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goblins and giants

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 01:28 AM

This will be a mod that adds fantastic beings, dimensions, monsters, items, blocks, and creatures to minecraft.   Wuppy is making it for me.   Suggestions are welcome.   Please add creative spawn eggs.    Spawn eggs spawn mobs on peaceful even if that mob would not normally spawn and they can spawn them in any biome or dimension.   All mobs that say they spawn “anywhere” don’t spawn in The End unless they say they do.       Passive mobs spawn on peaceful.   Mobs that burn in the sun and spawn aboveground, still don’t spawn in the day above ground.


Dragons          two huge types of these giant winged fire-resistant lizards      Evil dragons spawn In hidden dungeons in the dimensions this mod adds as bosses.   the dungeons and bosses  and drops may be found more then once if you keep searching but they are incredibly rare.  most of the dragons are European dragons not Asian dragons.  the dragons breath fire, have terrifying fangs and horrible claws,  you can also find pairs of hem if hidden rooms in the final dimension.  the evil dragons guard a piece for the sword of light.  you can craft it in a special crafting table with extra slots shaped like a white anvil giving off golden light in the final dimension.  they also guard gold and rarely diamonds. they also may rarely (or always in the final dimension) be guarding a dragon egg of that type of dragon. (like the egg that the ender dragon had.) you can steal the egg and place if near lava which will eventually (after a LONG time) hatch a baby dragons which will be tamed to the person who placed the egg.   this is the other type of dragon.  Tamable dragons are ride-able breed-able and are passive.   will protect you and follow you unless told to sit.  you can ride them and fly through the skies.   although resistant to fire they can not breath fire.  when they die they drop a dragon egg of their type.

Draconians: large red humanoids with dragon heads, tails, wings, claws, scales instead of skin, yellow eyes, and blue armor that are hostile if approached and if left at a distance passive, spawn in the nether and the land of fire, rare, rarely will form villages, can NOT breath fire, carry swords and crossbows which if approached they will attack you with, have treasure in chests in their villages, drop crossbows, swords, and arrows

Dragonborn: draconian-like humanoids  that are smaller have no wings, orange scales, gold armor, can not breath fire, sometimes build villages in the land of fire and the nether and savanna biomes and canyon biomes and carry daggers, clubs, crossbows, or swords, are guarded by draconians, drakes, or dragons, are passive unless attacked, uncommon, drop gold nuggets (you know the things you can craft ingots into 9 of,) or stone rarely iron daggers, stone swords, or rarely crossbows or iron swords or stone or wooden clubs.

Werewolves           hairy humans in rags with sharp teeth by day big black furred yellow eyed wolves by night.  Passive unless approached in the day always hostile in the night.  Spawn in forests, swamps, cold taiga, black forests, mega taiga, birch forests, and rarely human villages.  Will attack villagers any time they can.  If a villager is killed by them the villager respawns as a  werewolf.  very rare.  Drop hair, wolfskin, rags, and bones  (note:  they are very weak to silver weapons.  silver can be stolen from the drops of human knights or kings, found in dungeon chests, or mined in a ore form.  silver can be made into silver swords, silver arrows, silver lances, silver armor, silver knives, or silver axes,)

Vampires           human shaped white skinned red eyed black robed long black haired  hostile, very rare, spawn in the nether, tundra, villages, cold taiga, deserts and swamps.  When they bite a villager (which they try to do when they see one) the villager becomes a vampire too.   Drop vampire blood when killed.  Burn in the sun.  can transform into large black bats the size of a cat and fly away fast.  (notes about vampires and vampire bats:  they are weak to water. they are also weak to garlic which grows as a incredibly rare plant.  they will run away from nearby planted garlic and if you craft 4 garlic with any sword or dagger you will create a vampirebane weapon which kills vampires, vampire bats, and normal bats in 1 hit.  those weapons can still be enchanted normally or used like normal swords or daggers) The vampire bats are not strong and can’t fight or make more vampires.

Wraiths        a ancient black cloaked skeleton with raven wings and a hunchback  hostile,  rare, spawns underground, in the darklands, and in the castle of darkness, and in fortresses, burns in the sun, drops bones when killed.

Reaper:  a large wraith with a wither skeleton skull and wither skeleton bones without a hunchback or wings and with a scythe, spawns very rarely in the nether, and in the final dimension and near bedrock but not in the lava near bedrock, very strong, burns in the sun so will not go aboveground, drops a scythe weapon when killed.

Wizards and Elite Witches      magic users.  Wizards (starry blue hat wearing and robed with a white beard and a walking stick used to fight) are very rare and  fight hostile mobs and will not be anything but passive unless you attack them.  Elite Witches (old hags in a with gray hair and a black dress with red eyes and a sharp toothed grinning mouth)  are hostile and very rare  and turn random villagers, elves, humans, orcs, skeletons, goblins, and dwarves into zombies.  Elite Witches live in swamps, witch huts, and cold taiga and spawn only during the night and drop a wand and a flying broomstick.  Wizards live in villages, birch forests,  and forests and spawn during the day and drop a bottle of enchanting as well as a magic staff.  You can trade with wizards for magic items.

Sorcerer and Sorceress: sorcerers spawn in tall dark towers (only one per tower)  filled with treasure and also filled with zombies, imps, devils, elite skeletons and skeletons. that rarely spawn in the darklands or incredibly, incredibly rarely in forests, swamps, tundra, or deserts more then 500 blocks from your original spawn. the towers will be separated by at least 1000 blocks.   they cast evil spells, turn villagers into zombies, and fight wizards. they float slightly off the ground and wear dark grey robes.  there face is very pale and they have yellow eyes. they drop a magic spellbook, a magic wand, and evil potions.  there is more treasure in chests throughout the tower.  Sorceresses, spawn in swamps, deserts, taiga, and the darklands, as well as in the sorcerer's tower.  they are incredibly rare.  they turn villagers into zombies, summon imps and devils, cast evil spells, and drop magic spellbooks, evil potions, enchanted books, and magic wands.  they float slightly off the ground, and appear as beautiful but creepy women in black dresses, with sharp fingernails, black hair, red eyes, no shoes, very pale skin, and a gloomy expression. and they summon zombies, imps, and devils to protect them.

Necromancer                a evil wizard in black robes with no skin visible who summons skeletons and zombies to fight you if you approach him.  otherwise he just wanders spawning them.  he burns in the sun is incredibly rare spawns underground and in the nether and drops a bones or very rarely a undead summoning staff which summons undead servants but has only 8 uses.

Water-Horse:  the aquatic killers are covered in green seaweed and green algae but are blue underneath it except for their red eyes and fangs.   spawns in rivers.  if you ride a untamed one it it will try to drown you.  it's children can be tamed with lots and lots of rotten flesh and they spawn rarely. drops seaweed and hair.

Nightmare:  a black horse with a mane of fire, it lurks in the nether and in lava.  it is immune to fire and will attack you and cause bad potion effects as well as injury and maybe death.  young can be tamed with clumps of darkness.   it drops fire, rotten flesh, and rarely splash potion like clumps of darkness that can hurt this mod's villagers and give them bad potion effects.  rarely wraiths will ride them into battle.

Skeletal Horses:   made of bone, these monsters, are rarely ridden by elite skeletons into battle.  very rare, spawn underground and in the maze dimension. their young, are not ridden by skeletons, and can be tamed with giant bones dropped by giants.  the horses drop bones and rarely large bones (can be made into spears) or rotten flesh.

Seahorse:  a giant version of the real life seahorse.  passive.  merpeople, nixes, and undines, will tame them and ride them.   you can tame wild ones with 5 seaweed then ride them.   they will teleport to the closest water source to you unless told to stay.  they spawn naturally only in oceans or deep oceans but will swim in any area of water.  they drop seascales.

Beholder            a giant black floating head with one huge blood shot red eye in the center, sharp yellow teeth, tentacles for hair with small bloodshot red eyes, who shoots lasers from his eyes at you.  very rare, strong, hostile, spawns in abandoned mineshafts and fortresses, and drops lots of beholder eyes.

Snakes          2 types      1  weak, green, poisonous, uncommon,  and small.      2  strong, red, not poisonous, very rare, and giant.           Both are hostile and spawn in deserts, savannas,  jungles, and swamps.     both drop rotten flesh, scales, normal fangs, and slime-balls, the small one drops poison,  and the giant one drops a magic fang that can be made into a powerful dagger

Lizardmen          hostile men in brown loincloths with green scales instead of skin and the head and tail of an evil green lizard they are weak,  rare, spawn in large packs, siege villages, and spawn in deserts, jungles, and grasslands.       they fight with short spears they can throw short distances (up to 5 blocks away)    drop scales to be made into scale armor and spears

Drakes       giant hostile evil green lizards as big as a wolf times 3 that are very rare, protect Lizardmen and help in Lizardmen sieges, rarely may be ridden by lizardmen into battle, spawn in deserts, jungles, and grasslands, and drop scales, poison, and fangs

Giant scorpions        spawn in deserts and savannahs and mesas, common, weak, poisonous, hostile, looks like a normal scorpion as big as a wolf and purple, drop bug meat, scorpion eyes, poison, and scorpion stingers which can be made into scorpion daggers

Elementals          (all look like floating humanoid beings made out of their element) fire spawns in lava and the nether drops the normally unobtainable fire item, water spawn in water at least 10 blocks deep drop buckets of water, earth spawn underground and on dirt or stone drops dirt and cobblestone, and air spawn in the sky drop a teleportation gem that will summon the winds to teleport you up to 10 squares but has only 4 uses.       all are passive until approached, rare, will protect other elementals of the same type from you, and will fight other types of elementals.

