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Minecraft PE Custom Maps

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 12:32 PM

Hello I started making Pocket Edition custom maps a few months ago. You may have seen some of my videos on YouTube but I'm makeing a forum post so you guys can check them out. I have two maps so far and I can't take good pictures until the anti-fog mod comes out for iOS so I hope the embedded videos are good.

Zombie House:

Objective: Escape through the roof without dying. 

Description: My most popular YouTube video made it to Minecraft forums. Three ways in one way out intense zombie killing is coming your way with my newest brick creation! Two weeks of work went into this epic creation.

Bugs: You spawn far from the house so follow fence posts and blue flowers to get to it. Also there are tons of lighting errors so you have to place or destroy a block to update the lights and fix. There is to much fog due to so many blocks so use anti-fog on Android to fix or wait for anti-fog to be out for iOS. 

Made by:

Pokeyeti12 (me): Main Builder and Foundation Setterer(is that a word?)
 Twitter: @pokeyeti12 YouTube: pokeyeti12

ICEACREAM: Room Design and Body
YouTube: skippythechihuahua 


Creative version 5 (Works best with Alpha 0.20)
Link: http://db.tt/lYLCCV9G

Survival version 6 (Works best with Alpha 0.30)
Link: http://mc.tt/cf0BXXhNr2

Video 1:

Video 2:

Epic Castle!!! (Still thinking of a name):

Objective: CTM

Description: Kind of Super Hostile style where you can break blocks and all your resources matter. There will be tons of chests all over the castle and lots of mobs! I won't release the survival version until at least chests are added, but if you like the map I'll release creative soon. I've put about a months work into it and I'm just finishing up the final two floors. (6 floors in total but the building is still much bigger that Zombie House.)

Bugs: Nothing too bad so far! Survival was tested and it works perfect. Only error is TONS of fog (You'll see in the preview video).

Made by:

Pokeyeti12 (me): Main Builder
 Twitter: @pokeyeti12 YouTube: pokeyeti12

ICEACREAM: Room Design and Body
YouTube: skippythechihuahua 


Survival Version 1:
No planned release date !

Creative Version 1:
Hopefully up in a week or so!


Preview 1:

That's it so far! Thanks for checking my stuff out and please subscribe to my YouTube (www.youtube.com/pokeyeti12) and follow me on Twitter (@pokeyeti12) to be informed on my latest builds. Also put your comments and suggestions on this post and I'll be sure to read all of them! I need suggestions for my next build.

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 03:50 PM

Awesome maps! Put them in the link in my siggy. Plz go comment!
[url=http://mag.racked.euPosted Image[/url]