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Technic Server

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Posted 28 May 2012 - 05:06 AM

Welcome to Technic RPG

IP: I'll post when the server is ready

First I'm going to apologize for the crappy name it really isn't RPGish aside from trading and having a currency also This server is NOT using the technic pack. ANYWAY In this server there is a main city with about 100 plots, each plot is 30x30 blocks (obviously going from bedrock to the height limit) each plot is surrounded by bedrock so you can't tunnel out of it and into other people's basement. You can have only one free plot in the main city (other cities it's up to the owner). If you want another plot in the main city you have to donate 5 dollars to the server. This server is 100% legit so DO NOT ask for spawned items most of the admins also play legit too including me. The currency on the server is IC2 coins and no i will not be adding equivalent exchange (yes i am on of those people who think its OP but also I think if i had it installed it would take away from trading and buying and selling. In order to have a nuclear reactor in the city you have to have it at the bottom of your plot with atleast 2 layers of reinforced stone above. This may seem like overkill but I'd rather not take the risk. You can sell your electricity to people (along with anything else you have) and their wont be any "Official" electric company just who ever decides to sell electricity.

Any Grief Protection?

Since these mods don't work with bukkit (and yes there are ports for them but wow they were buggy) anyway i keep backups of the world every hour and so if someone griefs your house then I go into the latest backup with McEdit and delete your griefed house and replace it with the ungriefed one. So it's like a more complicated version of the big brother pluggin.


If you break a rule I ban you without warning (because if you know something is bad THEN DON'T DO IT!)
When owning a city/town/colony/whatever you are not aloud to boss around your civilians you can ask them to do a job like gather resources but they don't have to also you have to pay them. Also you are aloud to have taxes but remember people are most likely going to live in towns where they don't have to pay taxes like the spawn town. Also some of the rules listed below are rules for the server BUT some of the rules you can change for your city I will change the color of those to blue.

No Griefing
No Stealing

No Whining about plot size
No Asking for spawned items
No PVP (its turned off anyway...)
No abusing loop holes in the rules if you do you will get banned
If people start complaining about your mining you will be banned (its up to the people you disturbed if it should be temporary or permaban.)I will decide by how bad the damages are if you really even disserve a punishment at all.
You can have a house in the wilderness or in a city (or both) if you make a house in the wilderness it has to be far away from the spawn city (other cities can choose if they mind if your close or not) so the city has room to expand in all directions.
You may not go farther then 2000 blocks out from the spawn if you want to go thousands of blocks out to play by your self then go play single player.
No intentionally crashing the server...
Your only aloud to have one quarry running at a time and if you have one running it MUST have some kind of protection against the chests over flowing and i don't mean just sending them back up into a pipe to just circle around in a pipe till the chest gets enough space for it to go in because that creates too much lag.
The same goes for cobble and cactus generators or any other farms.
Lost items will not be returned because of stealing, griefing unless you can prove that you had them.
Lost items will not be returned if you die.
Lost items will be returned if you lose them because the world screw up and i had to restore a backup. only if you can give proof.
Nuclear reactors MUST be made within your plot at the bottom of your plot with 2 layers of reinforced stone on top. If you make a reactor out side of the spawn city make sure it is surrounded on all sides with atleast 2 layers of reinforced stone/obsidian.
No Explosives of any kind; Nukes, tnt, ITNT, Dynamite, ect
Ops have the power to open your personal safes so we will be able to know if you own any explosive devises. Don't bother hiding the chest because i have the ultimate X-ray; McEdit i can take the server world and open it with McEdit and then dive into the ground so that all dirt, gravel, stone, and other natural things become invisible. And I modded my McEdit to make it show Industrial craft, build craft, and redpower stuff. although i wont be able to open your safe with McEdit i will be able to find it and if you're hiding it that might make me believe your trying to hide something in it so i will go to it in the server and see what's in it and if i find explosives i will ban you without warning.
I will add more rules when i think of them


How long have you been playing minecraft:
How active will you be on the server?:
Explain the rules (or at least enough to make me believe you read them):

Links to the mods

http://www.minecraft...ything-updated/ -Modloader

http://www.minecraft...dloadermp-only/ -Modloader MP

http://minecraftforg.../topic,4.0.html -Forge

http://www.minecraft...ckenbones-mods/ -code Chicken core 0.5.2, Wireless Redstone 1.2.1 (with both addons),  and I recommend Not Enough Items to show you recipes.

http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/ -BuildCraft 2.2.14

http://www.minecraft...ow-open-source/ -Iron Chests

http://forum.industr...d&threadID=5896 -Industrial Craft

http://forum.industr...d&threadID=5915 - Nuclear Control

http://www.eloraam.com - RedPower

http://www.minecraft...teleport-pipes/ -Teleport pipes

http://forestry.seng...=Main.Downloads -Forestry

http://forum.industr...ID=50772981ffd2 -Advanced Machines

http://forum.industr...d&threadID=4827 -Compact Solars

http://www.minecraft...re-mod-support/ -Crafting table III

Put the files for Modloader into your minecraft.jar then the files for Modloader MP then Forge then code chicken core and NEI.then put all the other mod zip files into the mods folder. and download the config files below and put them into the .minecraft folder.

Config files so you don't have to mess with that:

just move the 3 folders into your .minecraft folder

Donation link

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 11:14 PM

How long have you been playing minecraft: Ever since alpha.
How active will you be on the server?: Atleast 5 hours a day. (I have websites to design for people and trying to make plugins in one day is hard)
Explain the rules (or at least enough to make me believe you read them): No griefing, raiding/stealing other peoples stuff. No explosives AT ALL! No intentionally ruining/crashing the server. Also All things will not be returned to you unless you have proof.



Posted 22 June 2012 - 03:09 AM

IGN: hal57
How long have you been playing minecraft: since diamonds were emeralds
How active will you be on the server?: Very :)
Explain the rules (or at least enough to make me believe you read them): Be mature and use common sense, no griefing stealing, no pvp, etc
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