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Minecraft RPG mod More Swords/Ores/Race Selection/More Armor Slots

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Posted 22 June 2012 - 06:06 PM

The Idea

So I am making an RPG map with a whole bunch of mods in it. The Only thing I'm lacking is some loot from dungeon adds and a race selection. The Races Would olny be Dwarf, Elf and Human. The Ores however would serve the purpose of Dungeon loot. For instance a Titanium sword would drop from a bandit. The Armor slots would include an amulet, a ring and a cape. I know some might be thinking, "Use Skyrimcraft or Hack/Mine," But those mods are extremely incompatible with other mods.

Items/Blocks (None are Craftable!)

Draconis 'Sanguis or Dragon's' Blood is an unbreakale sword that the main character uses.

Emerald Ore/Gem is Used to make the lowest performing Ring and Necklaces

Ruby Ore/Gem is used to make the 2nd to best performing Ring and Necklace

Sapphire Ore/Gem is used to make the 3rd best performing Ring and Necklace

Titanium Ore/Ingot is used to make A Sword and a Pickaxe

Infinite Loop (Ring)(4th best Ring)

Cloak of Dread (Cloak)(Best Cloak)

Cloak of the Raven (Cloak)(3rd best Cloak)

Drape of the Forbidden (Cloak)(2nd Best Cloak)

Dusty Cloak (Cloak) (Worst Cloak)

‚ÄčAmulet of Dread (Neck)(Best Neck)

Necklace of the Claw (Neck)(2nd best Neck)

Amulet of the Moon (Neck)(3rd Best Neck)

Strand of Leather(Neck)(Worst neck)

Also if this is Possible:

Sword of the Bear (Between Iron and Diamond)

Sword of Fortitude (A bit better than Diamond)

Sword of Dream (Same as Iron)

Sword of Fire (Same as Iron but lights enemies on fire.)

Dwarfish Battleaxe (A battleaxe forged by the dwarfs and is same as Iron)

Orcish Battleaxe (A battleaxe forged by the Orcs and is between Iron and Diamond)

Iron Bow (More Powerful than normal bow and lasts longer)

Bow of Varos (Unbreakable With full shooting power everytime you shoot)

Sword of the Twilight (Between Iron and Diamond)

Elven Sword (A Light Sword that is the same as Iron)

Orcish Sword (A curved sword that is between Iron and Diamond)


If you could, Please put in a new system with armor and weapons that show the attack power of defense. Also, could you put in a GUI with the race selection before the world is free to play in. Once you select a race. You will start with these Items:


Draconis 'Sanguis

5 Porckchop


24 arrows


Elven Sword

Bow of Varos

64 Arrows

4 bread


Draconis 'Sanguis


16 arrows

15 apples

If anyone could help, That would be Great!

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 12:24 AM

Do you have anything backing this up? Do you know how to code with Java? What have you actually done other than an idea?

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