Mermaids         beautiful women in red bikini tops with red fish tails and blonde hair         spawn in water and stay in water or within 5 blocks of water     passive    live in groups sometimes    uncommon    weak     form underwater villages with giant pretty seashells for houses in water at least 15 blocks deep  guarded by water elementals and mermen (male merpeople) with spears, instead of iron golems both mermaids and mermen drop seashells which can be made into seashell armor and seascales.

Nixes:  they look like mermaids with blue fish tails, brown hair, and blue tops, but they are pure evil, they live in rivers, are very rare, and try to lure you into the water, appearing nice and kind as they do.  if you enter the water.  they try to drown you and eat you.  they will not attack you until you enter the water.  they drop seashells, and seascales.

Selkies:  passive. they spawn in oceans and deep oceans preferable near cold biomes very rarely in the forms of grey seals in smalll groups and they go towards land.  on land they turn into beautiful women in in grey dresses.  they drop a sealskin as they enter the land.  they plan to leave before dusk and will take the sealskin.  you can steal the sealskin if you wish.  you can steal the seal skin which will keep them on the land.  they can not return to the ocean and will now protect you and follow you when ever possible.  (you can trap them somewhere and they can not teleport if you don't want them follow you.  they will try to find the sealskin and if it is dropped again near them they will take it and return to the water.  while in seal form they drop a sealskin, (which allows you to transform into a seal and stay underwater,) and while in human form grey rags.

Wood elves                  tall men and women with golden hair in brown and green with pointy ears and bows     common live in forests, birch forests,  taiga, and mega taiga, form villages in tree houses connected by bridges made from wood guarded by Ents instead of iron golems, fight hostile mobs with bows and arrows, passive towards you unless they are attacked, or  25 wood from in 1 forest is taken while they are watching within one day.                         Drop bows, magic leaves, which can be made into leaf armor, and arrows

Dark elves           shaped like wood elves but have swords    rare hostile evil elves in black robes with long black hair who fight other elves, siege villages, turn to stone in the sun, spawn underground, in the nether and in the dark at night, drop darkness swords and dark armor fragments

High elves                 tall men or women shaped like wood elves In white or grey robes but have staffs very rare strong wise fight hostile mobs wear white summon elementals when attacked or attacking and have silver or black hair             passive unless attacked or another high elf is attacked near them         form floating villages made of gold blocked towers guarded by white dragons instead of iron golems tamed to defend the elves from attackers. drop light armor fragments and magic staffs    sometimes ride unicorns.

Lesser Elves: rare small (0.8 blocks tall) green and red clothed elves who live in forests, mega taiga,  and cold taiga sometimes carry bows live in hollow trees, (that vary depending on biome,) are passive, wander nearby, hide from the player, and drop cookies, chocolate chips, (can be crafted with cookies to make chocolate chip cookies,)  small bows, (a smaller bow that shoots smaller distances,)  arrows, red winter elf rags, (can be crafted into santa suit armor,) and/or green winter elf rags.  (can be crafted into armor that looks like a santa's elf suit.)

Sea Elves: very rare blue robed elves, (wood elf shaped,) with blue clothes with spears and magic that attack if approached and are guarded by water elementals and water golems and spawn on islands in oceans and deep oceans.  they rarely make villages with small lighthouses ( using glowstone) for houses. they can not drown but can also move on land.  drop sea spears and sea arrows, (both work in water,) blue elven rags for aquatic elven armor.  they build boats and explore the seas.

Night elves:  dark purple robed very rare elves (dark elf shaped,) who are passive unless attacked or followed, make villages underground with moon shaped houses, and drop night elf rags or night armor parts and night elf swords and moon idols.  they chase off other elves who get near their homes. they hate sun elves and will fight any they can reach. they are guarded by elite skeletons and wraiths.  they will get undercover or disappear by the time the sun is high in the sky

Sun Elves:  orange robed high elves that spawn in the day and get under cover or disappear by the time the moon is high in the sky.  they are passive unless attacked, build houses with sun topped glowing towers for houses, and dislike night elves and dark elves who they will chase out of their territory and defend themselves against.  guarded by gold golems.  they drop sun elven rags that can be made into sun elven armor and gold spears and sun rods (which are like torches but can be held while still lit.)

Mummy                  the Egyptian monster that spawns in deserts and savannas.  rare, as strong as a elite skeleton, hostile only if approached, followed, or attacked, rarely comes in swarms, form villages guarded by snakes and drakes, drops nothing but mummy linen for mummy armor and rarely a mummy sword and then crumbles to death.

Sphinx                       a lion with the head of a Egyptian pharaoh.  breaths fire on hostile mobs, (fire does not usually spread) guards nearby mummys, strong, very rare, passive unless followed or attacked, spawn only in deserts and savannas, drops sand and gold and rarely a sphinx helmet.

Wyvern             a small hostile rare green, red, or blue dragon the size of the player but with large wings and a tail that can’t breathe fire spawns on mountains or hills, the nether, and in ravines.  and drops bones, poison, and rarely wing fragments

More golems               wood: crafted like snow golems but with wood instead of snow, use wooden staffs to fight enemies, weak, very flammable; fire: has a torch for a head and made from flaming netherack,(act like snow golems that shoot fire) crafted with a torch instead of a pumpkin, and obsidian; stone: shaped like iron golems (act like weak iron golems)crafted with stone bricks, and a pumpkin;  water: made out of water blocks, (crafted with a seashell block (crafted from seashells) and water buckets)  and have a pumpkin floating above its middle (act like fire golems but shoot water instead fire,); gold: (stronger iron golems) crafted with gold blocks and no pumpkin  nature: made of 4 leaves of the same type and have a pumpkin for a head, shoot sharp thorns at hostile mobs but grow roots that prevent themselves from moving.   Diamond: strongest golems of all, crafted from 4 diamond blocks, guard they player who created them and fight hostile mobs.  will protect the player who created them if another player attacks him or her.  Very, very powerful, (deal 14 damage per hit but very, very slow.)  have 400 health.      all golems listed here drop the blocks used to build them.

Mumakil                    a boss and a humongous hostile six tusked black elephant  like the kind from lord of the rings with an army of dark elves on top equipped with bows.  it is half as strong as the ender dragon. Spawns in deserts and savannas,  and will rarely after it spawns attack a village in this biome. Incredibly rare, drops a special item that can be used in the final dimension and some diamonds and gold.

Phoenix:  these giant (roc sized) fire birds came from the land of fire but will only attack you if you attack them.  they live in the lava near bedrock as well as their ancestral home.  if they die they will explode in flames and turn into ashes and 1 minecraft day and 1 minecraft night later a fiery egg will spawn in the ashes.  it takes 4 minecraft days and 4 minecraft nights to hatch.  if you find the egg you will get it as a item and can get a pet Phoenix by hatching it and being near it when it hatches.  untamed ones turn into the egg if they stay in our world for 30 days.  they do not despawn.  they are very very rare.  if you get trapped in lava near them they will save you by absorbing the lava.  they can shoot fireballs like the firebird.

Firebird: a small (size of a falcon) red and gold bird covered in fire that is passive, lives in the land of fire, taiga, and mega taiga and is incredibly rare.  they can be tamed with a cage made of gold and silver.  it will make them your loyal pet.  you can put the cage in your inventory, or place is on the ground as a block and let the firebirds out by right clicking.  they will shoot weak special small fireballs at enemies (they won't spread or harm you) and if you die with them in your inventory there is a 1 in 100 chance they will save you and bring you back but they can only do it up to 5 times per game, or 1 time per firebird.  they can be bred and baby firebirds hatch from eggs after a few days.  if you die and can't come back the cage (or cages) will be placed as blocks nearby if there is a available space within 8 blocks of your death point.

Wandering Dwarves:  they look like a cross between gimili and honeydew.  they dig a lot.  they fight back if attacked.  they are strong compared to other dwarves.  they are very rare.   they can spawn in any biome.  they carry iron pickaxes.  if a large group of them find each other they will build a town.    they drop iron pickaxes and orange hair for a orange dwarven beard.  they will trade with you.  if you give them gold, emeralds, silver, or diamonds, you will get a fair amount of steel

Underground Dwarves               the lord of the rings kind    men half the size of humans with long yellow beards and pickaxes      common live underground and mine rarely visit the surface world passive unless attacked create villages guarded by stone golems instead of iron golems that fight monsters. Drop stone pickaxes when dead or defeated, rarely gold, and yellow hair, (from the beards, can be crafted into a wearable dwarf beard.)

