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1001 things to add to your house

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zomg a ghast

Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:07 PM

Yes I am restarting this thread (it never finished...)
I left out all the retarded and repeated ones

1 An emergency kit (tools, weapons, food, armor, torches) near spawn point, so when killed you can go and get your lost stuff back as soon as possible.
2 Marble" floored entrance room.(Wool/Obsidian in a checkerboard pattern)
3 A diamond floor
4 A spot opened to the sky outside, well lit and naturally cut off by a valleys/mountains, so at night it doesn't spawn monsters
5 Furniture (use wool/signs/etc to make tables, a bed, etc)
6 Bedroom
7 Bathroom
8 A toilet you can jump in
9 Kitchen (with a furnace for an oven)
10 Furnace room / refinery
11 Storage room
12 Colour code your storage rooms - Yellow wool = sand and storage, red wool = buckets of lava, water and empty buckets etc
13 Trap room surrounding your storage room
14 Cold room for snowball storage
15 Watertank
16 Vault / treasury
17 A password protected obsidian vault with only one large chest containing the ingredients for a cake.
18 A decoy vault with an empty chest
19 Vanity room with diamond made furniture and a chest with golden apple
20 A seasonal wardrobe/catwalk with sexy hide armor, flattering iron armor, lovely diamond armor, weird chainmail armor, and useless golden armor. A few glass blocks and you can pretend it's the mirror
21 Swimming pool
22 A decoy lapis-lazuli block-filled pool next to it with a thin layer of water - not enough to break a fall. Give it a lethal high dive and label it the "Deep Diving Pool". If you're especially sadistic, add an arrow cannon to finish 'em off.
23 A diving board all the way from the sky limit to the bedrock. At the bottom is a pool or a painted target.
24 Water slide
25 A steamy mountain spa - make a pool at cloud level so it looks like steam. If you're on SMP, make two pools for Fancy and Fast.
26 Hot tub with lava and no water.
27 A well (infinite water pool), and a chest containing buckets
28 Inifinite lava spring
29 Cobblestone generator
30 Obsidian farm
31 A workshed, including a workbench
32 Music room with songs made with note blocks
33 including a song that imitates this video: ... re=related
34 Piano you walk on to play
35 Library
36 Art gallery
37 Your own painting, using a sign post and a text picture
38 A secret room hidden behind a painting
39 A museum
40 A natural history museum
41 Room with all obtainable blocks in them
42 A pixel art museum, including...
43 ...mario pixel art
44 ...a minimap of your house in pixel art
45 ...and a pixel art version of a dirt block.
46 A 7x7 room made of stone. repeat with every material in game.
47 Clinic / first aid room
48 Portal room
49 Your portal room should have lava fountains in a symmetrical pattern...
50 ...and in case a Ghast appears, include a cactus fence that a Ghast would be too big to slip through.
51 An Aether portal, in permanent anticipation of the idea's implementation.
52 A decompression chamber
53 Tree farm...
54 ...inside a huge glass dome.
55 Mushroom farm
56 Cacti farm
57 Bamboo farm
58 Automatic harvesters
59 Wheat farm
60 Chicken Farm viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=115030
61 Chicken hut
62 A bakery for all the bread your going to make
63 Have your bakery, chicken farm, wheat farm and cow enclosure all in one place and turn it into a cake factory.
64 Once you find a single mushroom place multiple hanging signs above it stating very clearly 'MY MUSHROOM'.
65 Arrow farm, in which a skeleton shoots a ton of arrows at you, but hits a block in the way. Kill the skeleton and get the arrows when you feel like it. (probably does not work)
66 Music disc making trap
67 Greenhouse
68 In your farm, grow lovely pumpkins in a natural-ish arrangement.
69 Giant pumpkin made out of little pumpkins
70 A pumpkin warehouse
71 Make a autumn room lit only with dim red torches, covered with mushrooms and pumpkins. The walls should be made of something natural-looking.
72 A ranch
73 Ice rink...
74 ...with a spider spawner underneath it. Hours of terrifying fun for the whole family!
75 Igloo
76 Snowman
77 Incinerator (a hole with lava where you can throw stuff in)
78 A working plumbing system leading from multiple bathrooms, kitchens, and workshops that dumps out in a way such that the disposed items drain into lava. Plus a lever that stops the water flow so you can get your items back
79 Monster trap (with a monster spawner)
80 Monster trap (with just a dark area where mobs spawn to)
