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Notch Interview at PAX

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During PAX, there was an hour-long panel with Mojang on the topic of Minecraft - its past, present, and future.  Meanwhile, Minecraft founder Markus "Notch" Persson was being interviewed on his views on Minecraft, a brief look at the trademark fedora, his still-in-development title "0x10c" - and some of the exciting directions it is going in - and much more!  Want to see the full interview?  Click the image above, or this link.

An example question asked of Markus by PAX Senior Editor, Ben Kuchera, was: at what point did Notch feel Minecraft had gone from "just a game" to a complete success story?

Notch said:

I think it started when Valve posted about it on the Team Fortress blog. Valve is probably the company I respect the most, if they ever release Episode 3. When they actually posted about it, and said the reason they did it was to get in contact with me, that’s when I went ‘Oh my god, people actually care about it.’ Which meant a lot.

The numbers were already kind of high, it was selling well, but it felt like it could end at any moment. But that’s when it got some industry cred, and felt like a turning point.

Check out the full interview right here!


Minecraft - Pocket Edition Updates Tomorrow!

Don't forget, Minecraft - Pocket Edition has an update going live TOMORROW (September 6th, 2012)!  Keep an eye out, as we reveal the full change log soon!  While we won't reveal every change coming just yet, there is one thing you can definitely expect to see on your hand-held Minecraft tomorrow...

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1.3.2 Update Later This Week - Preview it Now

Later this week, on Thursday, August 16th, the 1.3.2 update will be going live! It mainly contains bugfixes (fixed the falling-out-of-Nether bug, fixed the random-suffocation-damage bug, various uncommon crash bugs). However, if you would like to get the pre-release to update your server, mod or even just to get an early look at it, the download links are below. This is the same version that will be released on Thursday via the normal Minecraft launcher!

Client: Download

Server: Download


MineTV Episode 3, now with 100% More Pahimar

We've been hard at work getting the MineTV set ready for 1.3 - this week's guest is "Equivalent Exchange" mod maintainer (and EE3 author) Pahimar! We are making some changes with how the show runs, including a longer running time (so our guest isn't so rushed), more live events, audience-interactive games, and more!


There are some special requirements you must meet this week:
  • Minecraft Client 1.2.5 (You can use MCNostalgia to go back to patch 1.2.5)
  • Equivalent Exchange (Click here to go to the thread - Remember, it's build
  • Apply for the whitelist by clicking here

You are welcome to come test your client at "killion.evolutiongaming.org:1337", to make sure your mod is working properly.


MCX360, Pocket Edition Continue to Set Records

MCX360 is insanely popular, that much people know by now. It continues to hold a dominant position on the charts for Live Arcade, and the number of XBLA Minecrafters grows by the day. Have you ever wondered how much they are growing? The number is staggering - MCX360 sells, on average, 17,000 copies a day! That's right, nearly seventeen thousand new Minecrafters come to Live Arcade, every single day.

If that wasn't enough, Pocket Edition has maintained a rather impressive lead of its own, as the #1 top selling app, according to Google Play. All said, Minecraft has - between the PC, console and handheld markets - sold well over 12 million copies, and continues to grow daily! With the recent release of 1.3.1 (and the future release of 1.4), the PC-based Minecraft playerbase is set to grow ever-larger, with tons of customization options, mods that are easier to make and maintain, adventure map-specific features, and so much more.

A question that seems to come up often is, "where can Minecraft really go from here?" Well, every single update, we see it go in new, exciting directions. Keep an eye out - you never know where Minecraft will go next!

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In case you haven't seen it, Minecraft - Pocket Edition has received a new update!  Some of the additions to the handheld sandbox include:

New features:
  • Added skeletons and spiders.
  • Added bow and arrow.
  • Added bone meal and flint.
  • Mobs can drop items.
  • Torches can now be placed on fences.

  • Item decay time extended to 5 minutes.
  • Boosted brightness slightly.
  • Item slots has been expanded to a minimum of 6 slots (minus one for inventory).

Bug fixes:
  • Crash bug with furnace
  • Removed fire (except on mobs in sunlight), only tested for newly started maps.
  • A bug where cactus and door placed next to each other would remove the bottom door block (and top one if a 2 level cactus).
  • Removed particles from spawning when you hit the edges of the world.
  • Stairs now block light.
  • A bug where fence gate would not appear in the user’s hand but in the world.
  • When a user sood on a slab and created another one, the user simply fell through.
  • You can no longer get unlimited diamonds, gold and iron by breaking apart blocks of them and building together as a new block.
  • Swords now take damage from hitting mobs.
  • Golden tools are no longer tougher than wooden tools.
  • The rear end texture where upside down on some animals.
  • The D-pad on ipad no longer intersects with the item slots.
  • Users can no longer place sugar cane in water.
  • Dark green leaves have correct textures when cut by shear.
  • Dandelion “egg” fixed.
  • Blocks placed on snow aren’t duplicated in multiplayer.