Hill Dwarves: dwarves that spawn very rarely in small houses hidden under hills, dig down, build tunnel systems, do not leave the tunnel system or cave almost ever, carry pickaxes or shovels, passive unless attacked, drop brown hair, (for another dwarf beard,)  rarely gold or iron, and stone pickaxes or stone shovels.

Mountain Dwarves:  these black bearded dwarves spawn in very rare mountain cities in extreme hill biomes or the mountain dimension, sometimes leave but not very often, each city is guarded by 1 gold golem, the dwarves fight back if attacked, drop stone pickaxes, rarely iron, rarely gold, black hair, (for yet another dwarf beard) and rarely a iron pickaxe instead of a stone pickaxe.

High Dwarves:  strong golden armored dwarves with white hair that are passive unless you attack them, and spawn incredibly rarely in the mountain dimension or underground.  they fight hostile mobs and drop gold, sometimes golden armor, sometimes golden pickaxes, and white hair, (for another dwarven beard.) golden golems will protect them.  they fight dark dwarves.

Dark Dwarves:  evil somewhat strong ink-black skinned dwarves with black armor and blood-red hair that spawn very rarely far underground, in the great maze, the darklands, and in the mountain dimension, burn in the sun, are not hurt as much as normal ( about half the normal,) by fire or by lava,  siege cities, fight all elves other than dark elves, fight other dwarves mainly high dwarves, drop dark pickaxes, (black colored pickaxes that act like iron pickaxes,) dark armor fragments and red hair for red dwarven beards.

Basilisk: this hostile evil deadly strong desert-dwelling very rare giant (10 blocks long) serpent, breathes fire, is poisonous, and can temporally paralyze its enemies with a glance!  it drops fire, (the item,) scales, poison, and/or large fangs, (that can be made into fang daggers or fang spears.)

Cockatrice:  a rooster headed dragon winged poisonous rooster headed rooster bodied snake tailed lizardlegged hostile incredibly rare creature that will spawn underground below savannas and mesas and go to the surface to kill it's enemies.  it can temporally paralyze it's enemies. drop feathers, poison, scales, claws, and a broken beak.

Wargs:  rare fast hostile giant (1.5 times the normal size,) rabid wolves with sharp fangs and sharp claws that spawn in forests and taiga.  they will join in sieges with orcs and goblins.   they eat small animals (not wolves or tamed animals or strong animals though,) and sometimes come in small packs.  somewhat weak on their own.  drop bones, rarely wolfskin, can be made into wolfskin armor (which can be worn but is as weak as leather armor,) claws, and fangs.  they are afraid of fire.

Orcs         green skinned hostile evil sword wielding common humanoids wearing brown rags or ragged armor the strength of zombies that often come in groups siege villages (and join goblin and hobgoblin sieges) and fight passive or neutral mobs.  They can spawn anywhere but the nether and the end.  In battle they charge up without thinking to attack.    Drop stone or wooden or iron or (rarely) darkness swords (all of which are nearly broken and they may not spawn with them and if they do not they will not drop them) and rags which can be crafted into ragged armor.  they are afraid of fire.  they are afraid of the sun.

Orc shamans:  these orcs wear ragged armor, carry magical wooden staffs, and have the skull of a drake, on their head.  they are a bit weaker then most orcs in terms of health.  they can cast spells, like summoning a giant boar, or summoning a warg, or placing dead bushes, or shooting clumps of rock at people.  they drop raged armor and magic staffs.  they are afraid of the sun and afraid of fire.  they are very rare, and only spawn in deserts, savannas, mesas, or the darklands.

Black Orcs elite rare extra hostile brutal organized orcs with slightly darker green skin in black armor 1.2 times the size of the player with black battle axes and black shields that siege villages and kill mobs.  they burn in the sun but their armor makes them last longer then most mobs.  if in a fight they will keep fighting and if wandering the seek shade, preferably a cave.  they spawn at night, the in darklands, the final dimension, the great maze, in sorcerers towers,  or the bases of evil knights, or in strongholds or very deep caves and drop black metal which can be crafted into black armor or black orc shields or black orc axes.

Savage Orcs caveman-like rare orcs that spawn in deserts, savannahs, mesas, or jungles, wear primitive paint, and ragged loincloths and animal skins, with stone spears that form small primitive mini villages in jungle, savannah, or desert caves and hunt for food.  they are hostile only when approached because of there bad senses.  then they will charge at you.  drop rags, leather, and rarely wooden spears which they may spawn with.   they are afraid of fire.  they are afraid of the sun.

Orc Wyvern Riders            hostile strong very rare orcs on red wyverns with long spears to stab you with that help in orc sieges      spawn in mountains, the land of fire, the darklands, the castle of darkness, the swamp, dimension, the skylands,  and the nether        drop fangs, iron spears, and/or wing fragments

Org Boar Riders: These hostile orcs ride a hostile fast giant boar into battle.  the orcs carry long stone or iron spears or stone or iron battleaxes and are deadly.  but the boar is dangerous too.  they spawn in grasslands, savannas, (both the biome and the dimension,) mesas, the swamp dimension, swamp biomes, deserts, and in savage orc villages. theres a chance they will spawn as savage orcs and only attack is approached.  there is a chance if they spawn as normal orcs they will build a legion of boar riders.  by the way, if you kill the orc the boar calms down.  they are very rare.  the boars drop pork, boar tusks and the orcs drop the weapon they were carrying and rags.

Orc Warg Riders:  These orc ride wargs into battle.  they spawn in grasslands, savannas, forests, taiga, mega taiga, the savanna dimension, the darklands, and the swamp dimension.    they are hostile, very rare, fast, afraid of the sun, afraid of fire, and the orcs carry stone or iron or darkness swords, bows, or long stone spears.  they drop wolfskin, bones, claws, fangs, rags, or the weapon they were carrying.  they rarely come in small packs.

Goblins           little light green pointy eared things half your size with daggers in brown robes       they   are very weak and spawn commonly anywhere            They are hostile and either sneak up on you or come in swarms     if one is badly hurt it will flee        they will attack passive mobs, preferably wild horses.  (these monsters horribly find wild horses very tasty.)        they siege villages and join hobgoblin and orc sieges           they drop stone daggers and rags      they are afraid of the sun.

Goblin Warg riders        goblins on wargs with spears   hostile      they charge in to attack you, prey on passive mobs, and will help in sieges with goblins and will not flee        they are rare, fast, and spawn in forests and taiga, often come in small packs, and drop iron daggers or stone spears, wolfskin, bones, and/or rags  they are afraid of the sun.

Forest Goblin Spider riders                weak goblins with feathered headdresses (like the Aztecs) in on giant red spiders with bows and lots of arrows.     they are rare, join in sieges with goblins, flee when almost dead, sometimes come in small packs, are afraid of the sun, the spiders stop being hostile in the sun, and spawn in forests, swamps, and jungles.  They drop bows, arrows, string, spider eyes, spider legs, rags, and/or broken arrow heads (which can be crafted into arrows)

Night Goblins     weak goblins in black cloaks with stone spears or sometimes bows or flails, that seige villages, sometimes with other goblins and orcs, spawn in caves, come out only at night, and can not see in the day, (like spiders,) and are rare, but come in small packs.  they drop stone spears, night rags, (can be crafted into night armor,) and flails.  if they find a mushroom biome or a giant mushroom they will become passive and just worship the giant mushrooms.  (yes that is a reference to warhammer.)

Night Goblin mages:  These night goblins wear black cloaks and carry magical staffs made of wood.  they can summon spiders, create dark shadows that attack people, summon small snakes, or spawn small mushrooms around them.  they are hostile at night but passive in the day.  they drop night rags, mushrooms, and a magic staff.  they have very little health, (the same amount as a chicken,) but their spells are powerful.  they are very slow and solitary.  they spawn in the darklands, the endless maze, the swamp dimension, swamps, the skylands, mountains, the mountain dimension, and dark forests.  they are very rare.  they hide in the day, if they can.

Hobgoblins        shaped like red goblins wearing black armor with stone swords as strong as orcs and act almost the same as orcs.  They are rare and spawn underground and in deserts or in the savanna dimension, the swamp dimension, the skylands, the darklands, and the land of fire.  Will siege villages with orcs and goblins.  They burn in the sun.  They drop stone swords and black metal.

Hobgoblins bombers  hobgoblins strapped to bombs that make ticking noises that act almost exactly like creepers minus the hissing sounds and sometimes join sieges with hobgoblins burn in the sun drop gunpowder and black metal and very rarely bombs that acts like throwable TNT but you have to kill them yourself to get the bombs spawn underground incredibly rarely or in the savanna dimension, the swamp dimension, the skylands, the darklands, and the land of fire.

