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[Adv][Park] The adventures of Géryville v1.0

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  • Minecraft: xAxMONKEYxAx

Posted 23 February 2012 - 10:04 PM

Hey there!
This is my first attempt on making a Adventure map, please come with all your suggestions and critics!
The adventure map takes place in a small village in the desert, which is plagued by hunger like you could expect in the real world, and some weird events. You are their savior who comes to help them with all their troubles. I wont reveal more. Be aware that i use real villagers, for a more realistic look, and Nether bricks marks parkour challenges!

Posted Image

To complete the map, you need to find:
108 gold ingots.
132 seeds.
And complete all the villagers quests.

The 108 gold ingots is used to fill up their "Treasury bucket" like this: (you should make gold blocks out of the gold in order to fill the bucket)
Posted Image

The 132 seeds is to fill up their crop fields again. You need to find ALL the seeds and plant them, not grow the crops and get more seeds that way! The fields should be filled like this:
Posted Image

-NO mods!
-Do not breake any blocks you are not told to!
-Do not go outside the fence!
-Close doors after you so villagers wont leave.




How to install the map:


If you like the map, you can support it, by putting this in your signature:
Enjoy :)
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