81 Neutral monster trap (lit up area with grass where mobs spawn to)
82 A mob trap that sucks mobs into holes and puts them on display in your hallway
83 Expanding on the above idea, get two creepers in the same display. They should both stare at you with overlapping bodies while vibrating softly. Laugh like a little girl at the hot creeper sex on display.
84 Find a bedrock void and make a water-funnel/falling trap right to it. Finally, revenge on creepers! Don't fall in, or make your house close to the spawn. Your choice.
85 Room with a falling sand trap (to avoid burglars)
86 Pit into lava/bedrock/etc
87 A room marked ENTER AND DIE where you enter, accidentally step on a pressure plate, and a cake falls in front of you. 10 seconds later the door closes and a bank of dispensers opens fire and you drown in chickens.
88 An egg dispenser for egging any visitors
89 A fail dispenser that spews dirt. If you wait long enough, the circuit switches to a different dispenser and spits out a diamond block, but nobody waits around long enough. INVENTORY FLOOD BOOM!!
90 A floor made of land mines in case of creeper attack.
91 A battlefield with heaps of landmines, spawners and all kinds of traps
92 An arrow hall where you have to run forward at full speed or be shot by dispensers. Pressure plates!
93 A tall tower with arrow dispensers on top. Put pressure plates at bottom to fire the arrows.
94 Suicide room with dispensers that shoot arrows at you until you die.
95 A spiral staircase that leads you down into a water pit which in turn throws you into the nether where you are too far away from the portal to reach back and thus must find a way to survive and return to your beloved home.
96 A Stairway To Heaven made of Lightstone with the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven on each step
97 A stairway to nowhere. Go up the stairs... and fall into lava! Ha ha ha!!
98 Maze (perhaps made out of pressure pads and with iron doors)
99 Glass Maze with (opt) hacked spawners
100 Cactus maze
101 A giantic maze with its end leading to your front door
102 Supercollider (A 1x1 vertical tunnel leading down to bedrock into which you can drop gravel or sand)
103 Cemetery. Every time you die you make a new tombstone with a sign on it that tells when you died and how.
104 Underwater tunnel
105 Underwater base
106 Atlantis
107 Sunken ship
108 Underwater mine
109 Make a floodgate for your underwater segment - use torches to hold up sand so if water comes, the torches break and the sand falls and seals off your base. Disaster averted!
110 Water sensor( a 4x1 chamber with pressure plates, a boat and a single top opening with the pressure plates connected to an inverter to detect floods) conncected to redstone torches that light up and
111 Base in the sky (maybe only accessible by a giant waterfall or a nether portal)
112 Mob skydiving (place at upper build limit to lure mobs into a drop all the way to bedrock
113 Branch mine
114 A HUGE mine
115 Diamond mine
116 Stone quarry
117 Mine shafts made by digging a 1x1 hole to bedrock then filling it with TNT
118 Lighthouse / beacon to find your home
119 Tower/outpost with windows at the top
120 A lookout tower made of glass with a lava pool at the top
121 Balcony
122 Overlook looking out into the ocean ( like the one in my lets play series :Diamond: )
123 The eye of Sauron
124 Clock tower
125 Tower from from bedrock to the sky
126 TV room. To make a TV, make a small box with light sources inside (so you can see) and glass for a screen. Above the visible screen, put a pig spawner. Watch pigs. You can watch several different shows: pigs in lava, pigs in water, pigs on fire, pigs in the forest, etc. If your TV's floor is made of grass, you might even get guest stars once in a while, such as mr.cow or mr.chicken!
127 TNT cannon
128 A cannon that launches storage minecarts full of useful goodies
129 Model of a shark with a TNT cannon mounted on it.
130 A working lava arrow dispenser trap located inside the barrel of a model gun, with a flammable bulls-eye on a wall in another empty room somewhere else in the house.
131 An emergency TNT system to blow a part of your base up, with a 'SHTF button'...
132 A self-destruct mechanism to destroy your entire place in case of an emergency.
133 Crater made of TNT
134 A tunnel, that goes nowhere, visibly lined on the inside with nothing but tnt.
135 A puzzle room surrounded by TNT...one wrong move and boom
136 Inside a hole construct a mile-high ballistic missile with the tip of it just poking out of the hole. Fill with explosives and place signs around that read WARNING: ARMED NOOKELER DEVICE. Put a fuse down the bottom, with extra signs saying DO NOT LIGHT FUSE.
