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Hosting a server - tips and tricks

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Posted 16 January 2011 - 05:34 PM

Hello everybody! there is so many people making topics about there problems about hosing a server so i thought i'd give you some tips, and in the process i'll learn some stuff myself. If you have anything you would like to share, some tips about how to get your server running more smoothly or how to do different modifications on your server, feel free to post them below.

Well lets get started! and please! forgive my english! im not from a englishspeaking country.

Okey, as you're reading this you probably wanna start a server for you and your firends to play on. Now the first thing you will need is a minecraft premium account. A premium account is a accout which you (or someone else) have payed for. Some people have accounts that they have been "Donated" through different webpages and promotions. Many off these accounts wont work, so if you want to do this, just pay the money.
To see if you have a premium account go to the " http://www.minecraft.net " website, log in and click "Profile" at the top of the screen. If you can change you skin here you are a premium user, if not, there will be a text saying something like: "you need to be a premium user to change your chacters skin" now if you have a premium account, just do like this.

1. Download the server program. - In order to do this, go once again to the minecraft website: http://www.minecraft.net but this time choose download which is found under "Beta", scroll down and download the "minecraft_server.exe" file. Please notice that this method only works for windows and that if you're using another OS you will need to download a file named "minecraft_server jar" or something like that. This file can be found on the same page, below the "minecraft_server.exe" file.

2. Now when you got the server file you need to put it in its own folder, by doing this it will be easier to find + that it will need some space in the folder it's in. Now sometimes when you run the file, sometimes windows gives you a error where it can't find a program to run the file with, now this is easy to fix. Just right-click the icon of the file and select to change it's name. Now name it "(*insert something that lets you know what it is*).exe" remember the .exe part which is the most important. Now you just have to run your server file.

3.Now when you run your server file, there whould be a lot of new folders appearing in the folder you server document was placed in. One of these is named ops. Open "ops" using notepad and notice that it's empty. Type in your own in-game minecraft name on the first line and save it.
Now open up the server properties document and edit it with notepad, change the values using true/false and name your server to something like "*insert you name here*'s server"

4. Now to access your server go to multiplayer (in the game menu) and type in you computers "inside router IP" which probably is and ever more probably something between and 127.0.0."number for how many computers in your house that are using the same router". Remember that you might have to restart the server program after you've fixed the name of the server.
Now if this is working you will be logged in to your server, if not. Look at your server program's log. If it says something like "*your Playername* timed out", you must keep trying but if there is nothing at all you need to find another way, doing it right. sometimes"your default port" works insted.

5. Congratulations! you have created a local minecraft server! now if you want it to go online and be accessible for anyone on the web you have to forward a port in your router. Now this is a bit rusky becouse your router is one of the things that is most important for your computers safety. Now forwarding a port means that anyone could just get right through your router, and then accsess any of the computers in your network (connected to your router). Insted, i would recomand using "hamachi" which is a free programe that allows you to set up networks, simular to your LAN over the web, now this will only work with your firends because you need to give them your hamachi network information and password but it's still one of the best ways of getting your server online. Otherwise you can place a computer outside your normal LAN network which lets you do all this without forwarding a port.
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