Be sure to update your game to see the new features! Back to Top

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Pocket Edition Submitted, Not Released Just Yet

A new update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition (0.3.3) is in the pipeline, but has hit an unexpected snag in the process.  It is not currently known when it will clear for release, but in the meantime, there are exciting things on the horizon for future Pocket Edition updates - things like beds, chests, and the very real possibility of wheat and bread!  It is not currently believed that bread is indicative of a hunger system, but rather a means to gain health back more quickly.

Speculation of TNT and creepers has come to the fore, but neither are currently confirmed at this time.  We will keep you posted on developments regarding the most recent patch submission, and future updates.

Want to Try Out PC Minecraft?

Users have long awaited the means to try out the full version of Minecraft before buying it, just to see if it suits them.  Now, the means to do so is finally at hand, with the PC demo of Minecraft!  If you would like to try Minecraft before deciding to make a purchase, you can play the demo by registering an account, and downloading the Minecraft game client. Then, you just log into Minecraft with a non-premium account, and you will see an option to play the demo mode. This version of the game is 100 minutes long, or five in-game days.  Not only is this useful to see if you will enjoy the game, but it is a great way to make sure your PC can handle the game as well!

Keep in mind, if you have downloaded the Minecraft client prior to August 1st, 2012, you will need to download a new version of the Minecraft launcher in order for it to be displayed. To do so, simply delete your old Minecraft launcher (and only the launcher), download the most recent version from Mojang's site, then start the game normally.  Easy!

MineTV, Episode 2:  Video-maker Direwolf20

Posted Image

This week on MineTV, we had a chance to sit down with Mod Tutorial and Let's Play guru Direwolf20, to chat a bit about his video series, the 1.3.1 update, and more.  Check it out!  Also, be sure to check in frequently for your chance to join the live studio audience for future episodes of MineTV!

Minecraft & Mojang News:  Update 1.3, & Minecon Announced!

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This week, David and Toby go over the 1.3 update, all things Minecon 2012, and more - give it a look! Back to Top

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The 0.3.2 update for Minecraft Pocket Edition is available! Little by little, more survival elements make their way into the handheld sandbox port, as well as numerous bug fixes. Be sure to check the Bugs list as well - these glitches will be updated in the near future. So, what does 0.3.2 have on offer? Let's take a look! Features:
  • Furnaces! Every available block and item can now be gathered, crafted or smelted into.
  • Grow trees! Saplings dropped when harvesting leaf with Shears.
  • More tiles such as thin glass, and half blocks in different material.
  • Gold, diamond and iron ore can now be gathered (smelt them for stronger tools)!
Bug Fixes:
  • less flickering/Z-fighting on some devices
  • mobs have correct health
  • fixed rendering of fence gate and half block in hand
  • Saplings aren't available in Creative
  • Saplings aren't visible in the hotbar
  • Dandelion Yellow is show as an egg in MATTIS and the hotbar
  • Swords don't lose durability when hitting mobs
  • Crafting a iron block only needs 6 iron ingots, but a iron block yields 9 iron ingots
  • It only needs 4 wood blocks to craft a door
Don't forget, you can discuss all things Pocket Edition over here - there's plenty of buzz about the update, so drop by and see what's going on! Back to Top

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An update for Minecraft - Pocket Edition is now available! What sort of awesome enhancements does it have in store? Let's take a look:
  • Crafting added
  • New mobs: Cows and Chickens!
  • New sounds
  • New inventory
  • All items need to be gathered, except Shears, Bricks & Glass.
  • New blocks and items: Crafting Table, Brick Slabs, Brick Stairs, Cobblestone Slab, Snow, Stick, Wooden Slab, Dandelion Yellow, Wooden Axe, Shovel, Pickaxe, Sword, Bowl, Sugar, Book & Paper
  • Added bookshelves to Survival Mode (you need to craft)

Quite a grab bag of goodies, indeed! Each update brings us a little closer to the PC edition, and while the two have never been planned to be identical, Pocket Edition is definitely making welcome advances. With these new enhancements to the game, how will you change your portable world? Back to Top

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Daniel Kaplan Talks "Pocket Edition"

Daniel Kaplan recently held a Q&A session regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition on twitch.tv!  He was asked a massive volume of questions about the hit pocket game, and addressed a good number of them - all said, the session lasted nearly 2 hours!  Kaplan covered a staggering amount of information, including the possibility of texture packs and music, more monsters (with creepers possibly having priority), redstone and much more.  If you're clamoring for a taste of what Pocket Edition has in store, definitely click this link and give the session a watch!  Note that it's in three parts, but all are listed on the page.

Perhaps I shouldn't have built so many creeper statues taunting them...Daniel suggests that their arrival will be "soon".  They will want revenge, no doubt.

Want To Play MCX360?

Posted Image

Planning on picking up MCX360 when it's released?  Are you looking forward to it?  Maybe you prefer the PC or Pocket Edition?  We would like to hear your opinion about Minecraft!  Click the banner above and take our Minecraft survey - make yourself heard!

