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[v1.2] Casino Map

casinonew easy money new 1.0 version angelboy777 map 1.1 1.2

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  • Location: Where ever your not
  • Minecraft: angelboy777

Posted 07 April 2012 - 03:04 AM

Hi everyone
This is my first map. Its a casino. The building is made of diamond.

If you find any mistakes in the latest version, reply to this topic on the mistake


Entry of the casino:
Posted Image

Entering the casino:
Posted Image

Basket Throw Game:
Posted Image

Practice of a slot machine:
Posted Image

Pick Lock Game:
Posted Image

The Maze of Bookshelves:
Posted Image

Mini Gold Game:
Posted Image

Enchant your tools:
Posted Image

Up to the first floor:
Posted Image

The slot machines:
Posted Image

Lava Supply:
Posted Image

Up to the second floor:
Posted Image

Animal Slaughter 3000:
Posted Image

Instructions and Requirements:
  • Winrar, Winzip or 7-zip
  • A copy of minecraft

Step 1: First off you need to download the map.

Step 2: Now that you have the file, it is most likely in .rar or .zip format. Unzip it with your favorite unzipper.

Step 3: Rename the file that you just extracted (it is most likely named World) according to which slot you want it Installed to. For Example: If you want it as World 5 rename it World5. (NO SPACE BETWEEN WORLD AND #)

Step 4: Now copy or cut your newly acquirred World5 folder.

Step 5: Go to Start button (on Windows). Search Run and hit enter. A pop-up should come up. In the pop-up type " %appdata% " (Remove the quotes) and click OK.

Step 6: Find and Enter the "Roaming" file. Once inside that file, Find and Enter ".minecraft"

Step 7: In the .minecraft folder, find "saves". Paste your "World5" folder into saves.

Step 8: You're good to go. Play on your new world. Have Fun!

Rules for this map:

  • Dont break any blocks.

  • Dont use these mods: Single player commands, Too many items.

  • Dont cheat.

  • Dont break the redstone wiring for the slot machines.


  • 1.0 Initial release
  • 1.1
  •       Added Maze with bonus rewards
  •   Added 1 slot machine upstairs
  •   Added a mini golf course
  •   Added an enchantment table
  •   Fixed the example slot machine downstairs
  • ‚Äč   Changed game mode to survival
  •   Fixed hidden mistakes
  • 1.2
  •      Updated the doors
  •   Updated the basket throw game
  •   Updated the slot machines (1 of them)
  •   New floor
  •   Lava Supply
  •   Animal Slaughter
  •   Made a lock
  •   Fixed hidden mistakes

Posted Image

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