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Skyrim Roleplay server [Real Map of Skyrim]

skyirm minecraft roleplay

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 03:40 AM

Website: http://abridell.enjin.com/?welcome
IP: abridell.us8.creeperhost.net

Teamspeak IP:

We are a Role Play server, and have made part of the map of Skyrim. We will continue, but after we finish Whiterun, Helgen, Riverwood, and the Throat of the world, we will open the server. Currently we only have to build Whiterun.


-Regions: Grief prevention, and notifications of when you enter a region
-Dragonriding: People with VIP Diamond can ride dragons.
-Herochat: Normally speak in local (25 blocks), or shout (40 blocks), or whisper (3 blocks) or global, which is all around, but is counted as OOC chat.
-Quests: Vinsanity1300 (me) has been coding the quests from Skyrim! Anyone may do them.
-Races/Birthsigns: In game, you can choose your race and birthsign, and get skills, health, mana, and item damage modifications from it. (Just like in Oblivion!)
-Lwc: Lockable Chests, doors, furnaces, etc. These can be picked using lock picks.
-MineralVien: Ores return after so many ticks/seconds
-The real map: We are building the real map, not something just based off of Skyrim.
-Chairs: Actually sit down in chairs.
-Economy: Buy from shops, pay players, sell to shops.
-Shops: Buy and sell from shops
-Lockpicking: People can lock pick with lock picks (blaze rod)

Update log

==Patch 0.4==
-Added in lockpicking
-Added in ale
-Added in gold coin, nord mead, and lockpick textures.
-Uploaded MAC version of mod pack
-Added in random spawning Thalmor and Bandit hostile NPC's
-Server sends a message to the player when killed by another, telling who has killed them.

==Patch 0.3==
-Added in VIP donation packages (buy)
-Updated texture pack with glass weapons

==Patch 0.2==
-Released official texture pack
-Added in shops
-Fixed crafting error

==Patch 0.1==
-Released Beta version of map
-Birthsigns + Race choosable
-Added in modpack
-Helgen, Riverwood, and Whiterun done
-Quest Unbound released

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Posted 07 July 2012 - 11:01 PM

Update log!