TheMineStream - Charity for Child's Play

Child's Play - a charity beginning in 2003 dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games - receives millions every year from charitable gamers, and 2012 will likely be no exception.  TheMineStream is starting up early this year, by hosting a charity drive this Friday!  For guests, they will be hosting a number of in-game events on their SMP server; the arenas and events are being designed by the highly talented team from The Voxel Box, and the event will include appearances by notable Minecraft personalities, such as Vareide, AviatorGaming, SethBling, TheMineBox, and many more.  Interested in helping out, or attending the event as a guest?  You can get all the details by clicking this link - check it out! Back to Top

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Pocket Edition Sneak Peek

Daniel Kaplan has revealed a teaser image for the upcoming Pocket Edition update! The image reveals an interface similar to what MCX360 is expected to use for crafting, albeit more compact for touch-screens. When is the update, you ask? Soon - very soon. The image above isn't expected to be the final rendition of the menu, nor the sole update for the game; even so, it heralds exciting things for pocket-sized crafting.

Ask Mollstam Anything? You Still Can!

Tobias Möllstam - Front-end developer of Mojang - will be answering questions...any questions at all! There aren't many opportunities left to be this close to Mojang, so be sure to visit this AMA session - and the few remaining beyond it - you could get your question answered by Mojang themselves!

Don't forget to check out the AMA schedule, so you can ask your favorite developer anything! Back to Top

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Minecraft Weekly News

This weeks "Minecraft News" takes a close look at Notch's upcoming new game, "0x10c"; we also touch on the recent release of the official line of Minecraft LEGO products, this week's AMA (more on that in a moment), Minecon 2012 and the secret Snapshot 12w15a update details!

Pocket Edition Update Soon

It is about time for another Pocket Edition Update!  The portable Minecraft port can expect more advances in tools, creatures and survival mechanics - one step closer to perfection.  Have you built something truly awesome in Minecraft: Pocket Edition?  If so, show us here!

Pocket Edition has spent some time slowly becoming more and more like the Survival mode we know and love on the PC version.  While it has been said that MCPE will never be exactly like the PC version, the addition of Survival elements and more robust Creative controls is a welcome addition.  Keep an eye out as we track the exact changes to the upcoming update - if you just can't get enough portable building action, you won't want to miss out on the new info!

Of note on the PC version, the Mod API will be getting some particular focus very soon.  How soon?  We won't say, precisely - not just yet.

Ask Jon Anything - Users Ask Much of Mojang's AI Guru

Jon Kågström - the man responsible for many incredible AI changes in Minecraft, among others - had his AMA session today!  Jon answered a host of questions about the game; the future of group-based monster intelligence, how the upcoming Mod API might be used with mob interaction in mods, possible trading with villagers, and so much more.  If you have never heard about what Jon does for Mojang, now is a great opportunity to see him talk about his work first-hand, and believe me, you don't want to miss out.  Check out Jon's AMA by clicking this link!

Mojang Moving Into New Office Soon

Mojang has been pining for a new office for some time now, and they finally have a "ready" date for it - June 1st!  Mojang's Carl Manneh spoke briefly on the topic, noting that the ceiling is green.

One has to wonder if it is creeper green.  Why would it be anything else?

While the office will be ready for move-in by June 1st, Mojang will likely not relocate to the new building until a week or more after this date.  Anyone who has ever tried to relocate an entire office can easily tell you why:  all of the excitement of packing up and moving from home, but with tons more stuff.  Usually much heavier stuff, too.  Nonetheless, the new location looks fancy - we will update you with new pictures as they become available.

Scrolls to Alpha Stage Soon

Have you been anxiously awaiting the upcoming CCGI-alike, "Scrolls"?  Itching for some card-combat action?  It won't be long before you can see it first-hand:  the Scrolls Alpha is coming soon!  Mojang has been playtesting Scrolls quite a bit lately, even having in-house tournaments every week.  It won't be long before players will be able to do the same, so keep an ear to the ground! Back to Top

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Pocket Edition Updated

An update for Minecraft Pocket Edition is now out! The list of updates includes the following:

  • New controller option – Split Touch Controls. This is option may be more suitable for those with bigger screens (hello tablets!). You got a cross hair and the right half of the screen lets you rotate the camera. Touch to place block, hold down to remove blocks. Just like you did before Posted Image
  • Flying is changed; ascend/descend by sliding from the center button to the up/down button
  • Pigs are added to Survival Mode
  • Bug fixes

You can update your game at Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

XBLA Minecraft Goodies Now Available

Ever wanted to have a pet pig on XBOX? What about a pet creeper? How about a diamond sword and Notch hat? All these goodies and more are now available for your avatar! The selection is quite diverse, comprised of equippable and wearable items, pets and more. What better way to get ready for the upcoming console release of Minecraft than to deck out your avatar? Check it out - click the banner above! Back to Top

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