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[1.3.2] Pixelmon: Kanto Region RP [WhiteList] [Need Players]

pixelmon pokemon badges 1.7.6b

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    Percentage of vote: 87.88%

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 09:13 PM

So has mine been accepted

Register or log in to remove.


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 05:45 AM

Alright, I haven't really seen Zero around for awhile but I'll see what I can do about reaching him. As far as I can get the server is done with but I'll make sure to get an announcement or something up should something change.

Of course I'm also working on another RP server which some others from this server are helping with as well. Should you wish to know more on the matter please PM me so I can help keep it out of this topic.



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Posted 08 January 2013 - 11:53 AM

minecraft username:roboko65\
How much do i know about pokemon,everything.Played since the first origonal red version.


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Posted 12 January 2013 - 11:28 PM

Username :Littlefoot1907 i know tons about pokemon been playing since i was 4
Join us at GamersCraft :D Here



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Posted 17 January 2013 - 04:10 PM

Player App:
OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: tallsan
Why us?: i want to have a MC pokemon experience
How much do you know about Pokémon?: a lot, i play the games and the cards
Will you be asking a lot of questions?: i'll be honest, in the begining yes, but once i get a feel for it i will be fine
Did you read the rules?: yes
RP Experience: i was an op on a RP server a while back, it closed though :(
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):
~walks into the pokemon gym
tallsan: holy...
~gazes at the beautiful archutecture
tallsan: must of take years to build this
~sees the first challenger
tallsan: allright Dialga, time to get this badge!

IC (In Character)
Name: Raven
Age: 15
Gender: male
Appearance: tall, slender, big green eyes, blue striped fingerless gloves, back back, long hair, trainer hat
Personality: shy, timid
Background (at least 2 paragraphs): An orphan from Sinnoh region. Succesfull challenger of the SInnoh league, is trying to become the best rainer he can be
Posted Image
thx to katenoide for making this epic banner!



Posted 21 January 2013 - 09:47 PM

OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: ElecB0ogalo0
Why us?: 1. I want to find a good pixelmon server
                2. Every other pixelmon server I found hasn't worked
How much do you know about Pokémon?: Almost everything.
Will you be asking a lot of questions?: Probably not, unless I am just really confused.
Did you read the rules?:Yes, but I have no idea how to put a diamond in this thing...
RP Experience:I have been on a couple of RP servers on minecraft, but most games I play besides minecraft are RPG's.
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example): You just arrived at the next town a town and notice a woman looking around nervously. You ask her what is wrong and she says a man just stole her pokemon. She points you in the direction he ran and you pursue. You eventually find the man and engage him in a pokemon battle. He sends out a vicious looking Houndoom, and you send out your Flygon. The battle commonsense with both pokemon landing powerful blows. Eventually the Houndoom falls, you retrieve the pokemon, and return it to the woman.

IC (In Character)
Name: Wayne
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Remember the male character from the Gen 2 games, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver? He looks like him.
Personality: Kind, brave, and serious, but usually quite.
Background (at least 2 paragraphs): Wayne comes from Blackthorn City, Johto. Through out his life he has wanted to be a dragon pokemon master like Clair or Lance. When he was 10 he went on his first journey through Johto. During his journey he grew more serious after seeing what the world truly is like, a sometimes dark place that isn't always fair. Eventually he beat all eight gym leaders and was going to face the Elite 4, but had to return home when his mother found out she had heart problems, and that she only had a few more years to live.

After five years his mother passed away just recently, leaving him to go live with his grand mother in Pewter City, Kanto. After moving there Wayne decided he would go on another journey, this time through Kanto.



Posted 24 January 2013 - 03:52 AM

OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: Hotcoffee
Why us?: I want to join an active pokemon RPging server and you guys seem perfect.
How much do you know about Pokémon?: Lots! Big fan of the older games, not quite up to date with the Black and White but I will be playing the new X & Y games.
Will you be asking a lot of questions?: Don't think so : O Id rather ask then do something wrong though.
Did you read the rules?:
RP Experience: I have been rping since I was little on neopets! I love roleplaying.
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):
"Hello?" she asked almost sure she had heard a voice. Her hand began to shake, the coffee mug slipping away from her gasp and falling to the ground. The shattering glass causing all eyes to focus on her. "Im so sorry.. I said I was sorry!" she screamed as the eyes slowly started to turn their gaze. Panting she quickly fell to her knees, picking up the small slivers of shattered glass. Her knee length dress raising up, exposing her sewn legs, a few shards of the mug cut the palms of her hands, but only stuffing came out.
IC (In Character)
Name: Coffee
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Warm long brown wavy hair, blue eyes, light skin. Short, very curvy.
Personality: Coffee is a very outgoing girl, she loves nothing more then talking and being social with others. While she may be a social butterfly at times she still has flaws, she often wonders if people really care about her or if she just comes off as annoying.
Background (at least 2 paragraphs):
   Coffee is the oldest of two brothers. When she turned 10 she had no motivation to go become a pokemon trainer, she wanted to become a chief like her mother. After she turned 17 and her family's resturaunt was closed down she figured it was time to move out. As a moving away gift her parents gifted her, her first pokemon. She originally wanted to be a pokemon breeder but the thrill of fighting got to her.

