map. This was done in an attempt to remove lighting errors.
Created mechanism to maintain eternal nighttime on the map. (Located behind Red lane marker under starting platform. You may need to flip the switch on and off to start the mechanism.) Make sure Command Blocks are turned on and commandBlockOutput Gamerule is set to False.
Made minor structural changes to Blacksmith house to prevent the furnace from starting fires. (Oops!)
Removed several minor lane imbalances.

Planet M Version 2.