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Moncraft Survival/Creative

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Posted 13 May 2012 - 10:27 AM

Looking for a good server?
then this is the server you might be looking for!
ip: game.moncraft.net
Website: moncraft.net

This server has 18 plugins in total to make the server fun to play on.

First you start as a builder
next is citizen that it's free to promote to!
citizen has all the new moncraft player needs.

and if you really like the server you can buy exiting ranks like Ninja that enables flying for the player or VIP that gives the player unlimited items and creative and for the big spenders we got Patron and Moncraft god

we also have Moderators to help the admins keep the server clean
You can also apply for Moderator when you have bought VIP+  

We also got our head staff Admins+
and our Bosses:
Owner: monman11
Head-Admin: MasterGabeMod

Made by : kaikaidia6 Elite Admin on Moncraft

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