   She was a little slow at first, having to battle with trainers much younger then herself, but now that she has the hang of it she wants to become a pokemon master. Still keeping in contact with her family she helped her two brothers get their first pokemon and start an adventure for themselves, so her parents could retire.



Posted 25 January 2013 - 07:29 PM

My username is Hotcoffee103 oops!


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 03:16 AM

How often can you be on?: about 5-7 days a week
What experience do you have in a position like this?: I was a elite 4 on another server
Why should you get the position? I am very good at pixelmon and role-playing
(Elite Four Only) What type(s) would you use?: Fighting types

Player App:
OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: mrcprules
Why us?: I was playing on another pixelmon server until it got shut down
How much do you know about Pokémon?: I have played all the games so far so a lot
Will you be asking a lot of questions?: No
Did you read the rules?:Posted Image
RP Experience: I have played on another Pixelmon server as a member of the elite four and was the best at role-playing on the server
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):
Chris: *Challenger walks in*
Chris: Bring it!
Challenger: *Sends out Charizard*
Chris: *Sends out Machamp*
Challenger: I get the first move! Charizard use flamethrower!
Challenger: Wha? There's barely a scratch!
Chris: *Smirks* Machamp use karate chop!
Chalenger: Oh no! My pokemon has low health!
Chris: You should have considered that battleing an Elite Four!
Challenger: Charizard! Wing Attack!
*Machamp blocks*
Chris: Machamp! Karate Chop once more!
*Charizard faints*
Challenger: Oh no! That was the only pokemon i brought!
Referee: Elite Four Chris wins!
Chris: Better luck next time kid!

IC (In Character)
Name: Chris
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short brown spiked hair, blue eyes, Wearing a Karate suit with a black belt and an elite four pin
Personality: Competitive and kind
Background (at least 2 paragraphs):
One day Chris from pallet town Decided to go and attend the Elite Four hiring event at the pokemon leauge. He thought since he was an experienced trainer he could make it. he told his friends about his motives and they wished him good luck. When he got to the leauge he found out he had to beat the past Elite Four to get the Elite Four. he challengenged Bruno, the past fighting-type Elite Four since he was an experienced fighting type trainer. He emerged victorious. Later he was getting ready to start his new job when he ran into the other new members of the Elite Four and got to know them. His first challenger entered and Chris once again won. At the end of the day he had defeated most of his opponents. The others he never defeated moved on.It turned out he had the most victories of the day. He began to like his new job. And so, Chris' story begins.

I have 1 question: is the server updated to 1.4.7?



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Posted 27 January 2013 - 03:25 AM

Player App:
OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: Totsalot
Why us?: I've always been a pokemon diehard. Playing each game at least twice through, I kinda have always felt like there could be more. What if there was a first person pokemon? And then pixelmon came out. I love this mod and I just really want some people to play it with. Rping has also been one of my favorite recent things to do.
How much do you know about Pokémon?: Near to everything... except EV leveling.
Will you be asking a lot of questions?: I wouldnt expect so, other than; "Can I do this?"
Did you read the rules?: Yup
RP Experience: I've been on 3 rp servers, one of which I was promoted to event team. I probably have been rping for about 2 years.
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):
Here I am, finally taking off on my adventure as a pokemon trainer. I've been waiting for this day for so long, it seems like fantasy that I'm finally leaving. I suck in the last breath of air that I'd take inside this house for quite a long while. Here I am, about to take my first step out of this concealed village.
I heard a gruff voice call behind me, "Wait, what are you doing?"
Looking back with a confused expression, "What is it, Oak?"
The old professor was obviously concerned, "Don't you need a pokemon?"
"No way, I've got Squirtle!" Posted Image Squirtle made a slight "Squirt", and crawled from my back onto my shoulder.
"Wh-wha? Where did you-"
"See ya, Oak!" With that, I turned around, and made my way out of my beloved hometown, not to return.