Hobgoblins catapults:  the hobgoblins are guarding a catapult.  the catapult is stuck in one place and the hobgoblins are catapulting a mix of rocks, bombs, and themselves.  the hobgoblins burn in the sun and leave the catapult when they die.  this war machine spawns incredibly rarely and only during sieges.   they catapult can be used by you but drops nothing.  hostile.  the hobgoblins otherwise act like normal hobgoblins.

Skin Changers: they look like peaceful barabaric humans in the day but at night these very rare evil shapeshifters are hostile red eyed killer animals! they spawn in deserts, swamps, forests, and taiga. they come in 11 variations: foxes, fish, bears, jackals, ravens, eagles, tigers, boars, crocodiles, lions, and coyotes; and drop their skins which can be worn like armor to transform into that animal!  if you kill them in human form they just drop rags though.

Hellhounds:  the dogs of the devil.  they come from the land of fire, and they spawn very rarely.  they are black colored and glow a tiny bit redish.  it they scent you (there eyesight is bad, they have to be close to you)  they will chase you breathing fire.  if you escape five times from the same one without killing it, and use a magic wand on it it will become your loyal pet, never attack you, protect you, and destroy your enemies.  they are fast but not very strong.  they are 3 times the size or wolves.  they are immune to fire.  they can be found in the land of fire, the darklands, the nether, mesas, deserts, and dark forests, and when untamed, they will eat villagers if they are not after you.

Black Dogs:  they are mostly shaped  like ordinary dogs but have red eyes, sharp fangs, and even sharper claws.  they spawn very rarely in human, ghost, night elven, or wood elven villages in the middle of the road.  they will bark three times with a minute between each bark.  the first two times nothing happens.  if you are not 50 blocks from them when they bark the third time they will hunt you and kill you.  if you are 50 blocks away from them before the 3rd bark thy will die.  they spawn only in the middle of the night.  they die by the time the sun is high in the sky.  they are very fast, incredibly rare, and intelligent.

Great Spider:  look like the minecraft spiders but are 3 times bigger. (and twice as strong.)  always hostile, (hostile in the day too,) very rare, poisonous, spawn in abandoned mineshafts, the maze dimension, the darklands, the dark castle, and the swamp dimension.  drop spider eyes, spider legs, (same as spider eyes,) string, poison, and rarely cobwebs.  (goblins or forest goblins will ride them into battle, at the chance of spider jockeys with normal spiders.)

Ultimate Spider:  a huge spider, 8 times as large as a normal minecraft spider and 8 times as strong.   spawns only in the second to final and final dimnesions!  drop spider eyes, string, cobwebs, poison, rotten flesh, and skeleton skulls and bones (from their victims.)

Trolls          giant (4 blocks high) strong long nosed hostile rare green skinned humanoids in brown loincloths that fight with their clawed hands and try to grab and choke you and will join sieges.       spawn in forests, deserts, underground, and grasslands drop rags, troll meat, claws, and fangs.  will turn to stone in the sunlight.  very weak to fire.

Stone Trolls:  Blue hostile very rare tall (6 blocks high)   long eared trolls that spawn in mountains and far underground, throw rocks, rarely carry hammers, slowly heal when very wounded, drop troll meat, (troll meat has a 50 50 present chance of greatly healing you or poisoning you,) hammers, and stone.

River Trolls:  fat hostile (5 blocks tall) very rare fanged dark green trolls that spawn in rivers, the swamp dimension, on islands  in the ocean dimension, and normal swamps, either bite you or barf on you to attack, slowly heal when very wounded, drop troll meat, fangs, claws, and barf, (which does nothing,)  they are weakened in the sun and by fire so they rarely leave rivers.

Cave Trolls            giant (10 blocks high) armored very strong incredibly rare gray skinned hostile trolls with broken chains trailing behind them that spawn very far underground and in the mountains dimension, the great maze, the darklands, and the final dimension,and turn to stone in the sun and carry huge spiked metal clubs     they drop chains, metal clubs, troll meat, and spikes.

Dark Trolls:  they evil elite hostile trolls which are 6 blocks tall, spawn in darklands and the dark castle, wear black armor, carry spike flails, are strong and very rare, and drop black metal, troll meat, and flails.  

Support Trolls: The 4 block tall trolls wearing a bit of black armor carry a black drum.  they will beat the drum with a stick, and that will make nearby hostile mobs stronger and faster.  however, they will not attack you themselves, even if you attack them.  they spawn very rarely in the darklands and the dark castle.  when killed, the drop troll meat, black metal, and rarely a drum which is and when placed make a drumbeat sound, and when double clicked plays a short amount of drum music.  

Ogres         giant (6 blocks tall) fat cavemen with sharp fangs in animal skin togas with wooden clubs.   They will attack you if you get too close and will join sieges.  Not too smart, afraid of the sun, rare, and will not chase you, but strong. Spawn in tundra, jungles, grasslands, and deserts.   Drop leather, rags, wooden clubs, and rotten flesh.

Giants                  very tall (10 blocks high) human shaped, (but much bigger then humans,) hostile at night passive in the day rare very strong humanoids that rarely spawn with with long spears they use to stab you.    Spawn in grasslands, forests, swamps, and deserts.  Drop rotten flesh, long spears, giant bones, teeth, and rags.  at night they join in orc, hobgoblin, and goblin sieges of villages.

Stone Giants: giants (10 blocks tall) with skin of stone.  they have very high health, throw boulders, drop stone and giant bones, are very rare, spawn in mountains, and are hostile at night but passive unless attacked or looked in the eyes in the day.  eat villagers (preferably human) and attack passive mobs at night.

Frost Giants:  light blue skinned 12 block tall very rare giants in blue robes that spawn in tundra and carry frozen axes. if they breath on you you are temporally frozen in ice.  they are hostile at night and passive unless attacked during the day. at night the eat villagers and attack passive mobs they drop ice, frozen axes, frost armor and frost fangs.  they will join in sieges of villages.

Fire giants:  hostile very rare 12 block tall red skinned giants in red armor with devil horns and blood-red eyes that spawn in the nether and shoot fireballs.  they fight other nether mobs and are not hurt by fire or lava.  they usually drop nothing but explode into flames.  rarely they will drop fire resistance armor or swords with flaming enchantments.

Storm Giants:  spawn in thunderstorms very rarely or when lightning hits a ordinary giant or stone giant.  they are purple skinned, 10 blocks tall, wear blue robes, shoot small lighting bursts to attack, use huge lighting strikes when they get mad, become neutral unless provoked when the thunderstorm is over, but a rarely when lots of storm giants are spawning a horrible magical thunderstorm is likely to start near one.    they drop nothing but explode in a lighting burst.  they will join in sieges of villages.

Titans                    huge, (25 blocks tall,) hostile,  night-color skinned, clawed, (both hands and feet,) sharp toothed, humanoids, that are bosses a bit stronger as the ender dragon. They attack any mob they see and siege villages.  They can spawn anywhere.  They breathe fire and destroy blocks.  They drop titanic claws, titan fangs, and a few diamonds when killed

Gnolls                 rare, hostile, barbaric,  hyena headed, hairy, hyena tailed, humanoids with bows and claws that spawn in deserts, savannas, mesas,  and grasslands and come in packs.  they siege villages but are weak.  drop hair, bows, and arrows.  there is a  very rare chance a unique extra-strong Gnoll will spawn with a iron or stone battle axe or iron or stone flail instead of a bow and arrows and will fight in close combat, maybe without the rest of the pack and will drop his weapon instead of bows and arrows.

Sea Serpents           a rare giant snake, green, spawns in oceans, hostile, eats smaller aquatic mobs, drops fangs, algae  and rarely seascales, (can be crafted into special armor that lets you breath underwater, or weapons.)

Skeletal fish:  Spawn rarely in rivers and oceans, hostile, as weak as a goblin, small, swims away when low on health. drop bones.

Skeletal sharks:  very rare undead sharks that spawn in oceans, are dangerous and hostile, fast, and drop bones and fangs

Skeletal Serpents: incredibly rare undead sea serpents that spawns in the depths of the ocean dimension, drop bones, fangs, and algae, eat smaller sea dwelling mobs, are strong, and dangerous.  

Leviathan       a blue sea serpant 3 times bigger then the normal sea serpant with huge fangs that spawns incredibly rarely only in the ocean dimension or deep oceans and very far down drops diamonds, leviathan bones, (which are blocks) and leviathan meat is a boss otherwise the same as a normal sea serpent

Behemoth            a very strong giant hostile incredibly rare rhino with sharp fangs and a thick tree like tail that splits into 4 tails that spawns in grasslands but can leave them, avoids water, and attacks things things that enter it's territory. drops diamonds, behemoth bones (which are blocks) and behemoth meat.  boss.

