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Cool Minecraft Xbox Seed

minecraft xbox seed mountains

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 12:36 AM

I found this awesome seed the other night while playing with a good friend of mine. What started out as a childish insult turned out to be one of the best seeds I've ever seen.

The seed: tristen blows men for taco shells

Don't ask.

After the first day and first shelter, my friend and I decided to go our separate ways and explore this amazing map. After discovering that this map was basically just a giant island we decided to go inland. A list of some of the landmarks we found:
  • An amazing mountain in the southwest corner of the map, above the clouds and virtually impossible to reach from anywhere but the Eastern slope. We named this Mount Evercraft. The tallest mountain on the island.
  • A beautiful little valley about 150 blocks from the northern edge and smack dab in the middle of the eastern and western edges. We named this place the Valley of the Elves due to its beautiful vegetation.
  • A great place to build a massive city dead center in the map. Surrounded by beautiful wooded mountains on all sides but one, this naturally cleared out canyon has a great plateau in the middle and a decorative waterfall on the eastern side.
  • A mountain (or large hill) completely stripped of the grass and dirt on the summit. About halfway between Evercraft and the City Canyon.
  • A great sheet of ice on the eastern edge of the map running for most of way down the map.
  • A small peninsula connected to the mainland connected only by a small isthmus. Snowed out and wooded. Pretty cozy landmark.

These are not the only cool things my friend and I have found in the area. These are just the places that have stuck in my mind. This world is seriously riddled with random landmarks and mountains and valleys and canyons and much, much more.

I seriously suggest you to check it out, despite the odd seed name.


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