IC (In Character)
Name: Tanner Daros
Appearance: Dark Hair, Long coat, Big ol' goggles, pants, pale skin,
Personality:Grumpy, Mysterious
Background (at least 2 paragraphs):Tanner has been a pokemon trainer for 5 years now. Although, his cheery, fun loving self is long gone. Half a year ago, his pokemon, along with his beloved Blastoise, were stolen. Leaving him with nothing, no friends or family to return to. His father ran out on him and his mother when he was just a toddler. Leaving them with no source of income.Shortly afterwards, his mother got ill. Having no money for medicine or care,s he ended up passing away, leaving him alone in the middle of the woods. He spent the next 6 years growing up with the pokemon. One day, he became sick as well. The pokemon of the forest brought him to the nearest town, where he was treated, and began his new civilized life in pallet town.
As Tanner stumbled around, passing through a deep, thick forest. He was ready to give up. He lied on the ground, accepting his fate. But then, there was some sort of lighthearted 'meow' sort of sound. Out from behind a stump came a small Eevee. Carrying an Oran berry in its mouth. It carried it over to him and dropped it by his feet. This cycle kept repeating until Tanner had regained his energy, ready to find the nearest town and begin his newest adventure with his new friend Eevee! Posted Image

So pretty much he used to be super awesome and now he has a lv 5 :I


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:13 AM

View PostLittlefoot1907, on 12 January 2013 - 11:28 PM, said:

Username :Littlefoot1907 i know tons about pokemon been playing since i was 4

Did you even read the front? You have to fill out a registration form!



Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:36 AM

OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: DarkNinja4420
How much do you know about Pokémon?: I know alot about Pokemon like the stats of the Pokemon and what it is etc.
Can I be whitelist in this server?


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 04:44 AM

View PostDarkNinja4420, on 27 January 2013 - 04:36 AM, said:

OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: DarkNinja4420
How much do you know about Pokémon?: I know alot about Pokemon like the stats of the Pokemon and what it is etc.
Can I be whitelist in this server?
Once again fill out the registration form on the front page! And no asking for whitelist! Read the rules!



Posted 30 January 2013 - 05:29 PM

IGN: supercrasyguy
How much I know about Pokemon, I have played almost all of the games and have used this mod before
mods: I only have pixelmon and forge
I play on numerous servers and have never been banned


  • Minecraft: MineCoal56

Posted 02 February 2013 - 12:08 AM

Hey I wanted to know if you guys had all the gym leaders up yet? If you don't I will be any but my specialty is Fire-Types and I really wanna be a gym leader!
MineCraft User: MineCoal56
Why? Because I need! I mean need a pixelmon server I don't enjoy single that much because it is lonely, I love being with other players and respect the rules even if I make friends that don't. ( Which I probably wouldn't)
I'm a pokemon Nerd! I may be a girl but I love all generations! I always know how to catch something and I'm very knowledgeable about pokemon even if that isn't a word xD!
I won't ask a lot of questions the only time I ask them is when something isn't explained in the rules, plus I always read the rules through and take my time.
Me: (walks into a pokemart) Hello sir, do you have pokeballs?
Guy: Yes, what kind? They are __ money
Me: Okay thank you very much (pays) Have a nice day!
Guy: No problem
Me: (walks out and trains her pokemon and levels up) (person comes by)
Person: Hello, Wanna battle?
Me: Sure have you defeated the gym yet?
Person: Almost, Have you?
Me: nope lets do it!
Person Yay!
(We have a good battle and heal our pokemon.)
Now for my Gym Leader Application!

I can be on a lot I will be nice to my opponents and respect the staff, I can be on from 1-4 hours a day enough to battle everyone who wants to. Maybe almost 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays!

I'm very knowledgeable about my opponents and am smart against them I can try to win or lose whichever is easier for the server but I will still put on a great battle! I can always be of service to my fellow players!
As, I exclaimed before I would love to be able to be the fire gym leader! I would have a range from 20-30 level pokemon more or less the server can always choose. My pokemon I would have would be:

Maybe a charmelon as the main pokemon if not Arcanine
Vulpix or Ninetales ( I would love to have a shiny but it doesn't matter.)
I swear you touch my Teddy Bear you'll die



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Posted 03 February 2013 - 11:39 PM

Player App:
OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: Kitzum
Why us?: With a little reading, heard good things so why not you?
How much do you know about Pokémon?: Been playing since it first came out...and honestly still play at age 21
Will you be asking a lot of questions?: nopes
Did you read the rules?: Aye
RP Experience: AD&D, Pathfinder, Thekeep forums, almost every MMORPG that has a 'rp' server  
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):

