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Posted 24 February 2012 - 11:20 PM

TyrOvC had a great idea to improve on the chat functionality in Minecraft and created a mod with his ideas. Then wd1966 added even more functionality with his own Improved Chat mod. These mods are greatly appreciated and some would say are needed in order to play on any server. As you may (or not) know, wd1966 hasn't updated his Improved Chat mod since 1.8.1 nor posted since October. Leaving it up to members like chrismack to update his mod whenever Minecraft updates. Wouldn't it be much better if someone would just create a new chat mod? I;ve listed below what I would like to see from a new chat mod. Feel free to reply leaving your own suggestions and/or thoughts.

Text Wrapping
There are two parts to this 1) What you see in the chat scroll and 2) What you see when you've entered text in the chat box.

1) This may be a limitation of Minecraft, but whole words should wrap in the chat box.

2) This is already present in wd1966's Improved Chat mod. The red line indicates when text will overflow into a new line. Also, it would be nice to remove the excess rect pass the red line as it will never be used (even when scaling Minecraft).

Long Messages
When entering long messages, text should turn RED when to indicate to the user that it will be sent in a second message. This is to get around the 100(?) character limit.

Copy/Paste Shortcuts
Simply allowing users to use CTRL(CMD) + C/V to copy and paste text from and into there chat box. With CTRL+C copying text you currently have entered to the clipboard and CTRL+V pasting your current clipboard into the chat box.

Scrollable Chat History
Allowing you to use either your mouse scroll wheel or PageUp and PageDown keys to scroll through the chat history.

Logging Chat History
I don't know about you but I find it useful. Not sure how someone would want to configure it though. Should there be 1 file for all servers saved as chatlog.txt or should separate files be created for each server? Should it be an option you have to enable/disable or always on?

Clickable Links
Please. This alone will servers better tenfold. As to how to handle links, that's up to whomever wants to take this project on. Parse anything with .com/net/org/co.uk/etc?

Command History
The ability to use our UP and DOWN arrow keys to move through past commands or sent text.

Movable Cursor
The ability to move through typed text using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. (Really Notch?)

Clear Chat History
Using ~clear should clear the chat scroll (NOT chatlog.txt).

Hide Chat
Using ~chat will hide all incoming messages. I think having only one command to toggle between on/off is much better and cleaner than having two (~show/~hide).

Support Regular Expression
This is here for a few things that will be listed below. If you have a better idea, please reply.

Using ~tab [name] you will create a new tab which you will be able to configure using in-game commands or via the settings file. ~close will delete the tab in focus. Tabs will be displayed as text above the chat scroll and can control which information they track with ~track [regex]. You can switch between tabs using either CTRL+TAB or by clicking them with your mouse.
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Disable Chat Fading
An option to disable the chat from fading would be much appreciated. This is when after a few seconds of inactivity in the chat, the chat scroll will fade away instead of keeping focus. ~fade toggle option maybe?
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I don't really see a point in adding built in bind functionality when everything you could want and more is available with Mumfrey's mod found here. However this mod is not for just me so if you guys also want this, let interested developers know by replying!

That's all I could think of, but if you have your own suggestions on things you would like to see reply and let the lurking mod developers know! I have high hopes that someone will step up and make this as both ICs were/are VERY popular mods. We would just like something new and maintained through Minecraft updates and if you can't update anymore or have lost interest in Minecraft mods, let us know *wink*.

I'm REQUESTING this mod to be made. I can NOT code this!
It'd be nice to see Mumfrey take this on. ~Just my thoughts.
I excluded bgColor and chat colors as I don't see a use.

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Posted 24 February 2012 - 11:25 PM

Its a shame Jeb and John aren't even thinking of improving the multiplayer its mostly new stuff, but i would really love a mod like this all these ideas are great and as you said would better servers tenfold :D



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Posted 25 February 2012 - 01:58 AM

Chrismack is moving away from maintaining wd1966's mod and is working towards creating a new "improved chat" mod, I'm sure many if not all of the ideas here can be incorporated. I've also offered to help out where I can with his new version too. Be patient though, good work takes time. :)
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