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Server Overloaded?

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Posted 20 December 2010 - 07:57 PM

Well, I finally, after literally months of trying desperately, managed to get my server up and running. Now, there still remains one problem. While the server is running, I (in the .jar) continuously get the message "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?"

At this time, the speed of the server slows to a deathly crawl, and I usually get murdered by a creeper xD

Now, my question: Is there any way to fix this?

My computer is a e-machines standard windows 7 home edition...with 4 gigs of RAM. So, how do I give the server more RAM, since I've got plenty?

And no, I don't think getting a dedicated server would help right now, as it's just me and two other friends.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that it's not too much to ask!

-Ohmygodalion  :Zombie:

EDIT: Forgot to mention, it's a Beta server, not Creative xD  :SSSS:

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Posted 20 December 2010 - 08:35 PM

Some suggest updating your system clock. But you won't be able to host a server anyway thanks to the .overflow error.
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Posted 20 December 2010 - 09:17 PM

I get a similar error continuously, more so now that it went beta.
To compensate for this error I put the priority to high for the java.exe and I can have around 30 players before I get lag death complaints.

The server is:
OS: windows 7 stripped down to the core
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4 ghz
Memory: 1 Gig of some recycled memory
Mods: none

There are many issues compounding this problem from clients network cards being out of date to improper coding on the server code itself.

Researching the problem I found the code related issue to revolve around the utilization of the Java simple handling, more can be read here: http://java.sun.com/... ... /timeouts/

Some tools I have found to help stabilize the server in Alpah are:

Leatrix Latency Fix (http://www.wowinterf... ... cyFix.html) this helps reduce packet loss and lag death and my first line in this solution process.

Network Card modifications:
Start Button > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager > Network Adapters
In your network adapters section right click your adapter and open properties
First off update your drivers on the interwebs
next go to the advanced tab
select Transmit Buffers and change the value from 256 to 512 (this option varies by networking card >.< for instance its called Receiving Buffers for mine, and some values max at 256! in this case tell them to get new NIC's)

Last but not least taking out the trash is very important, more now that its beta than ever! I use a program called ATF Cleaner (http://www.atribune.... ... &Itemid=25) I run it every hour with a schedule it nets about 4 to 7 gigs of crap each time >.< so I know that the garbage cleanup is not very effective with minecraft just yet.

Also some of my friends overseas run their Javaw.exe for the game client at an "above normal" or "high" priority as well to pick up the slack and reduce lag.

I can also not stress internet connection enough! There are a lot of speed tests out there but few that are global, I use: http://comcast.speedtest.net/

Edit: Doh! I almost forgot the most important tool to date: http://www.pingtest.net/ this will test your ping, jitter and the overall internet connection for online games and VoIP, an invaluable tool for testing both from the server to the location and from the location to the server

Things to consider:
1. your game client uses constant communication to the main server in multi-player mode (some 500k of memory >.<) This will cause lag issues if you run the server on the same box as your client. This bottle neck occurs at the NIC not the resources for the PC unless you have a laptop or some crappy box.

2. speed test the area the person having problems connecting is from. For instance I have friends from New Zeland who had lots of problems and my connection to them is 5mbps download and 3mbps upload with my current home based connection, in this case it was their NIC that needed to be upgraded and modified. Once they set the Buffers to 512 all their disconnect issues went away.

3. For servers like mine we have 3 personal computers, a laptop and the server all on the same switch/router. So we placed the Server in slot 1, personal PC's in 2,3,4 and last the laptop in 5. This helps in giving the server priority over the network, we also turned off all router security as the software on the server is more than enough to protect from all but DNS attacks. Actually the security measures routers use to protect against DNS attacks actually causes lag and latency issues with all MMO and server based games.

In the end you will see this message until @Notch finishes up the server code and finds a better structure for the packet handling and timeout issues we see here. I hope this was both informative and helpful, any questions, comments or what not please reply below.

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