Standing in her gym with crossed arms and a smirk while the next challenger approaches, her voice soft and quiet but has a undertone of blood thirst seeming to always be ready for a fight. "Oh so you made it into my gym, well well Welcome i hope you didn't travel far." snickering out she adds in "Because you are not taking a badge from this place so hope you enjoy a walk back home"

IC (In Character)
Name: Ayla Ki'zun
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: One blue eye one green eye
Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Normally loose but sometimes in a ponytail when aggravated with it.
Build: Slim
  White Tank top with jeans and sneakers, pokeballs are on her belt like most trainers.
When traveling she carries her backpack with needed survival gear and bedroll.

Personality: Cocky and loves a good fight
Background (at least 2 paragraphs):

Born in Saffron City, She grew up adoring Sabrina when others shyed away or was scared of the gym leader. Main reason for adoring the Psychic Trainer was they were a lot alike in her mind at least. Both loved pokemon and were outcasts for the most part in town. Only big difference which Ayla doesn't seem to notice as much is she loves a good fight.  

At age 10 she was the town 'bully' even though a tad smaller then most, she was known for cheap shots and dirt throwing, Anything to win and when she did win, sometimes she took it to far. none the less though during the aftermath of one of her fights that she end up having to flee from due to a group of children ganging up on her. she ran into Sabrina, if she was a bit bigger would've knocked them both to the ground, but instead she just got a bloody nose from hitting the Gym leader's Knee. Though getting the cold stare Sabrina normally gives, it scared away the kids chasing Ayla..And even though nothing really happened between the two, Ayla remembers that look and that air about Sabrina and wanted to become a trainer just like that woman...with out the creepy doll though.



Posted 16 February 2013 - 07:08 PM

As, to what I know Sam is working on a new server but I am not for sure. You can post a app. But I cant promise it will be seen. The server may be no more. Zero (old owner) as basically hasnt been heard off since last year. (2012)  I'm sorry for the time that has been wasted. (I presonally am look for a Pixelmon server.) Good Day!

Posted Image



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Posted 17 February 2013 - 09:01 AM

Minecraft username: Markben1
How much do you know about Pokemon(will you be asking tons of questions?): I know alot. I wont be asking noob questions about pokemon, though noob questions about how to use it, is another thing entirely.
Any mods i should know about installed on your .jar: Nope just the ones required for Pixelmon.
How many times have you been banned from a server and why: nope

i like water type pokemon so i was wondering if i can help with cerulean city gym?



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Posted 17 February 2013 - 12:11 PM

Player App:
OOC (Out of Character)
IGN: minombre
Why us?: I LOVE pokemon games, Do I need more reasons? xD
How much do you know about Pokémon?: All the pokemons up to the third generation and their stats
Will you be asking a lot of questions?: Not really, I think I can manage pretty well with the information of this post
Did you read the rules?: Yes
RP Experience: No
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):

IC (In Character)
Name: Carlos
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black long hair, brown eyes and strange clothes
Personality: Mysterious and not done to talk a lot, seems like is always daydreaming
Background (at least 2 paragraphs):
Nobody knows why or how he came to Kanto but everybody knows he's not from here. He manages with english pretty well but his acent reveals that he's spanish, at least is what people think because nobody ever asked him.



    Out of the Water

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Posted 17 February 2013 - 03:20 PM

OOC (Out of Character)
Why us?:I've been looking for a pixelmon server that takes place in the kanto region.
How much do you know about Pokémon?:I know almost every kanto pokemon, I know the order of the gyms.
Will you be asking a lot of questions?:No I will not.
Did you read the rules?:Yes I did.
RP Experience:Dragon block c server.
RP Example (please include a 1 paragraph rp example):KappaM put on the red-blue outfit.
KappaM put on the black saiyan hair. KappaM charged his ki to forty percent. Kaioken. KaiokenX4. KaiokenX20. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I am a Super Saiyan!.

IC (In Character)
Name:Nick Sutter
Appearance:Overweight has some acne.
Personality:Loves to joke around, loves to read, play minecraft, hates school, rap music.
Background (at least 2 paragraphs):I play minecraft every day with the pixelmon mod. but sometimes I'll switch to dragon block c. I enjoy playing pokemon. My favorite version was pokemon blue version.

On all the servers I have been on I have never once griefed or entered somebody's house without permission. I only play by the rules and listen to what the ops have to say. I have always wanted to be whitelisted on a server because the majority of whitelist servers are the best looking ones.