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The Yogscast Discussion - Peva, Tinman, Ridgedog and Lewis

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 07:25 PM

I've not seen a post about this issue on these forums, so I shall post it here. Also, I am not part of the Yogscast, just a fan.


Being a fan of the Yogscast, it's always disappointing to hear sad news within the team. But as some of you maybe aware, a big serious problem has arisen over the company. In November 2011, precisely at the time Minecon had finished, Notch posted some upsetting news regarding the Yogscast behaviour. With reddit posts and tweets, it seemed that Notch was forgiven over the matter, as the Yogscast made a post regarding the issue on how the claims that Notch announced never happened. With Notch forgiven, the Yogscast resumed there usual comical videos.

But as of recently, more negative news has arisen over the Yogscast. Peva and Tinman have been fired from the Yogscast over a number of reasons. Upon reading below, do not jump to conclusions on who's fault it is, it doesn't appear to be 'black or white', as there is lots of confusion. Also, these are from sources (I will link) that may not be reliable.


Accused of insulting other members of staff over the forums. Also, has been accused of not uploading quality videos on the site. After miscommunication between Lewis, Ridgedog and Peva, he was forced to leave the team. Accused of releasing private conversations.

Pirate Tinman

Accused of stealing $18,000 worth of money through advertising. He was accused that he wouldn't discuss the issue and would not pay the money back.

Lord Morgot

An ex-admin for 10 months at the Yogscast. Was banned from the Yogscast over creepy behaviour with MintyMinute. His ban was unprofessional from Ridgedog - not involved with the current case.


Was unprofessional overthe ban of Lord Morgot and Peva. Was very immature, reset Peva's facebook password and took over Peva's YouTube channel. He has since, apologised over his actions. Apparently on direct orders from Lewis.

Lewis Brindley/Xephos

The man behind the Yogscast who told Ridgedog to result to these bans. He mentioned over Peva's video's that they weren't good enough, and wanted a new video - as the quality was not great. Upon Peva replying with a new upload, Lewis did not reply to this case, resulting in a factor of Peva being banned.

That is a basic summary over the main people who are involved. Apologies if it's a little wrong, as I've only took this from sources.

Sources and Information

Peva releasing information on staff: By Tommygunyeah on Reddit. http://www.reddit.co...all_details_on/

Last conversation between Peva and Ridgedog: By Peva on Soundcloud

An Image of the public post made about Peva on the Yogiverse: By Peva on Yogiverse.com

An image of the written conversation between Ridgedog and Peva: By Peva

A conversation image between Peva and Lewis: By Peva over Steam

Peva expressing the unprofessional behaviour over Ridgedog banning Lord Morgot: By Peva on Imgur

Pictures of the Ban on imgur: By Peva

Lewis's reply to Peva and Tinman over the acclaimed case: By Lewis on yogscast.com

Peva's facebook:

Tinman's facebook:

There is an inappropriate image involving Lewis and Ridgedog - but that is rude and inappropriate and I feel that it isn't fair to upload of which Tinman uploaded via his facebook page.

I feel upset over this issue, and I am not being one sided over the issue, as this is all the evidence I can find at the moment, as Peva has posted more. Yes, some of the links I have given is repeated from the first post on reddit. What is everyone's opinions over the case?

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 07:26 PM


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