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Jailbreak server 24/7


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Posted 07 April 2012 - 08:07 PM

24/7 Prison Server

You Start out here in the mine and chopping wood.


You are moving up and now have a couple more ways to make money.

There are new food and block options in shops and new areas to make money.

This is the highest rank of prisoners, and includes the best perks and advantages, easy ways to gain MONEY, and some fun hidden features.

Free users are allowed to enter and exit the prison, and visit any sector they please. Free users must still follow prison rules when inside the prison.

Patrols the prison and makes sure the rules are being enforced. Breaks fights, kills offenders, and confiscates contraband items. Does not take sides and is not unfair to prisoners. You MUST apply.

Alpha Guard
Has same duties as guard, with added responsibilities. Has ability to mute, kick, and warp. Also has influence over upgrading Trainees. This is the 2nd highest rank in the prison and can only be obtained through trust and loyalty.

Wardens maintain the server. These users regulate events, glitches, rules, and strive to keep the server at its best.

The owner of the server ask them for help if the wardens cant awnser your question. And dont make them mad. Posted Image

Guard Rules
Guards who do not follow these will be demoted
1) You are allowed to kill anyone that attacks you or another prisoner. If a prisoner is being attacked but does not fight back, do not kill the victim unless he/she fights.

2) If a contraband item is seen, tell the prisoner to give it over. If the prisoner does not comply or tries to run, you may kill him. If he is in a non-PVP area, jail him.

3) Use /kit guard for your guard equips.

4) Jail players for killing you three times in a row, spawn killing, griefing the tree farm, etc.

5) If a prisoner hits you and runs into NON-PVP, you cannot attack them when they leave unless you tagged them before they entered.
6) How to jail:
/jail (There Name) shitter 1m, 2m, 3m etc. (MAX OF 5MINS)


Have experience on prison servers
Know and understand all of the server rules
Be mature and fair
Asking to check your application or asking when we will check applications more than twice in-game will result in a denial.
Understand that you may have and empty your bank chest of any and all items, understand that when you stop being a guard your chest will be emptied again.
Unless otherwise posted, when you make an application it will automatically be pending. This means that your application will be open until we need guards, deny the application, or accept the application. Understand that we do try our best to read every application and usually do, however we like to watch people ingame and see if they will be a good guard before accepting them
You can only apply every 3 days.

1) IGN:
2) Your age:
3) Your current rank:
4) How long have you been playing Trapped? (Minimum of 3 days)
5) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?
6) Any experience with the prison genre?
7) What is your time zone?
8) Why are you the best choice for guard?


Use this form or your appeal will be ignored.

Current rank on the server:
Reason you were banned:
Warden that issued your ban:
(Include time zone)Why you deserve to be unbanned:
Any additional information
Prison Rules
(Breaking these may result in temporary confinement or solitary, but will not result in a kick or ban)

1.Do not attack other prisoners/guards.
Remember, this is a PVP server; PVP is not against server rules. Killing the same guard 3 times in a row can result in temp jail.

2.Never be in possession of contraband items.
If a Guard sees an item, he/she will count down from 5.

If you do not hand it over, the following will happen:
In a PVP-Zone: The guard will attack
In a Non-PVP Zone: The Guard will jail

3.Do not camp the spawn, work areas, shops, etc.

4.Do not run to Non-PVP during a Guard fight
The Guard will count from 5. If you do not exit again to fight, you will be jailed. Hopping across the border multiple times in order to beat the system will result in jail time.

Server Rules
(Breaking these will result in a kick or ban)

1.Do not use any mod, hack or 3rd party program.

2.Do not spam the chat.

3.Do not abuse any server glitches.

4.Do not glitch out of the prison.

5.Do not abuse the areas where you can build.

6.Do not advertise other servers.

7. Griefing will be an automatic ban.

Register or log in to remove.



Posted 17 April 2012 - 05:18 AM

Targets destoryed - 100,000,000    Lives used -1


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Posted 22 May 2012 - 09:46 PM

Awhh my favorite server is down :'(


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Posted 25 June 2012 - 03:58 AM

EDIT: wrong server
DRAGON!Posted Image



Posted 27 June 2012 - 07:45 PM

i was banned for an x-ray.  i have removed it and want to know if u can forgive me, i am very sorry and have grown fond of this server




Posted 30 June 2012 - 10:11 PM

how long i plade traped:1
read rules:yes
prison exp: a lot
time zone:mountain time
best for guard because i do not allow prisoners battle




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Posted 04 July 2012 - 05:14 PM

Posted Image



Posted 21 July 2012 - 01:34 PM

1) IGN: Ezioauditore9090
2) Your age: 14
3) Your current rank: C-prisoner
4) How long have you been playing Trapped? (Minimum of 3 days) 10 days
5) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes, I have studied them well
6) Any experience with the prison genre? Yes a lot. I know how to earn money quick, while respecting the rules
7) What is your time zone? London, England
8) Why are you the best choice for guard? I have a keen sense of honour, I will always make a fair judgement and will enforce fun in the server.