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Bleach Mod (Anime)

bleach anime mod bleach mod

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 11:55 AM

Well, I'm new in the forum, but I really wanted a Bleach Mod, so if you're a modder and you are bored or something, any help is welcome.

Well, this mod's gonna change minecraft a lot. I thought that when you start, there's a screen that explains you basic things, like: You've come here to slain Hollows as a Shinigami (god of death). Here's your sword and your detector. And then, in the inventory, you have a detector and a special sword. Once a minecraft day, included night, your detector will be activated and if you right click with the detector while it's activated, it will tell you that there's a hollow. It will also tell you the strong of the hollow and its location (in coordinates).

These are the basics, i'll edit the post if I got more ideas.

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