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World building - Need the do's and dont's. Also world painter tips

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Posted 15 March 2012 - 01:32 AM

I'm planning on making a greyscale, throwing it in world painter to edit, then exporting it to minecraft. I am aiming for a very large map(thus the 'world building') complete with oceans, islands, and continents. To those that have experience with large scale geologic builds what are some tips? After this is complete I plan to move on to "populating" the world with civilization but right now i'm completely focused on the 'natural' untouched world. Is there any type of area you think a lot of people get wrong/don't do/you've rarely seen or anything of that sort?

General world painter tips would be welcome too. I've spent a couple hours playing with it and agree that its major drawback is trying to make mountains that look as appealing as vanilla mountains. Any good ways around that other than going in and changing it in-game? Anything else with the world painter that would be very good to know? For reference I'm already asking for help on World Painter in its official thread, but more for major issues rather than tips. My comment on that should be found on this page.

Edit note: My world size will be approximately 41376 blocks West East and 20688 blocks North South. A great deal of that will require water travel but if your wondering it would take a little over two and a half hours walking(not sprinting) to go end to end W/E and an hour and twenty minutes to go N/S.

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Posted 16 March 2012 - 04:31 PM

Wow, thats a huuuge map. I wonder how long its going to take to export it!!!

So anyways im a world painter. I make adventure maps until people get the idea that I can really paint. Check out my thread at: http://www.minecraft...__fromsearch__1

So some tips...
- To make good cliffs use the flatten tool, with a very small brush. Push that flat right up to the edge you want. Both at the base and at the top. Since world painter is a y-height 2.5D program you cant really create the same effects as vanilla makes. You will have to go in with WorldEdit, MCEdit, or VoxelSniper to put that personal touch on it.

- Personify your world. Play with your imagination in making the world come to life. Think about plate tectonics. How the water system works in your world. Where storms form and how they batter the landmasses. Where does erosion have a stronger effect? What side of a landmass gets rainfall? Which side doesn't? Where did magma flow? Where has the land risen, cutting canyons where rivers have been for ages. How old is your world? Where will the farmlands be? All these kind of questions makes for a more interesting and colorful map.

-Work you biomes, textures and y-height together. You can do this in two ways.
  Doing it all at once in steps. This way you finish the entire biome paint, then move on to mountains, then textures. It can be in any order. Just you finish each step before you move on.(This way can get boring, since your not seeing your results immediately. Buut, it can go along alot faster than the next method)
  Doing sections of the map. This way you take the above said steps and work on specific areas. (This way is nice since you get to see that area done! Buut a drawback is it disrupts the natural continuity and flow that is nature. And it can take longest to do it this way.

   What I do is a combination of the two. I think in terms like this:
1. Landmasses. the general shape of a world
2. Think the weather patterns that are going to be affecting the water system and erosion of landmasses
3. Think about plate tectonics. Where are the volcanos, where is the continental plate colliding with the ocean plate, and in what form.
4. Landmarks I think up places where there either will be epic natural scenes or where people will be settling
5. MOUNTAINS!! my favorite part, i finish off the mountains in one common texture. Fully detailed and Amazing.
6. Paint textures, grass, dirt cobble, ect. I may come back to this as I go along
7. Biomes and rivers, then more texture edits.
8. Final details and textures.
9. Trees, caverns resources, EXPORT

Well I hope this post helped out. And good luck in you paint!!!! Add me some rep if this helped :D

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Posted 19 June 2012 - 01:28 PM

Hey, I know you posted this awhile ago, but after I read it I had to ask a few questions. Considering the dimensions you listed, I imagine you probably have yet to finish this map. So I must ask, how is it coming along? As the poster above stated, a map of this size must take eons to export from World Painter. Have you run into any problems working on a map of this size, in World Painter? I mean does it seem to be able to handle it just as it would a moderately sized map? Also, if you are still working on this project or have finished it I would very much like to see some screen shots, as this has got to be one of the biggest WP maps out there.

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