137 ... and light the fuse. Construct a memorial to nuclear facility security compromises. Lest we forget.
138 Nuclear silo - a hole full of tnt
139 An island of TNT
140 A burning island
141 Pirate island with a 3D skull crying lava and a minecart ride through its mouth
142 A suspicious cross on the floor with treasure buried beneath it
143 A big empty room
144 Test/experiment room (just a large lit up area where you can mess around with redstone, etc)
145 A demented science labratory.
146 A biotechnology laboratory
147 A room devoted to holding as many torches as possible, just so that they all get turned into lanterns.
148 A pimp room full of gold, diamond, and iron blocks to prove how cool you are.
149 Substitute torches with holes in the wall with lava+glass
150 Archery range (use paintings, moving carts, and wool for targets)
151 Hotel
152 Shack on a mountain ~128 blocks from base
153 Room/building of lava (surrounded by glass on both sides)
154 Church / Auditorium
155 Pyramid, mayan style. Ideally 91 layers high (364 steps + top = 1 step for each day of the year).
156 A reverse pyramid (could be used as a mob spawner)
157 MCedit in a completely solid upsidedown pyramid made out of sand or gravel. Then, in-game, either punch the middle block, or maybe wire redstone (I think that would cause the blocks to update)
158 Helicopter landing pad
159 Boat dock
160 Underground canal to get out of the house using boat
161 Models of ships
162 A giant golden sign that spells your name
163 A giant sign made of flaming netherrack that spells your name
164 An ogham stone with your name on it, reaching up to the sky. An ogham stone is a column of stone, with incisions that represent letters (http://www.ballybegv...ham_letters.gif). It was built by the ancient Celts to mark graves.
165 A huge sign above your house, made completely from diamond blocks that reads "Pwnin' Noobs, and Smackin' Bewbs"
166 a giant neon sign activated by redstone torch
167 your ip code made of blocks
168 Large sign made of each type of ore after its been smelted and crafted into blocks saying "1001"
169 A rendition of this entire list in signs, with the item number and location
170 Signs with a list of 1001 MORE things to add to your house
171 A huge hallway of signs of what's important in every minecraft day.
172 A series of signs with a self-penned minecraft poem on them.
173 A haiku corner in your library / garden, with minecraft-related haikus written on signs
174 A 1x1 tower from the bedrock the sky limit, with signs on it showing the height level - useful!
175 A sign placed in a random location of the house. This sign says something to the effect of "kill me now!"
176 A mountain that is completely hollow on the inside, but looks like a mountain on the outside.
177 A made up dungeon, with mossy cobblestone and TNT for the 'spawner'
178 Active dungeon (to tell your friend to enter it, and then close the iron door :D)
179 A sheep dungeon made of wool
180 A room made entirely out of blue wool, just to prove you've found the rare mineral.
181 A torture room. Go into smp and make one, then drop sand on people using switches and water. It doubles as an interrogation room.
182 A chicken spy interrogation chamber.
183 An underground city of chickens
184 An underground city of gold that spans two kilometers. Of pure gold. Or Diamond.
185 A giant frying pan, made of obsidian with lava below it. Add a hole in the center so you can throw eggs in, and they either "cook" on contact or the evil 12.5% chance chicken dies in lava.
186 A rodeo where all the pigs have saddles
187 Room with some cacti and a pig's spawner (or grass if you dont want to cheat)
188 A slaughter house (Nom Nom pork)
189 Have a food shop with meat, cooked meat burgers, bread, mushroom stew (yech, I hate mushrooms), apples, and... dare I say it? A single golden apple. Also pretend that the shop carries "delicious" creeper "meat".
190 Food court
191 A pig made of chests with cooked pork in all of the chests
192 Restaurants
193 Shops
194 A golden table with cake served on it
195 A treasure hunting game - underneath some dirt blocks there's lava, under others there's chests
196 Pool room (as in billiards)
197 An empty decoy house next to your real house.
198 A statue of your ingame avatar
199 A giant (1 block:1Pixel) statue of every mob in the game.
200 A skeleton statue that fires arrows using dispensers
201 A creeper statue out of mossy cobblestone, and light up the eyes with lava.
