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[V1.6.6] MineColony v0.5 (Simple Economy + fixes)

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:00 PM

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Banner by ben2150

Hi everybody,

I am creating a mod which will be some sort of a village simulator with similar mechanics to Anno 1602.
The mod gives you an opportunity to create and manage your own colony in Minecraft.
In future various buildings will require certain resources to build them. For instance Lumberjack's hut will consume 100 planks, 20 sandstone and 5 axes. These resources will be crafted/mined by workers.


Trailer by Vlad11


  • different level of tools impacts the efficiency of work
  • when the tool wears out, worker searches his chest for the kind of tool he uses (don't forget to supply lumberjack with axes and miner with pickaxe and shovel!!!)
  • you can change worker's current tool by dropping it next to him
  • you cannot place a working chest of one kind within another's working range
  • the working range of a chest is about 20 tiles radius around it
  • you can build predefined working building by right clicking on a chest with a golden scepter
  • you can build fence around a building by right clicking on a chest with an iron scepter
  • workers doesn't work during night
  • workers tells you why they're not working by placing signs with 'Out of axes', 'Sleeping' etc. captions
  • there are more, but I don't remember ;)

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Use: Axe, Sapling
Produce:  :log:

Posted Image
Video tutorial

Use: Pickaxe, Shovel
Produce: :cobblestone: :sand:  :goldore:  :ironore:  :Coal:  :Flint:  :Diamond:

Posted Image
Video tutorial

Delivery man
Transfers goods from workers chests to his chest

Posted Image
Video tutorial

Use: Hoe, Shovel, :....:
Produce: :////:

Posted Image
Video tutorial


Planned/In progress features:
  • other professions (blacksmith, fisherman etc.)
  • tax/salary system
  • improved pathfinding
  • building system
  • adventurers

Current Dev Team:
  • lacozzini
  • rscott6666
  • Vlad11
  • Heho
  • eastborn

MineColony Wiki
Share your knowledge about MineColony with others by creating wiki articles. We would really appreciate this, as we have not so much time due to our real live but without a documentation no new people can use this mod without problems. Actually we really need people with wiki experience there so please if you have some work a little bit on it.

Used Block Id's:
Lumberjack = 101
Miner = 97
Warehouse = 98
Farmer = 99
Bank = 100

Known to work with:
  • TooManyItems
  • Singleplayercomands
  • Zan's Minimap*
  • Millénaire
  • Planes*
  • Spawner GUI*
(* = not approved for 1.5_1)

Not working with:
  • PlasticCraft (workaround: either edit the property files of plasticCraft or mineColony. See below: you can copy the code block, create a MineColony.properties file and past it in there. then change the 100 to a value between 112 and 128 which are not in use)
  • WildGrass
  • PistonMod(add a file called pistondv in minecraft/mods/ and change the id to a not used one[momentary MineColony those are 101 to 127])
  • Portalgun Mod

Thanks To:
  • MCP Team (MCP)
  • Risugami (ModLoader)
  • Arbr (Miner skin)
  • godsblade (Farmer, Delivery Man and Lumberjack skins)
  • everyone working on the wiki


1.Install ModLoader Beta 1.6
2.Delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar
3.Copy MineColony 0.5 alpha.zip file (inside 'Put into mods folder' folder) into your minecraft mods folder.


You can support me on creating this mod by donating any amount.

Posted Image
Thanks :)

MineColony 0.5 alpha
(Compatible with Minecraft 1.6.6, ModLoader 1.6)

0.5 alpha 2:
- compatible with MineCraft Beta 1.6.5

0.5 alpha:
- compatible with MineCraft Beta 1.5
- introducing simple economy system (the worker's chest is locked, so you cannot just take his goods for free, coins are made out of iron and golden ignots)
- farmer and delivery man don't waste tilled farm blocks
- npc talks instead of placing informative signs
- smaller farms
- if npc dies he will leave his tools in his chest
- farmers have unlimited saplings to make them useful
- no more signs needed for delivery man, he will just travel to every worker's chest

- possibly fixed the save reset issue
- fixed crashes made by miner

- miner tunnels improved
- miner gets out of mine more easly (on dirt elevator, he removes previously placed dirt)
- miner doesn't destroy torches he place
- miner doesn't count dirt blocks as valuable blocks
- farmer: no more unlimited wheats
- farmer don't irrigate deeper than 1 block
- farmer don't destroy tilled fields
- delivery man: sleeps at home (and this time it has been fixed for real)
- workers (except for miner) tries not to destroy human placed blocks
- longer range of getting items for workers
- pathfinding fixes
- workers takes nearby floating signs (no more signs flood)

- slightly changed the way the miner digs (still need some work though)
- delivery man reaches the signs even if they are too high
- bugfix: when you remove the worker's chest he will instantly despawn
- a little improved pathfinding
- delivery man sleeps at home, not near a checkpoint
- workers destroy obsolete signs
- miner avoids to put dirt above the ground
- delivery man delivers also: saplings (to lumberjack), torches (to miner) and seeds (to farmer)
- small bugfixes

