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Posted 21 June 2012 - 06:35 PM

I am looking for a willing player to accept me as a feed the beast competitive partner. Of course, i do have Skype, so we can easily chat in and out. I do not own a server, and i wish i could, but it's too hard for me, so i am asking someone to take me to theirs to play FtB. Here are some of my statistics.

Determined...ness: * * * * * (five stars)
Minecraft Username: trentmartin2
Skype Name: flamingjellyfish (my band's name Posted Image)
Best Minecraft Ability: EQUIVALENT EXHANGE 2!!!! (if that doesn't count, then survival)
Worst Minecraft Ability: Legitamate Minecraft
Age: This takes out lots of chance of me being successfull.... 12, but i am problably more mature than you think.
Other: I am a HUGE fan of Direwolf20, and i keep up to date in his lets plays! I even got to laugh at his very first video. (not that mine was any better Posted Image)

I am not sure wether or not there is any more FtB's, but slowpoke and tahg's map is the one that i prefer, i have their mod pack for 1.2.5.

P.M. Me via Skype @ flamingjellyfish, and check out my panda on my page Posted Image.

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