202 Creeper statue turned upside down made out of sand and is hanging by a rope.
203 A statue of a creeper with wings.
204 Creeper shrine
205 A memorial to the battle of agincourt
206 Church of Notch
207 A hall of Notch! Use obsidian for the black, iron for the teeth, and Netherrack for the face. (or some other pinkish block)
208 A giant 3 Headed Hydra with secret room in belly with entrance underneath tail. http://picasaweb.goo...com/lh/photo/pG ... directlink
209 Fans of Cave Story can add Sandaime sitting in his chair, since we never see him again so he needs some recognition.
210 A statue of William Wallis (bravehart), kilt and every thing else
211 A Shrine Honering Bruce Campell
212 A massive statue of a spoon with a sign next to it saying "My spoon is too big".
213 A taco statue
214 A death star
215 Stonehenge
216 A giant chessboard
217 A recreation of Etsio(?) from Assassin's Creed
218 a huge model of your minecraftforum.net avatar hanging like a gigantic painting in your living room
219 A model pokeball
220 A statue of 343 Guilty Spark
221 A scale model of the space shuttle on the launch pad.
222 A scale model of some real life vehicle of your choosing (e.g. car, tank)
223 A garage for said vehicle
224 A model of Spider Pig. Purely so you can sing the themesong every time you or anyone else sees it.
225 A giant model of tnt, with the exterior made to look like tnt and the inside full of tnt.
226 A model of a diamond ore block.
227 A model of a wheat block.
228 A gold crucifix
229 ...and next to it, a flaming netherrack crucifix, for satanists.
230 A giant shoe
231 A correctly scaled reproduction of the Monolith from 2001: A Space Oddysey made of Obsidian (1:4:9 ratio)
232 A wife
233 Herobrine
234 Make a clearly marked path leading to "Herobrine Home" that is actually a giant recycle bin icon pixel art, with a sign that says "stop trolling the forums or we will delete your ass"
235 An Ima Firin Ma Lazor face.
236 American football field
237 Soccer field
238 A pokemon stadium
239 A spleef arena
240 Fighting area (big room, dark area, go inside it to fight mobs)
241 Huge arena with lava pools, cacti death pits etc. and with monsters delivered from dark rooms
242 If you're really up to it, make a mob spawn chamber above your arena... your arena can be well lit, but water will suck mobs down into specific points so you can actually see yourself fight.
243 A farmyard petting zoo (all the different animals in seperate enclosures)
244 Aquarium
245 Squid farm
246 Make a spider zoo. The exhibit is well lit, so mobs spawn above in your arena... but only spiders can fit through the wide 2x1 passages you make to get in, so you get a spiders-only room.
247 Make a spawn room until a spider jockey spawns. Light up the room and put your uber-rare spider jockey on display!
248 A creeper petting zoo
249 A dungeon converted into an exhibit, by surrounding it with a 5x5x5 cube of glass.
250 Jail with monsters in cells (like zoo, but with iron doors and no fun)
251 A rainbow made of dyed wool
252 Then a DOUBLE rainbow
253 A sundial (make a 3 wide rainbow with a hole that is inline with the sun at dawn, noon, evening make it bigger for more acurate time.)
254 Compass (arrows pointing to N, S, E, W) on the ground
255 Floating sphere to act as the moon.
256 Moon pool
257 Build a Theater (not a movie theater)
258 Movie theater
259 Greek style theater(semi circle, built into a mountain)
260 A dog house in the backyard (or pig house if you prefer)
261 A 60's themed diner complete with jukebox :D
262 Treehouse
263 Living fence
264 Water climbing area
265 104.1:16 scale map of your world with portals in the nether for fast travelling
266 A scale model of your house...
267 ...and a button that activates tnt that destroys it
268 A scale model of your scale model room
269 A 1:1 model of your real life house
270 Minecart system (connecting different structures)
271 Tram station connecting all bases, parts of your house and spawn.
272 Redstone system that leads you to your destination automatically, so you only have one track at the start that eventually branches off to your destinations
273 Minecart system in the nether
274 A motorway underpass complete with druggies (zombies  ) and poor lighting.
275 Highway To Hell With The Lyrics to Highway To Hell. The "Highway" is made of netherstone and soul sand
276 A minecart ride to the sky limit
277 Hidden water ladder
278 Boat ladder
279 Boat road
280 Water lift (check youtube for tutorials)
281 Boat elevator from bedrock to the sky liimt
282 Water conveyers to move around your house in Jetsons style.
283 House in the nether
284 Castle made of cobblestone in the nether.