- fixed placing signs by workers (hopefully there will be no more signs flood)
- delivery man: when the path ends he goes back using the same path, so there is no need to place two signs at one place
- delivery man: wall signs support to define the path
- delivery man: you can define up to 4 numbers per signs, so one sign can be used to define more checkpoints
- lumberjack fence is now square not circle
- miner respawns when he can't go back and his tools wears out
- new skins for lumberjack and delivery man by Qugr

- more compatility versions
- lumberjack: some spinning bugs fixed
- delivery man: wider range for finding signs
- workers are more eager to get out of stucked position
- delivery man: sleeps at night
- worker stops when sign is placed
- delivery man is giving only one tool of kind per worker

- NEW PROFESSION: Delivery man (check the description on my site->What's MineColony for details)
- worker is swinging his tool slower than before, so no more annoying axe sounds :)
- workers actually are harvesting resorces, so they don't immediately disappear, for instance when the tree log is being chopped it drops a log
- digging/chopping animation effects (the same as for player)
- lumberjack plant saplings exacly where the chopped tree was
- lumberjack takes the saplings from chest
- some new way for stuck management, worker is trying to go in a free space direction rather than on wall
- many small bugfixes I don't even remember now

- hopefully no more save resets
- new feature: miner now prioritize his path, so he should gather more valuable ores first
- new feature: timeout for delivey, when the delivery time exceeds it the worker will respawn at home
- bugfix: miner shouldn't destroy his chest
- bugfix: miner drops coal instead of coal ore
- sound for torch placement added
- fixed spinning bug when worker gets back with resources
- TFC compatile release

- miner is now more miner than griefer, I've changed his way of digging, so he should have one initial digging hole, then he tries to create some sort of tunnels
- miner is falling slower as he died too much because of big heights of the digging hole
- lumberjack shouldn't place 'Sleeping' sign if there are no trees around
- lumberjack's hut is made of sandstone
- it should be compatible with other texturepacks and more compatible with other mods
- other minor bugfixes I don't remember :)

Still it's alpha version thus don't forget to backup your saves!
- preserving workers after save
- better path defining (and this time it should be better for real ;)
- new way of digging for miner, so he shouldn't destroy his own home
- new items has labels now
- other minor fixes

Note: This is an alpha release, built with the very early version of MCP. Backup your saves first!

- initial compatibility with MCBeta1.2_02

- new feature: workers tells you why they're not working by placing signs with 'Out of axes', 'Sleeping' etc. captions
- fixed spawning of workers, so they won't spawn inside a block
- minor bugfixes

- when worker tries to take new tool from a chest and there are no tools left, he doesn't take 'free' diamond tool anymore
- miner tries to dig farther from a chest
- workers drop their tools after death
- lumberjack now gets out of the building more easly

- new profession: MINER
- you can give axe to the npc
- minor fixes

- lumberjack doesn't work at night
- decreased the performance of tools, so it will take longer to cut a tree (for diamond axe - 5 chops needed to cut one wood log)
- lumberjack tries not to plant sapling near another
- lumberjack takes the axe when you drop it near him (not only from the chest)
- lumberjack drops only 1 axe on death, he also drops other stuff he carries (wood logs and saplings)
- lumberjack cuts the root of the tree if it wasn't connected to the rest of the trunk
- lumberjack gathers nearby wood logs
- lumberjack doesn't respawn immediately after death, you must wait a bit (it shouldn't be possible to spawn more than one lumberjack per chest)
- right click with steel scepter on the chest to build fence
- right click with golden scepter on the chest to build a hut (container menu doesn't appears anymore)

- lumberjack now gets back to work when the trees regrow
- more inventory management bugfixes (for instance, he puts his current tool into the chest when there is nothing to chop, so he can get it back later)
- lumberjack doesn't spawn anymore if you remove his working chest
- if there is no lumberjack around chest, he respawns
- if you destroy the chest, the lumberjack close to it despawns
- no more free axes ;)
- you can now craft more lumberjack's chest at once, just use different type of axe (wooden axe-1 chest, stone axe-2 chests, steel axe-3 chests,golden axe-4 chests, diamond axe-6 chests)
- some minor bugfixes

- bugfix: when you place lumberjack's chest it won't reset to daytime

- new item: scepter (see above for recipment)
- building isn't constructed immediately after placing the lumberjack's crate, you need to right click it with scepter
- lumberjack's chest management improved, he choses the best type of axe available
- type of axe impacts the speed of cutting wood (wooden axe requires 4 chops, stone-3, gold-3, steel-2, diamond-1)
- tool weariness
- some more pathfinding fixes
- lumberjack shouldn't chop invisible wood log

- npc doesn't disappear after loading anymore
- increased lumbrjack's crate resistance, so it couldn't be easly destroyed
- the lumberjack's crate cannot be placed within another's range (at least 40 blocks away, while 20 is a working range for lumberjack)
- you can create lumberjack's crate using other axes types, but it doesn't impact gameplay... yet
- the axe texture is displayed on the top of the lumberjack's chest

- compatible with other mods

- lumberjack gather's saplings and plant them after cutting the tree
- lumberjack faces the tree while chopping
- lumberjack chops whole tree starting from the trunk and then transports it to the hut
- lumberjack respawn when dies
- when there is nothing left to chop, lumberjack waits for the seeds to grow
- the hut now has wider doors
- some new animations
- pathfinding fixes, but it's still very buggy

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    Tree Puncher

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:14 PM

Awesome....keep up the good work :)  :Diamond:  :Diamond:
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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:17 PM

I've been thinking a lot about this kind of mod, is it possible to make it multiplayer compatible? I want to go all real time strategy on my friends in their server. Also is there a benefit to using a better tool?

