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Dogs and Cats

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 01:25 AM

okay what im thinking is dogs should be able to eat meat and cats should be able to eat fish if you throw it down.

Now you may say theres no real point for this to be part of the game, but say your dogs needed to be fed just like you do. then you'd have a reason to feed them more often. now you might say just hand feed them, yes that would work but what if you knew you were gonna be away from your home and dogs for a bit. all you'd have to do is make a bowl out of wooden blocks or a hole in the ground either way and then drop meat into it and let them eat it when needed, or to make it easier lead a cow,pig,chicken into their pen and let them kill the animal for meat and then you would'nt have to feed them they could feed themselves and breed themselves if thats what you want.

P.s. i know the grammar and punctuation isn't perfect so don't comment if your gonna complain about grammar, i just want peoples honest opinion on the idea.
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