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[Factions] KingdomCraft [Skyblock]

1.2.5 pvp

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  • Location: MY ROOM AT MY HOUSE
  • Minecraft: mroberts6

Posted 20 April 2012 - 01:03 AM

KingdomCraft may sound like a freebuild server but it isn't. Its a hardcore PVP server with the amazing Skyblock plugin!

Server Info:

IP: kingdomcraft.mchosts.com

Owner: mroberts6

Co-Owner: thickginger69 and QSKxiZuKo

Basic Plugins: Essentials, Skyblock, Worldedit, worldgaurd, VoxelSniper, and SWatchdog

Slots: 40 (More slots soon)

Website: http://www.mc-kingdomcraft.com/

Donate: http://www.mc-kingdomcraft.com/donate/

Vote: http://www.mc-kingdomcraft.com/vote/

Faction and Skyblock Help:

Faction Help:

Do /f join to join a faction
Do /f create (TAG) to create a faction
Do /f kick (USERNAME) to kick a person from your faction (HAVE TO BE MOD+ IN A FACTION)
Do /f disband to disband your faction
Do /f admin (USERNAME) to hand over your faction ownership
Do /f mod (USERNAME) to promote someone to a mod in your faction

Skyblock Help:

Do /skyblock join to go to the world
Do /skyblock start to get/recive to get to your island.
Do /skyblock newisland to get a new island

Hope You Enjoy KingdomCraft!!!!
Youtube Image: www.youtube.com/user/rouge3100
Banners ive made: Coming soon soon just need a spot to upload them too.

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