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Minecraft_Server.jar advanced with Economy, Jobs, Residence, Server's shop(buy and sell items) and Factions

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 08:26 AM

Minecraft_Server.jar advanced with Economy, Jobs, Residence, Server's shop(buy and sell items) and Factions

Actualy 85% developped.

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Features :

  • Kick players with a ping over 300ms (100%)
  • Operators have the prefix [Admin] (100%)
  • Economy  (100%)
  • Jobs (15%)
  • Residence (80%)
  • Server's Shop (100%)
  • Factions (100%)

Economy :

Config file : money.txt

Account : <Player's name>=<amount>

Commands :

  • /money    see your balance
  • /pay <Account name> <amount>   pay the specified account of the amount

Jobs :

Jobs are Farmer, Woodcutter, Miner, Hunter.

Config file : jobs.txt

Account : <Player>=<job>

Commands :

  • /join <job>   join the specified job and give you the job's kit

Residence :

Config file : residence.txt

Account : <Player's name>=X<x1>Y<y1>Z<z1>*X<x2>Y<y2>Z<z2>

The residence are cubics, they are from x1,y1,z1 to x2,y2,z2

Commands :

  • /sell-zone <Player> <amount> try to sell to the specified Player your residence for the specified amount
  • /accept  to accept an offer
  • /refuse to refuse an offer

Server's Shop :

Buy :

Config file : tobuy.txt

Item : <Item id>=<amount>

Commands :

  • /buy <item id> <amount>   buy the specified amount of item wth the specified item id
  • /how buy <item id>   display the price to buy the item with the specified item id

Sell :

Config file : tosell.txt

Item : <Item id>=<amount>

Commands :

  • /sell   sell your current slot to the server
  • /how sell <item id> display the price to sell the item with the specified item id

Factions :

Factions list file : factions.txt

Faction : <Faction's name>

Member List :

Member list file of each faction : Faction/<Faction's name>.list

Member : <Player's name>=<grade>

The grades are 1=Member, 2=Moderator, 3=Admin of the faction.

Commands :

  • /f  join <Faction's name> try to join the specified Faction
  • /f quit   quit your Faction
  • /f <Faction's name>   display the description of the specified Faction
  • /f promote <Player> <grade>  promote the specified player to the specified grade
  • /f invite <Player> invite the specified Player to join your faction

Config :

Config file : <Faction's name>.config

Values :

open = true  

// if open=false players can NOT join the Faction


// if invite=true players can NOT join the Faction until they have been invited


// the tag of the faction


// the description of the faction

residence's name=

// the residence of the faction

money account's name=

// the money account of the faction


// the price to pay to join the Faction

Commands :

  • /f create <Faction's name> create the specified Faction
  • /f delete   delete your faction
  • /f set <property< <value> set the specified property to the specified value
  • /f kick <Player> kick the specified Player from the Faction
  • /f pay <Player> <amount>pay with the faction money account the specified player of the specified amount
  • /f money display the faction balance
  • /f money   create create a money account for your faction

Download :


Minecraft [1.2.5]

Minecraft_Server v0.8.5

Installation :

  • Open your minecraft_server.jar in an archive editor (WinRar/7-Zip/etc)
  • Do NOT delete the META-INF folder.
  • Copy (drag and drop) all the files * from the downloaded zip file into the jar file, replacing previous files.
  • Run your minecraft_server.jar and test !

Soon :

  • More commands for  Residence

Help :

I need testers to test, please pm me.

Edited by _Justyce_, 15 June 2012 - 06:29 AM.

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