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Superheros mod

superheros mod ideas help

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  • Minecraft: Adraintigerule

Posted 11 July 2012 - 02:31 PM

Hello my name is Adrian Im developing a superheros mod I need all the help I can get. So post some ideas on how the mod should work and also i have opening for u guys to work and develop the mod with me. Just post your specialty and ill pick the people to develop the mod with me. I hope this mod will be a great mod thanks Adrian.

Also post Skins if you know any good ones!!!!

Some superheros:

Spider-man,                                     Markpolner:
Batman,                                             Hulk,
Superman,                                  Captain America,

Now post your superheros ideas below.

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  • Minecraft: Markpolner

Posted 11 July 2012 - 02:46 PM

Hulk? Captain America?

I know someone who is good with textures :)
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  • Minecraft: Adraintigerule

Posted 12 July 2012 - 01:38 PM

I need people to help me make this mod anyone want to help?????


  • Minecraft: Adraintigerule

Posted 12 July 2012 - 03:49 PM

i need help with ideas on this mod can ideas??????????????



Posted 12 July 2012 - 08:02 PM

i can help texture items and skins

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  • Minecraft: Dillster12

Posted 13 July 2012 - 11:34 PM

At the start of a new world you could ask are you a Superhero or a Minecrafter If they click Superhero it could ask what theyed want to be like hulk spidey Batman you get the picture also you could have a map genarated if they click on superhero

I could Be the mapper if you like my idea Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image  :)


  • Minecraft: DigitalBlawks

Posted 15 July 2012 - 08:41 PM

Hows the progress going on this mod? I want the web devices Pete has in ASM movie.
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Posted 26 July 2012 - 06:50 PM

I might be able to help. I am still learning the code, But I can build and map. Me and my little brother were discussing each superheros powers and what you would be able to do.

We think that batman should have some sort of a superpunch quality and a bat-a-rang that can be throw like a snowball and deals 3.5 hearts. When you spawn in as a superhero, you should have one ENORMOUS superhero city for each superhero to fight crime in, like a combination of all the major superhero citys like metropolis and gotham city.

Spiderman should get 5 stacks of string in his inventory when he spawns, and has a 50 block reach that he can point at and sling a web, then run and swing forward, whilst sling webs at the same time. Each web shot costs one string, You can craft a web maker which deals out infinite string. If he hits someone with the web, the web dissipates and deals the one hit 4 hearts.

There should be varying ranks of bad guy npcs running around the city like wimp, car thief, bad guy, robber, Bad guy boss, villain, Super villain, each with a larger health than the last.

There should be a superhero texture pack that goes with the city specifically to make it look like it has bus stops, cars glass windows and dark towers.

Captain america should have an animated throwing shield like a boomerang, that deals 8.5 hearts when hitting someone, but it takes a long time to fly through the air.

iron man and superman should be able to fly, obviously, both should have projectiles, iron man should have a cool HUD, with air filght apparatuses and such thing a ma bobs. Superman should shoot lasers, iron man should shoot missiles and plasma blasts.

There should be custom flowing capes for those with the superhero mod on servers, like a batman, or superman cape to show others with the superhero mod how cool they are.

There should also be super villain dungeons and home bases for each superhero, which the player should have to find on his own, which offers special tools and bonus suits with special powers.

I hope I Helped! I would like to see where this mod goes ;D

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 07:07 PM

I forgot to add that Spiderman can climb up walls with an interesting animation, using the properties of spider climbing a wall in minecraft. It would be like adding the smart movement mod, with the modders permission, of course.

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 12:56 AM

If I could suggest my opinion of how this mod could work, I think some kind of system in witch xp could be spent on powers would be very cool.  The type of hero you would be could depend on what you level up.  For instance, it could cost, say, 4 xp to upgrade your constitution, and then perhaps 8 to get to a higher level, and then maybe around 16 to develope a resiliance to something, say, "fire proof". However, I think an important part to this is if the xp to lvl up powers was gained not as much from mob killing, but for saving npcs from zombies villains. When a village is cleared of the advnancing hord, the hero will receive xp for each suviving villager.

As well, perhaps depending on your deph in certain powers, you would develop a "weakness" to some material, like gold, or redstone.  It could also be interresting if the mod where compatible with others, like tekkit, or mystic ores in witch elements like nuclear waste could give effects to you're powers, and certain elements would become you're vunrebility. Of course, that might come later, and perhaps the mod would include some different materials already.

I think that an important part of this mod would be to make the powers usefull in the regular mechanics of minecraft.  Powers like breething under water, and having a "sixth-kind of sence", alerting you to when mobs where within a certain distance would come in handy when building or mining.  I could work up a list of powers and lvl systeme, but I think i might wait and see if this is a popular idea.

A breif description of how one might lvl up:  Once you gain a certain lvl of xp, you could spend it on a power.  lvl one for this power might cost 4, and it would be something simple, like a higher healph bar, or stronger punch. additionally, each power could have certain skills assotiatid with them.  these skills could even work on multiple powers.  increasing chances of a critical could work on strengh, or resiliance to fire could be an option for costitution, as well as gaining powers associated wire fire. So, after you have lvl on, you could then spend more xp, say, 8, on the next lvl, and then after that, maybe 16, etc, etc., the powers getting more and more extraordenary.  Certain powers would lead you down a certain branch, of course.  Getting the ability to breath under water might mean you cant get the fire resiliance, and also means your next speed increase needs to be for swimming, or vice versa.  There would also be powers that required another power to be achieved aswell.

The catagories and branches would be created later, as I said I would be more than happy to do, but for now some ideas are:

Powers: Punching harder, breathing under water, running faster, jumping higher, flying, x-ray vision, lazer vision, swimming faster, summoning mobs(also includes befreinding hostile mobs), climbing, shooting firecharges, summoning lightning, mob sense, fire resistance, higher lvl of healph, faster healph regen, freeze water, teleport, no clip(go threw objects, and requires flight) grow trees on your enemies to crush them, create water source block, lava source blocks, grow vines on rocks as alteranate to climbing, grow cactis,take less damage, teleport to the nether and/or the end zone at will.

skills : Increase the chance of a critical, turn ores to smelted metal upon breaking(with heat vision, or firecharge), better tool use, bigger trees are grown when sommened, certain mobs take more damage(ex: endermen are weaker to players with aqautic based abilities)longer reach, get blocks when just punching(ex: collect iron ore after breaking it with your fist) take less damage(already acheivable with powers to), hold breath longer(another alternate to the power) taunt(mobs hesitate to attack)grow plants faster(with associated power)return from the end.