Lesser demon (aka imp)                     a horned floating red goblin half your size, in a black loincloth with no weapons, as strong as a chicken but corrupts human, elven, dwarven, Halfling, and gnome, villagers, as well as wizards, orcs, goblins, lizardmen, sasquatches, and yetis, and turns them into zombies, burns in the sun, spawns anywhere rarely, and rarely in the nether (where it turns zombie pigmen hostile,) and the land of fire (where it turns draconians and dragonborn into zombies.) uncommonly, does not fight back, if killed the zombies go back to normal but does not drop anything.

Common demon (aka devil)                    with horns, red skin, a tail with a sharp end, fangs, claws, hoofs, and a spear, this soldier of the nether and the land of fire is hostile, uncommon, sometimes comes in packs, but drops dark spears, devil tails, fangs, claws, hoofs, and devil horns.

Greater demon (aka balor)              a boss stronger as the ender dragon,  looks like the balor from lord of the rings, 10 blocks tall, spawns only as a boss in the land of fire, very rare, hostile, and breathes fire.  Drops diamonds, devil horns, a devil tail, and a whip of fire

Halflings           small passive fat male humans with curly brown or orange hair in brown robes 1/3 the size of you who spawn in grasslands.  They form villages in small hollow hills guarded by wizards.  They drop vegetables  (halflings eat a lot) when killed.

Gnomes       male passive, (unless attacked;  if attacked they fight back like zombie pigmen,)  very rare wood elves the size of Halflings in green robes and red caps who spawn in forests and grasslands.  They form villages with green teepees and hollow trees for houses guarded by earth elementals.    They rarely drop gnome shards, (can be crafted into gnome goggles, (a headgear which lets you see better in the dark or  underground)   ) and plants when killed.

Sylphs:  with pink skin, dark blue hair, light blue wings, a purple dress, a human shape, and a human face, these wind creatures are 5/6 the size of a human.  they fly thourght the air and form villages in the clouds.  they are very rare. they are passive unless provoked in which case they attack in swarms like zombie pigmen.  they are guarded by air elementals.  they are very fast.  they drop wing shards rarely, (can be crafted into wings,) and commonly drop blue hairs, and  blue rags.

Salamanders: very rare hostile lizards that spawn in fires.  they need to stay near the fire.  if the fire is destroyed or put out the salamander dies.  they set you on fire if you touch them, but they are not hurt by fire or lava.  they are weak in health and their attack strength is weak.  they will build small fires and little houses inside large flaming trees.  they drop fire scales and rarely fire crystal shards which can be used to craft a fire inmunity crystal that will make you inmune to burning or dying from fire or lava.  fire elementals will guard them if they find them.

Undine:  They look like light green skinned women with blue hair and blueish green robes.  they live in rivers, lakes, pools. and swamps and are very rare.  they build houses under what appear to be giant lilypads.  they are guarded by water elementals.  if hurt they will attack back like zombie pigmen.  they drop lilpads, fish scales, blue hairs, and rarely undine robe shards, (can be crafted into flippers that can be crafted into a set of special flippers to let you breath underwater.)

Gargoyles       looks like a normal gargoyle statue during the day but comes to life at night.  carries a spear, is hostile only if approached, made from stone, is a block in the day, flies in the night, rare, spawns in human, and dwarf villages.  fights other hostile mobs.  stays near where it spawned.  can be killed in the day in only one way, hitting it with  or diamond or better pickaxe which makes it drop it's statue as a block!  it will only become a living creature again when you place it and night falls.  it will not go back to the village once put down again and will not attack you.  if you kill it at night it drops it's statue as a block

Rocs             giant eagles (their wingspan is 12 blocks and they are 6 blocks tall and 8 long.)  will attack cows when untamed.   They are rare, spawn in mountains, passive unless attacked, and tamable with beef.   when wild they almost never leave the air. When tamed can be ridden, otherwise will fly to your spawn point and guard nearby. if you right click them after they go there they will follwo you unti lright clicked again They drop roc feathers.

Elite Skeletons                  Four armed skeletons with swords in each hand.  They are uncommon, hostile, a bit stronger then normal skeletons.  burn in the sun, spawn underground, and drop bones and skull swords.

Ghouls:  decaying hunchbacked fanged humanoids in ragged loincloths with claws and a history as a cannibal.  they look a lot like Gollum from lord of the rings but they have a dark gray skin coloring, are undead, and come in packs.  they eat all living beings and zombies or skeletons.  they have red eyes and burn in the sun.  they hide in graveyards (which spawn very rarely on the outskirts of villages, or kingdoms, and have lots of undead) and caves.  they drop rotten flesh,  red eyes, (useless,) bones, fangs, and claws.

Ghosts               humans that are transparent, rare, spawn underground, passive unless attacked, and burn in the sun.  they build underground villages with graves for houses guarded by Wraiths.  they drop nothing but just disappear.

Ents              walking trees from lord of the rings that are provoked the same way wood elves are, fight hostile mobs, are very rare, protect wood elves.  spawn anywhere near trees, and drop ent wood, ent leaves, and sticks.

Undead Ents:  hostile strong very rare black dead tree barked ents with no leaves that spawn in swamps, burn in the sun, and defend dark elves and help in dark elf sieges.  drop dead branches and rarely dead wood.

Fairies                 pretty red dressed orange haired females that are 1/4 human size that give off a red light.  They are rare, passive, weak, will heal you if you approach them, can spawn anywhere, and drop a magic wand or plants.

Pixies           blue dressed very rare black haired fairies that give off a blue light and not only fight back if attacked but poison you if approached.  they drop a magic wand or a poison splash potion.

Thunderbirds            similar to rocs, but have lightning for feathers and when killed just disappear in a lightning burst instead of dropping anything.  they have a down turned beak.  they can be tamed with raw fish.  they can fly.

Kings: rule human civilizations from their castle.  wear red robes with a golden crown and have a white beard.  they carry golden swords.  they will attack you if you are within 7 blocks of them and are harming their kingdom or their people. drop a golden crown, silver, gold, and a golden sword.  very strong and guarded by knights.  if you where his crown you control the kingdom (but will not look like the old king and will keep your normal skin.  he came from and hostile humans from that kingdom will calm down.  but if you take it off or die you are a commoner till you put it back on.  (you can craft it from 6 gold blocks, and 2 emeralds or 6 gold blocks and 2 diamonds.) if they king dies of natural causes, the next person of that culture to wear a crown becomes king.  you can while in charge there is no chance of mutiny, you can execute anyone you wish to kill and your soldiers will do so, and you have up to 6 knights at a time (if any die return to the kingdom to replenish them) to guard you on adventures, and infinite while in the kingdom.  however, you can declare war on other kingdoms (even non human ones!)  and siege them with as many knights, mercenaries, and soldiers as you have in your kingdom.  if you or your warriors defeat a enemies kingdoms king, you rule that kingdom too, can appoint a governor, kill the citizens or rule them, move their, move back and forth between your cities, or burn that city to the ground.  the hostile soldiers will turn peaceful once you get the crown, but if it gets dropped and your soldiers don't return it, and a enemy picks it up, they will become a king and you will have to fight that kingdoms king again.  you can tax your kingdom(s) for gold, iron, diamonds, crops, silver, food, emeralds, lapis lurpiz, weapons, or whatever and you will receive, one of each from each of the residents of your kingdom that owns one or the next best item they own.  (diamonds, silver, lapis lurpiz, emeralds, are probably not owned by most, and mythril is 99% of the time not owned by any.  you will not receive a crafted version of the item, most likely, and peasants, damsels, and merchants won't have weapons.  you can only tax once every 10 minecraft days per kingdom and declare war once a minecraft day.  (other kingdoms may declare war on each other or rarely you)

Knights: they wear iron armor and with their silver swords, spears, and horses they defend human civilizations and guard the king at all costs.  they patrol the kingdom. and guard the gatehouse and castle.  they drop silver and/or iron and will only attack you if you are harming humans in their civilization near them.  they live in barracks, the gatehouse, and the castle.

Human Soldiers.  these good people serve the king and the knights of their kingdom as common warriors.  they carry bows and arrows or stone spears.  they also have a stone sword.  a few might follow a knight into battle, many will be in the gatehouse, castle, town, walls, and barracks.  they will be loyal soldiers to their king dies, or until you steal his crown or until they die.  they prefer long range to close combat.  they are weak but come in large numbers.  they will siege cities if their king orders it.  they will collect taxes if their king orders it. they will KILL if their king orders it.  they drop arrows, stone spears, or stone swords.

Evil Knights: they wear black armor and carry black lances as they kidnap damsels, fight knights (the good kind) and hurt peasants.   they live in evil caves, black guard towers, or dark keeps, all of which are near a human kingdom.  they can also be found in the land of darkness.  they have treasure in their very rare dark hideouts but the good knights are there not for the treasure but the save the damsels.  if you find a evil knight hideout you can get lots of treasure.  they drop darkness ingots, which can also be mined in ore form in the land of darkness.  it can be crafted into axes, arrows, knives, swords, or lances (or armor) all of which are black.  beware although these items are powerful, when you need them most they are likely to break!

