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Mortuus Terra

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 03:36 AM

WEB: http://www.mortuusterra.com/
PLAY: http://play.mortuusterra.com/

Welcome to Mortuus Terra... The Land of Death.

Years have passed since nuclear war. You are one of a handful of survivors in one of the few cities that weren’t completely destroyed by the bombs. But radiation is everywhere – in the air, water, and rain.

Nuclear winter has ravaged the land. Resources are few, but any materials found throughout the city can be salvaged. Use your compass to help detect radiation levels (right click) and find radio broadcasts (left click). Armor can help protect you against the radiation, but it’s still not a good idea to spend too much time outside (especially in the rain).

People from cities that were closer to the bombs have become mutated by the radiation and now roam the country as zombies, hungry for human flesh. They have infested the city and roam its streets and buildings.

Zombies carry infection, and if you are attacked by one, you run the risk of contracting their disease. Without a cure, an infection will turn you into a Zombie. The schematic for creating the cure is known to some, and it is up to you to discover or trade for it.

Can you find shelter and survive against the hordes of Zombies and roaming bands of thieves and murders that now call the city their home? Some say there is strength in numbers, if you can find any fellow survivors. Others say the best path is traveled alone.

Either way: you’d better find shelter, get yourself a weapon, and find some food. It’s going to be a tough life.

An Entire City
  - ravaged by nuclear war
  - full underground sewer system
  - hidden loot
  - skyscrapers
  - radio towers
  - local-only chat with distance-based degradation of clarity
Worldwide Radiation
  - hidden bedrock fallout shelters
  - varying amounts that decay over time
  - player-crafted nuclear weapons
  - water, rain, and storms bring higher radiation
  - GECK radiation shields
  - Armor radiation shields
Zombie Apocalypse
  - zombies carry infection
  - players can become infected
  - cures can be crafted
  - zombie-specific perks and flaws
Hardcore Survival
  - no rules
  - locking of chests and doors
  - starter kits

Development continues on the plugins that power Mortuus Terra, and great things are planned for the future, including:

  - walkie talkies
  - ham radios
  - cellular telephones
Item-Based Economy
  - wasteland currency
  - secure trading
Survival Skills
  - human and zombie skill branches
  - leveling
  - specialty skills
Building Ownership
  - claim and protect a building
  - restore power grids and power lines to buildings
  - power means lights, security, electronics, and more!

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 03:01 PM

Awesome server without lag...
Only it has so much downtime...
Can you keep the server up?

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