285 Build those poor pigmen a city inside your fortress. They will reward you by killing Ghasts for you, and you can get lots of gunpowder for little to no effort!
286 An anger venting room in the Nether, where you are free to beat on pigmen to your heart's content.
287 Ghast fireball batting cage.
288 A wall made of fire from netherstone
289 A forest fire.
290 Automatic fire suppression system for wooden house
291 Mirror floors (build upside down copy of your room under glass floor)
292 A portal in a room to a room that's the exact inverse of the first room.
293 A room with a model of your first night home complete with nearby scenery
294 Rave room (youtube has tutorials)
295 A 5-clock powered disco
296 Use redstone circuits + redstone torch+ to make a strobe light.
297 A glass dance floor with a trippy lava flow underneath(don't save on it because when you come back you'll be in it)
298 An obsidian DJ booth with a jukebox or two. Replace files cat.ogg and 13.ogg for your favorite track
299 A love shack for where 'all the magic happens' -sly wink-
300 Rubiks cube
301 A cube optical illusion(One angle its a cube, move left 4 blocks and hey theres a huge gap)
302 An hourglass filled with lava or sand
303 A model of the country you live in
304 A flag room with flags made out of colored wool
305 Fireplace
306 A chimney big enough to fall down
307 A tree trimmed to look like a pine next to your fireplace with lightstone on top for the star and chests below. Merry Christmas!
308 If you celebrate Hanukkah instead, make a giant menorah (sp?) out of gold and torches.
309 A giant christmas tree with redstone torch decorations a minecart track running round it in a square
310 Garden
311 Make flowerpots by surrounding a block of dirt (or sand if you want potted cacti) with signs, then plant your plant!
312 Continuing the potted plant idea, why not trim a bonsai tree? Just plant a tree about three blocks below your floor, then let it grow. Trim the low-down trunk off, then cut it down to size. Subarashi! ("super/wonderful/awesome" in japanese, if you were wondering)
313 A garden with miniature biomes in it- a desert section with sand and cacti, a forest section,an ocean section, a cave section(with mushrooms and ore), a hell section, and an ice section.
314 Fountain
315 'Heaven': a layer of wool which just touches the clouds.
316 A theme park / fairground with...
317 ...rollercoasters...
318 ... and a ferris wheel.
319 Casino using pressure plates and water. Also roulette wheels and...
320 ...a giant golden 777
321 Volcano
322 Small "volcano" with a glass encased magma chamber.( hollow out a small hill, etc.)
323 Lava lake
324 lava dam
325 Lavafall...
326 ...with a secret entrance behind it.
327 ...and another with an arrow dispenser behind it as a trap.
328 A spiral of lava, located right under a floor of glass.
329 Water lake
330 Water dam
331 A waterfall...
332 ...with a secret entrance behind it
333 Multiple secret ways to enter/exit your base in case of emergency
334 A secret underwater entrance only accesible by going underwater
335 a secret underground storage facility, hidden by a block of whatever.
336 A secret room, hidden under in the...
337 ...fishing pond!
338 A secret room full of signs where you write your secrets on.
339 Combination lock (youtube has tutorials)
340 Panic room with an iron door and concealed entrance
341 A bunker
342 Long underground tunnel, leading to a safe spot
343 Alarm system
344 An obsidian apocolypse shelter, equipped with food, tools and basic needs
345 A Defcon Room made of obsidian with TNT around it with Redstone AND switch. Keep your valuables in it.
346 Rehealing walls (youtube has a tutorial)
347 A giant dwarven fortress room
348 A Nether room. (may have been mentioned) Meaning, a room decorated to look like the Nether. Netherrack, lava, lightstone, etc.
349 Sand castle
350 Lava / water moat around your base and a bridge
351 A huge wall surrounding your base
352 Big, well lit room at the bottom of the world with music, cake and punch for Slime welcome back party.
353 Redstone creations (counter, calculator, etc)
354 A typewriter (would have to be HUGE)
355 Redstone torch blinking patterns ( possibly create a rng with redstone legic)
356 Huge control center at the top with switches to turn off everything
357 A central switch that can open and close all of the doors in your home.
358 Synced double doors
359 A redsone computer that makes only 2 torches really far away blink on and off pointlessly.
360 A redstone-activated entrance into important areas
361 Morse code sender made of redstone and note blocks