Blacksmiths:  1 or 2 will live in each kingdom.  they may turn peasants into more of them if there is a vacancy.  they craft items, and smelt ores.  they will sell you weapons for enough gold, emeralds, diamonds, or silver.  also, if you give them gold, emeralds, silver, or diamonds, you will get a small amount of steel.  steel can be made into weapons like battleaxes, swords, spears, daggers, or hammers as strong as iron weapons or powerful armor (a full set takes up just 1 more then a full set of iron armor or tools like iron tools. however steel as a very high durability (as high as diamonds) anyway blacksmiths will fight back if attacked.  they will have a building in which they work.

Lumberjacks: a small amount of the residents of a kingdom will be lumberjacks.  these former peasants, carry stone or rarely iron axes, and chop down trees.  at dawn, they will find the nearest biome with trees and chop it down.  they will take the wood back to the city and give some of it to their king and sell the rest.  they will fight back if attacked and drop whatever they were carrying.  they will retreat near dusk or when their inventory is full.  the king can order them to collect wood for him.

Miners: these citizens may be few in number, but they go mining underground.  they will not go below level 20.  they mine anything their pickaxe can mine, preferably ores, avoid dungeons, abandoned mineshafts, lava, strongholds, and other structures or dangers.  they will attempt to avoid mobs.  they may be guarded by mercenaries.  they carry picks of stone or iron, and torches which they will place if it gets dark enough for mobs to spawn on their path.  they drop whatever they were carrying.  

Peasants: They farm the kingdoms and grow crops.  they are passive, weak, carry a wooden hoe, spawn around a human city, and grow wheat, carrots, melons, potatoes, and pumpkins.  they live in small huts near their crops.  sometimes they will raise chickens, cows, pigs, horses, and sheep.  the drop a wooden hoe and seeds and rarely carrots or potatoes.

Damsels: beautiful maidens in blue robes, the common good knights constantly go on quests to rescue them.  they are kidnapped by evil knights, who wear black armor (not the true black knight, just evil knights,) and taken to very rare black towers that spawn a distance from kingdoms, or small black keeps instead of towers, or underground caves.  they drop lapiz lurpiz but the good knights will defend them to the death and the evil knights will guard them.

Merchants: These elderly traders wear rich robes and trade with you for emeralds, silver, or gold.  they will give you in return your choice from a ton of items.  they sometimes travel with a mercanary to guard them, and wander looking to trade.  they drop 1 gold.

Mercenaries: they wear leather armor of different colors, carry iron swords or bows and arrows, and are willing to guard any good or evil human or good humanlike creature for gold or emaralds.  they will work for you too.  for 1 gold they will guard you for 7 days.  for 1 emerald, 12 days.  for 1 diamond, eternity.  well they may die and then they won't guard you.   also their is a 1 in 50 chance one will betray you less then 2 days after you hire him.  he will drop his pay (if any) and leather and arrows if killed.

Barbarians: all other humans hate these monsters.  they look like neandrathals in lion or bear skins.  they carry stone or iron axes.  they eat humans or rotten flesh.  they are hostile, very rare, weak, and  rarely come in small packs.  they drop their axe and very rarely a skinchanger skin of the type of animal they were wearing.

Kraken                a huge hostile red very rare strong giant squid that lives in water at least 30 blocks deep and attacks intruders.  Drops tenticles, squid meat, (10 precent chance to posion you,) and diamonds.

Unicorns             passive, very rare, can spawn anywhere, tamable and ride-able, drop unicorn horns which can heal you when used (have 5 uses) or can be crafted with spear shafts (which are crafted from sticks and wood) into unicorn spears, unicorn swords, (wood) or unicorn goblets, (which have 15 uses and heal you each time you use it.)

Yetis       humanoid giants 1.5 times bigger then you covered in white hair, will only attack if approached or attacked, spawn in tundras and cold taiga, rare, strong, drops yeti hair and icey claws.  build igloo villages.

Sasquatch  a brown yeti that spawns very rarely in forests.  drops hair, Sasquatch toes, and claws. if you look in its eyes or attack it it will fight back.

Loch Monster:  it looks a bit like a blue seal's body below it's neck.  but instead of a seal head there is a giant neck with a sharp toothed, red eyed, monstrous, head, with a snout.  if is hostile if attacked.  but it can be tamed and ridden with 64 of any type of  fish.  it normally is in water 90% of the time.  it can go onto land but will dry up fast is it stays for long and thus will return to the water.  once tamed it will stay in the nearest water source to you unless told to stay.  it has lots of health and eats squids that swim near it or cows that get to close to the water.   it drops lake muck, seaweed, scales, large flippers, (can be crafted into wearable flippers that allow you to swim much faster underwater,) fangs, and slimeballs.

Longnecks:  these rare creatures have the body of a golden leopard and the head of a angry poisonous red-eyed (with cat like eyes) golden leopard but the neck of a huge snake.  the are hostile and spawn in the savannah and deserts.  they can poison you with a bite, attack with their claws, and when they spawn they spawn in the whirlwind of sand.  they desolve into sand when dead but drop nothing.  they sometimes spawn in groups of 2.

Griffins:  these strange creatures have the head, wings, talons, and beak of a eagle, and the body, legs, tail, and paws of a lion.  they are rare and guard gold.  they spawn only in mountains and attack untamed horses.  they drop feathers but can be tamed with horse hair or gold.  

Hippogriffs               the size of a horse with a eagle's head, wings, and a lions's front legs with a eagles talons and a lion's front part of the body and a horse's tail, back legs, and back part of the body,  if you breed a tamed horse and a tamed griffin you will get a hippogriff 1/10 of the time.  the rest of the time they will kill each other.  they are very very fast, strong, loyal, and good at dodging attacks.  they are passive.  

Scorpion Men          giant red scorpions from the waste down and angry redeyed bald humanlike beings from the waste up these disquisting creatures have scorpions teeth thingies, carry large battleaxes, have poisonous pincers and tails, are hostile, spawn in deserts, mesas, and the savannah, (both the dimension and the biome) are very rare, and drop poison, (which can be added to weapons to make poisoned weapons or placed a liquid.) scorpion stingers, scorpion eyes, bug meat, (will poison you 75% of the time,) or large battleaxes.

Antlions:  they creatures have the head of a lion and the body of a ant.  They are the size of wolves.  they are strong and will when untamed attack if followed too far or provocked.  but they can be tamed and made completly passive with  scorpion meat.  they spawn rarely in deserts and the savannha.  they drop ant legs, fur, and bug meat

Cameleopards:  camels like beings with no hump, long necks, and leopard patterns.  they spawn in deserts, jungles, and the savannah.  they are passive unless attacked; if attacked they fight back savagely.  they are very rare.  they can be tamed with 12 water buckets.  once tamed they will protect you and you can put a saddle on them and ride them.  they drop camoleopard skins, (can be made into leopard skin armor) hooves, and spit..

Genies:  if you can find a rare magic lamp (incredibly rare in chests in dungeons in dimensions this mod adds,) place it on the ground and right click it.  a genie will be summoned to grant 1 wish. this large male humanoid will have purple skin, a blue turbin, a magic tail connected to the lamp instead of legs, and magic powers.  you can wish for lots of food, (pork, apples, and beef as well as a few golden carrots and golden apples, falling from the sky) riches, (lapiz lurpiz, iron, a few emeralds, a small amount of silver, gold, and sometimes diamonds will fall from the sky) pets, (wolves, ocelets, and a few tameable mobs from this mod will fall from the sky, with the items needed to tame them)  protection, (one full set of diamond armor will fall from the sky,) a weapon, (a powerfully enchanted diamond sword as well as a infinite bow and a few arrows, will fall from the sky,) tools, (a diamond pickaxe will fall from the sky as well as iron versions of all other tools)  technology, (redstone, coal, and quartz will fall from the sky,)  or magic, (a few potions and a magic wand will fall from the sky.)  if you harm the genie though you will be cursed!  (Lots of bad potions effects and poison.)  and it will last a long time!  also you can not use the same magic lamp twice.

Efreet:  a giant fire genie of the land of fire with a flaming sword, red skin, fangs, glowing yellow eyes, and devil horns, this hositle monster has a 1/12 chance of spawning when a magic lamp is used. instead of granting wishes it will try to kill you and summon fireballs and swing its sword.  it makes genie lamps a dangerous risk.   but although it is very strong, it drops it's magic sword, and fangs, and glowing eyes, (re named and re textured spider eyes,) and horns.  it will rarely drop another magic lamp.  (because the one it came from is usually gone.)

