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Memory Issues

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Posted 19 December 2010 - 10:11 PM

Hello all, Ive been having a problem ever since i got my new ATI radoen 4850 HD card. After about half an hour of game play memory max's out at 1gig then the game crashes if i don't restart the program. (It also collects twice the memory when idol DERP.)

Things Tried But not Limited To:
Reading multiple posts about similar but not the same problems.
Updating Java/Card
Setting priority on javaw.exe

Things That Probably Don't Relate to it:
I have 8 gigs of ram so there is no way that's the problem :(
The process only takes up 2-6/100 Processing powe

Things That i Suspect:
Java is holding the garbage in its GC
My G-Card that can Man-Handle Some of the best games out there is getting fowned by Minecraft

Side Notes:
I had a Nvidia Geforce Card before that could handle Minecraft no problem but it sadly burned like a witch on a pole (literally its fan stopped working properly D: and the gel on the card had dried after 4 years of loyal use)

If anyone can give me a Straight-Forward answer instead of a hypothesis I will love you forever :D
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