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Posted 12 April 2012 - 09:17 AM


a minecraft survival map for 1.2.5 called planetcraft.

Have fun.


wolf,smssamsungplays (thomas),Sam,Jordy


Don't break the rules.

No mods or cheating.

You can use texture packs if u want(not needed).

If a sign say you to do something do it.

play on at least easy difficulty.

don't leave the planet area(do not go farther than the planets you see).


Find a chest on every world the small ones also have something to offer.

Build a house that is at least 10 wide and long and has 2 floors, Ofcourse you can build smaller houses but it won’t count.

Build a rollercoaster around the worlds.

Try to survive without  getting killed more than 8 times , jumping of the world to regain the food bar doesn’t count  as a death also spawning in midair doesn’t.

Build a wheat farm.

Build a tree farm.

Make a platform out of any material , 20 wide and long.

Make an enemy mob spawner room.

Collect 20 porkchop or steak.

Build a nether portal.

Make an ender eye.

Make a full diamond armor.

Collect 10 gold nuggets.

Build a nether base.

Shoot 5 creepers. (bow duh)

Ride a pig.

Milk a cow. muuuu

video links:

Download link:



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