Edit) what happens if you place wood blocks near the guy?



    Mathematical Dessert

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:24 PM

RichardErickson said:

I've been thinking a lot about this kind of mod, is it possible to make it multiplayer compatible? I want to go all real time strategy on my friends in their server. Also is there a benefit to using a better tool?

Edit) what happens if you place wood blocks near the guy?

I have thought at the same :D Awsome mod! Will be cool in multiplayer :) Take these!  :)  :opblock:  :Diamond: But finish the singleplayer first :D ( Beta? )



    Mathematical Dessert

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:28 PM

And it would be awsome if you could add some of these creatures from my signature below! They'r not done, only the turtle, but he is making a Troll now, and it would be awsome to have a Troll to help you!



Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:29 PM

wow ;o this would be epic if all worked well ;D keep it up! :)



    Zombie Killer

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  • 174 posts

Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:29 PM

wow really awesome! please release soon!  :)  :Diamond:  :Diamond:  :Diamond:  :Diamond:
and yeah, what will he do if i have a wood house near by ?
plz support :D
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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:32 PM

Amazing I am really looking forward to this.

Keep up the good work.
"Rest assured that with a heart that's pure we'll be victorious and not let our hate get the best of us."  This is more_by Stick To Your Guns.

Stay Positive
Straight Edge for life.



    Redstone Miner

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:36 PM

Just amazing. (:



    Forum/Wiki Sponsor

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  • Curse Premium
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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:42 PM

Wow, I didn't even consider merging ideas from games like Stronghold or Civilization. This could be single player heaven. I hope to see this come to fruition.
There could be Hunters gathering meat.
Stone masons making rock and brick.
Farmers growing crops.
Ranchers raising cattle, sheep and pigs.
Even bakers making bread and cakes.
All dependent on player interaction of course.
My only limitation is my lack of imagination.  I can't code but I can build Adventure Maps. :)
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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:43 PM

Awesome, but please:
-Finish the Single player Beta version first (unless it's fully compatible with SMP and SP :DDD)
-Make a version where you don't have to pay them
-Help me get rid of this huge ass forest without burning it down.



    Zombie Killer

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:48 PM

This looks Very promising and useful. :D
I need to post more -3-



Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:54 PM

Very, i mean VERY good Idea.

I mean, VERY good. like, u know, VERY good.

But just one thing.
I want the biggest Joy in Minecraft to stay the "building structures" part. I would be SO FREAKIN into this mod if one was able to just build the Woodworker house by oneself, put the Chest in it and mark it as the structure then. Shouldnt be that hard as you just had to remove the building and just let the player put his chest wherever he wants to.

OH and a second big problem i see.
I build most of my houses with Wood AND lumber.
So if i placed a woodsworker hut in my village, itd rather be a GRIEFER hut than a woodsworker hut.

I consider you a genious for creating a lumberjack AI, so i am positive you will get rid of these problems ^^

Oh, ever played Dwarf Fortress? theres this system where you can place a piece of furniture into a room and assign the whole room as a specific structure - with the help of doors.
Maybe that would be helpful...

That is promising to be a VERY good mod.
by that, i mean a VERY, VERY good mod.



Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:56 PM

Wow, Notch said something about tribes and villages at some point, something like this would be awesome.



    Redstone Miner

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  • Location: Hungary

Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:58 PM

Its just awesome! Hope you can finish it. :)
Under consturction. 16p Texture pack. For MC 1.2. (02.03)
Under construction



Posted 04 January 2011 - 09:11 PM

I LOVE YOU!!! (no homo)

If you need any beta tester, I got lots of time.
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  • Location: the Netherlands
  • Minecraft: DellionNL

Posted 04 January 2011 - 09:19 PM

Wow, this is what i always wanted with minecraft, this is epic.
Hope you release it soon  :P
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  • Location: Cracow, Poland

Posted 04 January 2011 - 09:20 PM


Really, i wan't it done! :P
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    Zombie Killer

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 09:25 PM

nice mod...love to see him in action too :)

plz give us a download soon



    Stone Miner

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 09:28 PM

Epic stuff! :SSSS:  I used to play the older Anno strategy games all the time, great fun. I would love to see a finished version of this.  

As a side note, if my memory is correct, trees in Anno would automatically regrow, are you going to make the woodcutter guy automatically replant trees or something?