:Diamond: s to greyshark7 for recompiling the list!

Keep em coming :)
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Memoscorp said:

Uh... what?

DimMyXx said:

Scartail said:

duartel said:


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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:14 PM

56. Glass Maze with (opt) hacked spawners

lnnh2326 said:

u could travel the seas building a actual moving boat

Shaniqua Rotanesha said:

notch can just make bugs and get away scotch free



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:18 PM

zomg a ghast said:

Yes I am restarting this thread (it never finished...)
I left out all the retarded and repeated ones

1.Pool (indoor/outdoor)
2.Add contrast/design by changing some blocks
3.Cobblestone generator
6.Art gallery
7.Storage room
8.Refinery (room with lots of furnaces)
9.Statue (of yourself, notch, creepers, etc)
10.Portal room
11.Infinite water pool
12.Fighting area (big room, dark area, go inside it to fight mobs)
13.Monster trap (with a monster spawner)
14.Monster trap (with just a dark area where mobs spawn to)
15.Neutral monster trap (lit up area with grass where mobs spawn to)
17.Greenhouse (wheat farm)
18.Tree farm
19.Cacti farm
20.Water slide
22.Minecart system (connecting different structures)
23.Underwater base
24.Base in the sky
25.Branch mine
26.Furniture (use wool/signs/etc to make tables, a bed, etc)
28.Incinerator (a hole with lava where you can throw stuff in)
29.Fireplace (just for light)
30.TNT cannon
31.Pit into lava/bedrock/etc
32.Water lift (check youtube for tutorials)
33.Room with all obtainable blocks in them
34.Test/experiment room (just a large lit up area where you can mess around with redstone, etc)
35.Shrine room (endless ways to design it)
36.Multiple secret ways to enter/exit your base in case of emergency
37.Combination lock (youtube has tutorials)
38.Rave room (youtube has tutorials)
39.Substitute torches with holes in the wall with lava+glass
44.Lighthouse / beacon to find your home
45.Compass (arrows pointing to N, S, E, W) on the ground
46.Bow/arrow target practice (use paintings or moving carts for targets)
47.Redstone creations (counter, calculator, etc)
48.Room/building of lava (surrounded by glass on both sides)
49.Church / Auditorium
50.Surround your house with a trench+water/lava, build a bridge
52.Glass room with a monster trapped in it
54.An emergency TNT system to blow a part of your base up
55.Football field