Giant Boars:  these giant wild pigs spawn very rarely in forests and the forest dimension and the swamp dimension.  but they are 5 times the size of a normal minecraft pig!  if you get to close to a full grown one it will attack you.  but the baby ones can be tamed with carrots and once full grown ridden with a saddle. the tamed ones will protect you and can be told to stay or follow you.  they can be bred with golden apples.  if killed they drop boar tusks, lots of pork, (raw normally but if dead by fire or lava then they drop cooked pork,) and if tamed and equiped with a saddle they drop a saddle.

Will O' the Wisp:  A incredibly rare glowing orange ball of fire, it will never physically attack you, but it is willing to guide you.  they spawn at night incredibly rarely.  in dimensions (they spawn from the Savannah till The Endless Maze) and they will lead you to the secret boss. (the dragon!)  in the normal minecraft world they will lead you to rare vaults filled with lots of ores. but the path will be dangerous!  (water, cliffs, lava, mobs, traps, dungeons, and fire.)    they drop nothing.

The Black Knight       a evil hostile knight completely covered in black armor with a black flail who is incredibly strong, he is a boss who guards a gate to a evil castle.    more information later.

The Dark Lord             a boss that looks like the witch king or Sauron from lord of the rings with a giant battleaxe is on foot but is 16 blocks tall hostile lives in a huge black castle with lots of monsters that all defend him.   more information in the section on the final dimension.


The Place Between Worlds: no difficulty. no mobs.  no boss.  after beating the final dimension or getting a portal made of diamond blocks and a emerald thrown through the middle you can visit here.  there is a portal to all but the final dimensions.  it is small like the end, and it is green, with trees, pools, flowers, and other signs of paradise.  but no life other then plants stirs here.  visit here if you need a easy way to go to any dimension.  when you go thourgh a portal here you will spawn in the next dimension in a portal room with a portal to the main vanilla world.

The Savannah: very easy.  this is a desert.  there is rarely a oasis with trees and water, but very rarely.    there is tall grass often.  underground are caves and mine-shafts made from sandstone.  there is rarely a village of mummies.  sphinxes spawn near the villages. small snakes, savage orcs, red creepers, lizardmen, drakes, scorpions, cockatrices, and basilisks spawn around here.   to get here craft a portal with sandstone and throw a emerald in the middle activating the portal.  you can craft food from the cactus's here.  to beat this dimension you must brave the dark pyramid, a monument to the empire of the dark elves.  it is a maze inside.  the walls are almost unbreakable on survival.  find the underground shrine of the Mumakil and summon it by right clicking 3 elephant alters.  that will summon the mumakil and at the same time the pyramid will explode with the, (because the walls have explosives inside, but the explosives will fly away from the pyramid about 30 blocks away form where they were originally.) kill the mumakil with any weapon to get a key for use later.   (also.  there is a hidden boss in a incredibly rare dragon headed sphinx.  a brown dragon is inside, and he's not happy!  kill him to a special mysterious part to a magic weapon for use later in the game.)

The Forest:  very easy. this forest is filled with wood elves, Sasquatch fairies, pixies, unicorns, sylphs, and ents.  wood elves have villages here.  a few vanilla animals and quite a few custom forest-dwelling animals like deer and rabbits are hear. but, goblins, wargs, trolls, great spiders, night goblins, forest goblin spider riders, and undead ents have invaded led by some dark elves.  you will have to fight to survive.  to beat this dimension you must enter the great tree, which is a giant tree, summon the reaper in a shrine with three alters by right clicking the tree alters, and fight the reaper in his room that is corrupting the tree.  he will drop a key when killed.  (hidden boss: a green dragon is in a underground ruin and it is waiting for you.  it will drop a weapon part.)

The Hills:  easy.  home to halflings, wizards, hippogriffs, gnomes, griffins, fairies, a few wood elves, a few dwarves, a few pigmen, a few animals, and a few gnomes.  halflings have villages here. but orcs, wyverns, orc wyvern riders, goblins, wargs, goblin warg riders, and gnolls have moved in!  the boss is in a huge haunted mountain and it is a titan. summon it by right clicking 3 lightning alters.   this fight will be hard so be ready!  he drops a key.  (a hidden boss, a yellow dragon is in a incredibly rare graveyard,  he drops a weapon part.)

The Ocean: easy. you will need special drop armor to breathe underwater.  water elementals merpeople, undines, nixes, selkies, fish, and a few rare water golems, penguins, seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, and squids liver here.  Mermaids have villages.  but sea serpents, giant lobsters, giant crabs, skeletal fish, skeletal sharks, sharks,  corrupted water elementals, crocodiles, killer whales, great squids, (huge squids,) and fishmen, (humans with scales, fish like heads, and fins,) have started spawning.  rarely islands spawn above water and small crabs, river trolls, seagulls, water golems, monkeys, lots of small jungle trees, and normal mobs will spawn.  when you are ready to fight the boss,  search for the enormous partially sunken shark skeleton.  fight the leviathan inside. summon it by right clicking 3 wave alters.  (this will be hard.)    get the key.  (hidden boss:  a blue dragon guarding a weapon part is inside a huge shipwreck.)

The Mountains: medium. dwarves build small villages here usually under mountains. zombie warriors, extra large spiders, cave spiders, red creepers, skeleton crossbowmen, all golems, hobgoblins, hobgoblin bombers, earth elementals, night goblins, vampires and vampire bats spawn below the mountains   vampires, elite skeletons, a few ghosts, a few gnomes, werewolves, a few lesser demons, a few sorceresses  a few hippogriffs, a few thunderbirds, giants, stone trolls, griffins, a few wizards, a few pigmen, and rocs spawn above the mountains. search for the boss and get the key. the boss is a Behemoth, which spawns after right clicking three mountain alters, in giant, very rare, obsidian, cave.(the Behemoth is as strong as the Leviathan)   (hidden boss: a black dragon is guarding a weapon part in a  huge wide dark ravine.

The Ice lands: medium.  yetis be here!  they have some villages in the ice mountains and large ice plains.  see if you can survive.  there are yaks, which can be milked, and will rarely drop meat, but they will fight back.  eagles, hawks, and owls, fly over head.  polar bears roam around and woolly mammoths, woolly rhinos, saber tooth cats, neanderthals and snow beasts, (giant horned yetis with nasty claws,) spawn in the edges of the world.  in the frozen rivers, fish, skeletal fish, penguins, seals, and rarely walruses and killer whales spawn. wyverns, dark elves, orcs, black orcs, wargs, goblin warg riders, elite skeletons, goblins, giants, and rarely frost giants and orc wyvern riders are all spawning here.  do you dare brave the crater lake, find the three tentacle alters, and summon the Kraken?  it is needed to do so!   kill it!   (side boss:  a white dragon guards a weapon part in a giant icicle.)

The Swamp Lands: hard. Gnomes and Sasquatch are here.  so are pixies, goblins, hobgoblins, goblin spider riders, hobgoblin bombers, night goblins, lizardmen, drakes, orcs, savage orcs, ogres, wyverns, and river trolls.  the most common mob here though would be undead!   lots of zombies, skeletons, spiders, elite skeletons, sorceresses, vampires, vampire bats, wraiths, and more lurk in the murky pools and dead trees.  the boss is in the dark tower with a poisonous moat, and lots of traps.  it's a necromancer!  summon it with three skull staff alters! (the secret boss is a orange dragon with a weapon part in a giant cave.)

The Skylands: hard.   this dimension is made of floating islands and clouds.  also flying mobs spawn commonly.  their are high elf villages on the islands.  but, hostile dragons, wyverns, gargoyles, storm giants, snakes, spiders, wargs, goblins, and other horrors are invading.  you must find and slay the beholder in the airship of doom!   summon the boss with three giant aye alters!  (a far east style dragon is in a huge storm cloud!  it's a hidden boss!  get the weapon part!)

The Land of Fire:  very hard.  Lava is everywhere!  their is lava lakes, lava rivers, lava waterfalls, lava ponds, and lava monsters!  also there are fires buring commonly. Draconians and dragonborn have villages here.  lava is all over the bottom of the world, if you dig down to far, you will find a ocean of lava.  the solid ground is made of obsidian, black rocks, solidfied cooled lava, dark obsidian (inkblack colored incredibly hard to mine obsidian,)  and black stone. fire giants, salmanders, wyverns, giant scorpions, scorpion men, vampires, vampire bats, snakes, wraiths, drakes, orc wyvern riders, red creepers, large spiders, fire golems, fire elementals, elite skeletons, blazes, and magma cubes are all here. keep your eyes open for a giant volcano with a huge skull over the only enterence.  inside is the Balor!  (it's really challenging) summon it with three fire whip alters. (a red dragon is the hidden boss.  it is in a hidden cave below a large lava lake.  there is a gap in the lava near the cave entrence.  look for the weapon part)

The Great Maze: very hard.  a giant ancient maze.  the wall blocks take a whole minecraft day with a diamond pick mining them to break.  many layers, from almost the top of the world, to the bedrock, with no sunlight, little light, (there are some torches and some glowstone here and there,) traps, (tripwire and pressure plates, arrow dispensers,  cobwebs, lava, and pistons a plenty.)  their are a few ghost filled villages.  lots of random monsters are here, (every non boss hostile that is a undead, orc, goblin, hobgoblin, reptilian, insect, troll, ogre, gnoll, imp, or wyvern is here.) the boss is the cave troll.  summon it with three chain alters.  it is in a abandoned cave that was once a mine (the hidden boss is a skeletal dragon.  it spawns near the bedrock area in a pile of collasped rubble.  with a weapon part.)