Keep em coming :D
i love this post!


  • Minecraft: spycat811

Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:17 PM

57. obsidian room (so you won't blow up)



Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:19 PM

58. Chicken Farm
59. Treasury
60. Creeper shrine
Posted Image



Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:20 PM

61) Football Pitch
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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:22 PM

Obsidian treasury that is compact width and length wise, and tall enough (In the ground, or up into the air) to hold your goods safely behind obsidian and an iron door. Creeper proof!
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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:24 PM

Guys, please try not to repeat.

If you get to 1001 things with no repeats, I will personally try and make this house!
Passive minecrafter FTW.

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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:28 PM

Megadog said:

Guys, please try not to repeat.

If you get to 1001 things with no repeats, I will personally try and make this house!
Football field
Football pitch
are two different things
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''Whats a Hydroelectric Elognetosphere Regulator? Technically it's a thingie''



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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:28 PM

MuffinzX said:

58. Chicken Farm
59. Treasury
60. Creeper shrine
I refer you to Number 35.


Ace Rimmer

Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:30 PM

63. Model of a shark with a TNT cannon mounted on it.


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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:31 PM

63. A small pond, for fishing!
64. A secret room, hidden under/in the fishing pond!
65. Long underground tunnel, leading to a safe spot (Incase you need to escape from your house!)
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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:40 PM

66. Helicopter Landing Pad (use white cloth to spell huge H in the ground, make some lighting adn make the flat area circular inshape).

[Pig]  [Sheep]

[Sheep]  [Pig]



Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:46 PM

67. Giant dark room that funnels into a gap between your door and front gate. You can have creeper guard dogs.
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Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:49 PM

Docks for boats.



Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:51 PM

#?. Giant Treehouse - trunk made by stacking logs then planting trees on branches


zomg a ghast

Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:54 PM

68. a giant golden sign that spells your name
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Memoscorp said:

Uh... what?

DimMyXx said:

Scartail said:

duartel said:




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Posted 22 December 2010 - 12:04 AM

70. Wood farm
71. Underground canal to get out of the house using boat
72. Room with some cacti and a pig's spawner (or grass if you dont want to cheat)
73. Stone quarry
74. Pretty garden with flowers
75. Room with a falling sand trap (to avoid burglars)
76. Bamboo farm
77. Vanity room with diamond made furniture and a chest with golden apple (haha good luck to find it)
78. Active dungeon (to tell your friend to enter it, and then close the iron door :Notch:)
79. Cold room for snowball storage



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Posted 22 December 2010 - 12:09 AM

Waffle9441 said:

Obsidian treasury that is compact width and length wise, and tall enough (In the ground, or up into the air) to hold your goods safely behind obsidian and an iron door. Creeper proof!
Ah, yes, I have a room like that! They're awesome. :iapprove:
That time I mined 1200 obsidian paid off... :D

It's in my house, has 25 or so chests of full cobblestone, about 10 others, and can probably hold about another 10 chests right now.

Is anyone curious enough to want pics? :P


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Posted 22 December 2010 - 12:17 AM


Remake of every single DooM level.