The Dark Lands: incredibly hard.  in order to get here you will need the key drops from all the nondragon previous bosses and use them on the portal to activate it.  it is always night here. daylight never touches the black ground.  black stone is the ground and lava and poison, (a dark purple liquid that damages like lava but adds bad effects to you) are common in ponds and rivers.  blocks with bones in them spawn around the ground and spikes spawn around the ground too. cobwebs spawn every once in a while and dark towers and volcanos are uncommon.  caves and cave systems are filled with thousands of monsters.  all non boss hostile mobs spawn here.  the boss is in a large  black wall with 2 black towers with a black castle gate in the middle, that has no drawbridge or bars, and is missing its giant portal.  defeat the (powerful) black knight who stands inside the gate where the portal should be to get a black key you use to open the gate.  are you ready to fight the final boss?  if not goodbye!  (side boss: a grey ghostlike dragon lurks in the caves.  if guards the last weapon part.  you must defeat it to obtain the ultimate ancient magic superpowerful sword!)

The Castle of Darkness: almost impossible.  it's always night here. all hostile nonboss mobs are here.  a special breed of gargoyles that hurt only the player instead of hostile mobs and drop no statue line the giant black horrid walls. yes, giant black horrid walls.  thousands of monsters lurk within this castle which is twice the size of the end.  you spawn on a black island with a black stone path to the gate. no way back!  when you get here you will have full health and full hungar.  the gate is made of special dark obsidian.  destroy it.  one of the blocks in the black stone ground neraby will activate a dark redstone (black colored redstone, is the same thing as normal redstone, just a different color.)  signal to open the gate.  the walls are unbreakable.   opon entering you will have to fight 2 ultimate spiders, 6 stone trolls and 2 fire giants.  kill them.  there is a hidden room for each dragon in the dungeons with that dragon to kill and get its drop. but here if you waited you have to fight 2 of each dragon at once.  however there is also a dragon egg for each one to get a tameable dragon.  after you kill all the monsters guarding the enterence, kill the waves of lizardmen, orcs, wargs, undead (all non boss undead,) were creatures, goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, trolls, small snakes, drakes, wyverns, gnolls, scorpions, spiders, creepers, (including red creepers,) demons (all non bosses,) blazes, slimes, giants, dark elves, dark dwarves, darkness elementals (elementals made of dark energy.)  and other monsters.  find the forging room and forge The Sword of Light.  it is super powerfull, (does 25 damage per attack,)  never breaks, follows you if you die so you keep it every time you die even in lava, comes enchanted agianst vanilla mosnters and is very strong against undead, dragons, demons, and darkness creatures.  build this sword if you want to, then go through a portal made of darkness down the hall.  (if you are lazy, dumb, or want to die, forget the sword.)  you will now have to fight the ghosts of all bosses (other then dragons, the final boss, and the black knight) and kill them again in ghost dimensions based on their lair in their dimension.  after each battle you will instanlly have full hunger and full health.  but then you have to fight the next boss.  lose and the you will have to restart fighting the bosses and fight the ghosts all over again.  after killing them all you will find yoru self healed and in a giant room with darkness on the edges.  dark obsidian pillars hold up the room.  you can not see the ceiling unless you build your self a pillar.  their are 2 floors with black ladders inbetween each one.  the second floor surrounds the edge of the room and does not go far toward the center. with the columns going through the floor.  the Dark Lord awaits you.   he has 3500 health, does 20 damage per attack, and after he gets to 1200 health or lower summons fire giants, hostile storm giants, frost giants, stone trolls, ogres, orcs on wyverns, scorpion men, elite skeletons on skeletal horses, ultimate spiders, evil knights in black armor on nightmares with lances (not the black knight, just henchmen,) red creepers, vampires, common demons, packs of a special type of ghoul that only attack you, wraiths, Basilisks, black orcs, werewolves, and night goblins.   kill the Dark Lord to get 4 full stacks of diamonds, 1 full stacks of gold blocks, 1 full stack of silver blocks, 1 full stack of emeralds, 3 full stacks of iron blocks, 2 full stacks of lapiz lurpis, 2 full stacks of redstone blocks, and 2 full stacks of mythril, (a incredibly rare ore found only in dimensions this mod adds that once smelted makes incredible armor, and very long lasting tools that are highly enchantible.)  the screen will go black and you will find yourself in the place between worlds.

thank you for reading!  have a nice day!

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 11:53 AM




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Posted 16 April 2012 - 12:12 PM

You come over as slightly mad by capitalising EvErYtHiNg. Also that is a very long list of mobs :P . However I don't see this practicly being added.



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 12:43 PM




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Posted 16 April 2012 - 02:44 PM

anyone there?



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 02:57 PM

Adding this many mobs to minecraft will propably not be possible. There is a maximum of entities (mobs, arrow etc.) that can be in minecraft. This mod itself will use propably all of them that aren't used by vanilla and it could be not even enough.
Also making a model for all the mobs will take months.
If you want to thank me, tell or show me something like a mod spotlight, texture or bug post a message on my thread by clicking the banner below.
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Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:11 PM

ok i just really want elves and dwarfs and dragons and orcs and goblins and ents in minecraft.  i will delete some of the extras!



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:20 PM




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Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:26 PM




Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:35 PM

There is actually a mod similar to what you want in progress, it's called The Realm of Albion. It's a dimension mod where you enter the fantasy land "Albion", filled with quests, new mobs, cities, rideable/controllable mobs and a arsenal of new weapons!



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 08:51 PM

thanks i will check it out at some point.

Wait a minute...

        I can't find it!



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Posted 17 April 2012 - 08:11 PM

anyone wanna make this mod?  it need's a modder


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Posted 17 April 2012 - 08:23 PM

Im pretty sure there are mods out there that add the exact same mobs :|
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Posted 17 April 2012 - 08:27 PM




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Posted 18 April 2012 - 07:10 PM




Posted 18 April 2012 - 08:00 PM

You ask quite a bit and expect it, with no leniency towards anyone, which I've seen your list for want of Greek and This, and quite honestly I don't see any modder wanting to do it. You're way to specific and demanding. I'm not trying to be mean here but a modder usually wants to mod something they like to mod, and they would have no input on this.

This best thing for you to do is go through some youtube tutorial  videos and learn how to mod yourself, and then you'll see why no one wants to take up a project like this. It would take forever and that's just the coding, the models would be a huge pain. I say request something that's more manageable eh?



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Posted 18 April 2012 - 09:56 PM

No offense but, I found your post Patterson23 very rude.  I won't be rude.  I do have someone making the Greek Mythology mod.  And I watched YouTube videos on modding a while back but all of the ones I saw used techne.  but techne does not work on my PC no matter how many times I follow the instructions and download it.  I searched for the required programs and downloaded them from different places and they would freeze installing or were the wrong version.  I read some tutorials here a while back.  all of the tutorials I read here did not work either.  I am not trying to be demanding. I am trying to get a mod created and get in what I want in it.  And what's so specific and demanding about names?  (read the post it is mostly names and on every few mobs a short description.)  and the Greek myth one is focusing on following the myths, and describing the creatures for people who have not read the myths, and a short bit of info on their role in the mod.  I am sorry if you were trying to help, but your post was not helpful in my opinion.  It was insulting.  my house is filled with computer whizzes but we can not figure out how to make minecraft mods.  So if someone wants to make this please let me know but don't be rude.


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Posted 18 April 2012 - 11:19 PM

im not a modder and do not have the slightest  idea of how to,but it would be wonderful...as long as there is the types of dragons that you put!(what?my favourite fantasy "animal" are dragons!favourite real animal are wolves)




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Posted 18 April 2012 - 11:59 PM

thanks for the nice response.  there will hopefully be dragons.  the good ones are one of my favorite mythical creatures.  A epic series of fantasy books for dragon fans would be the inheritance cycle which has both good and bad dragons.  those books made dragons one of my favorites.  thanks again!



Posted 19 April 2012 - 07:17 PM

View Postcyclops, on 16 April 2012 - 12:12 PM, said:

You come over as slightly mad by capitalising EvErYtHiNg. Also that is a very long list of mobs Posted Image . However I don't see this practicly being added.
Very true. Try to avoid the temptation of shift (or caps lock, for our local ignoramuses)

That's quite a long list. I'm sure most of them are already in different mods. You should check and see.

+1 if that helped :)
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