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You have waited for it. You have asked for it. You might have even drawn a few pictures about it. Well, the time has come for the 1.6 Pre-Release! So what can we expect from 1.6?

  • Added Horses
  • Added Donkeys, Mules
  • Added Horse Armor
  • Added Leads
  • Added Carpets
  • Added Hardened Clay, Stained Clay
  • Added Block of Coal
  • Added Name Tags (item)
  • Added Hay Bales
  • Texture packs are now “resource packs” that also can hold sound etc
  • Food meter is now drained when healed by full food meter
  • Removed Herobrine
  • Added Grum


1.6 will go live as a full update on July 1st, 2013. As always, you can get the latest update in the Minecraft Launcher. If you haven't gotten it yet, check below for the version that is right for your OS!

Windows: Click here

Mac/OSX: Click here

Linux/Other: Click here

Additionally, a huge shout-out to the following Minecrafters for their awesome contributions to 1.6!

cpw, and the Forge ML team: Responsible for making legacy versions of Minecraft work in the new launcher!

DrZhark: Responsible for horses! So many delicious horses!


Pretty sure you found a new bug? Not sure if an existing bug was fixed yet? Click here, and get involved in the bug-fixing process! Back to Top

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Bug fixes aplenty in today's Snapshot, 13w25c! 1.6 isn't far off now, and all loose ends are being tied up for the big launch! When is it, you ask? Not long, now!

Today's Snapshot introduces the following fixes:



As always, the new Snapshot is available in the client, and will download and install itself automatically! Just make sure you have a profile selected to use it, and you're good to go! Don't have the new launcher yet? Download links are below!

Windows: Click here

Mac/OSX: Click here

Linux/Other: Click here Back to Top

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Snapshot 13w24b needed some revisions, so let's hear it for Snapshot 13w25a! This quick-fix Snapshot is chock-full of awesome fixes, so let's not waste any time!



As always, the new Snapshot is available in the client, and will download and install itself automatically! Just make sure you have a profile selected to use it, and you're good to go! Don't have the new launcher yet? Download links are below!

Windows: Click here

Mac/OSX: Click here

Linux/Other: Click here Back to Top

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Time for this week's Snapshot, 13w24a! Comprised mainly of bugfixes, there are a few goodies - or, in the case of textures, laying the foundation for goodies - in store, however!

  • Removed Texture Pack support, added Resource Packs
  • Added new gamerule for day-night cycle
  • Things and stuff



Nope, there is a new texture system now in place, in preparation for the future of the Mod API!

Dinnerbone said:

We’ve been working really hard on the new Resource Pack system, and we think it’s at the point where we can finally push it live. This is a huge step forward for the future mod API and will replace texture packs.

Unfortunately, texture packs will no longer be supported but you can use this fancy tool to automatically convert them! Please report all issues about resource packs, and the snapshot in general, to our bug tracker!
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Are you ready for some bugfixes? There is a whole plethora of them! Poring over many of the bugs introduced in recent Snapshots, Mojang has been hammering them all out, one by one! While a new resource system is in development, it is not currently available for testing. Soon!

  • Villagers now have sounds
  • Horses, donkeys, and mules now have sounds

  • Sleeping while in a Minecart produces a graphical glitch
  • Argument "team" do not work with "!" for other players
  • Scoreboard problem with "seeFriendlyInvisibles"
  • Horse can climb ladders/vines
  • Horses graze on non-grass blocks, also underwater
  • Leashes break when riding a horse
  • Cannot tie wild horses and foals
  • Stacked Entity Spawner creating mass duplicate ghost entities
  • Horse armor not keeping enchantments when dropping from a horse
  • Crash due to corrupt pack.png in texture pack
  • horses break lead when being lead when they stop to eat grass
  • Unable to move previously ridden horses after reloading the world
  • Problem with horse movement.
  • Villagers can now ride on Grum
  • Horses not running fast in creative
  • Horse – Shift Key Locking
  • IllegalStateException: Server tried to update attributes of a non-living entity
  • Horse Speed does not remain constant
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It's Snapshot time! Builders in particular will be happy with this Snapshot, in addition to anyone who felt that the donkeys should've been useful for hauling around loot! Check it out:

  • Added new stained hardened clay
  • Enabled access to the donkey & mule inventories by sneaking and interacting
  • New textures for Charcoal, Coal Block, and Lapis Lazuli
  • Made mobs spawn as groups again

  • Minecarts with Furnace consume coal in creative mode
  • After the last use of a bow you get a glitch bow that when dropped and picked up again duplicates
  • Coal blocks do not burn away
  • Blurred menu background textures

Be sure to get the new Minecraft launcher (if you haven't already), by clicking here, and selecting the launcher for your OS! Back to Top

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Snapshot 13w18a and 1.5.2 are live, and ready to play! Both can be accessed from the new Minecraft launcher (be sure to grab it now, if you haven't already)!

  • Added a coal block
  • Start of a new texture loading system. May blow up
  • Added crafting recipes for leads and hay bales
  • Added horse armour to dungeons

  • Green arrow bug on maps in frames
  • Mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space
  • Dogs wont stop snarling after punched by someone else
  • Despawning cured zombie
  • Lava decay fails to schedule block update
  • Blocks stop updating one minute after entering the Nether or the End
  • You can pick up command blocks with any pickaxe
  • Can't place carpet on translucent blocks
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Mojang has been hard at work developing a new launcher for Minecraft, one that promises to improve the overall experience of Minecraft in a number of ways. However, there seems to be some confusion on what the new launcher is, what state it is currently in, and what can be expected from it in the future. Today, we are going to take a look at what the new launcher currently features, what it will feature later on, and more!

What the New Launcher Offers

According to Jeb, The new launcher will support updated OpenGL and Java libraries, and will come with the ability to change versions with a drop-down menu. In addition, detailed game settings, such as game directory location, jvm options, memory, and more, will be customizable. This offers an obvious benefit in allowing players to choose which version they are playing with minimal fuss, and no extra installations, as well as tailoring their game to their personal and system specifications.

New Launcher Rumors: Fact or Fiction?

Unfortunately, there have been rumors circulating about what the new launcher will bring (or break), many of which are simply untrue. Today, I sat down with Mojang's very own Dinnerbone to talk about the new launcher, where it is, and where it is going. Some of the most heard rumors are addressed below, plus some exciting news for the future of the launcher!

"The new launcher has always-on DRM! Why is Mojang joining the AODRM bandwagon?!"
  • Untrue. The launcher is still in a testing phase, and the "Play Offline" option simply hasn't been added to the menu yet. It is coming in future launcher updates, and will remain a core feature of the launcher. Not to worry, Offline isn't going away!

"The new launcher will kill modding!"
  • Untrue; however, we have to examine how Minecraft works now, and how it is planned to work with the new launcher in the future, to understand why this is the case.

    The Technical Explanation

    Right now, Minecraft is installed to the same location for every player (on their respective operating systems), and modding the game requires editing the core files in this location, such as the mincraft.jar, adding mod/config/etc files and folders, and so on. For most players, modding Minecraft, changing versions, or testing Snapshots requires editing these core files directly, which changes the game itself. One of the running problems with this approach has been the lament of modders since the earliest days of the game - every update breaks mods, because an update will completely overwrite old versions of Minecraft (modded or not) with the new version data.

    The new version of Minecraft is expected to be compartmentalized. Instead of having "Minecraft" as an entire game to modified, there will be a "core" Minecraft - essentially, the game's engine and crucial data - which all things will be built upon. Jar files which determine how the game runs will have their own locations, called "Versions", which will be selected from the new launcher. This includes everything from actual vanilla versions of Minecraft to the most complex mods imaginable. For example, if you were to install a mod called "Baconcraft" - which involved adding modified files to the minecraft.jar file, custom folders, assets, and textures - you could place it in a Version folder called "Baconcraft", and select it from the launcher when you started the game.

    Vanilla Versions already download their data on launch, but only the selected Version's data downloads. For example, if you launch the game with 1.6 selected, only 1.6 data downloads. It is hoped that the launcher will also use this feature to update modded versions of the game, adding functionality for modders to include a download source which would update their modded Version whenever a player launched it.

    More details on planned features will be released in the coming days, but this glimpse into the future of the launcher definitely shows an exciting future for modded Minecraft!

    The "TL;DR" Explanation

    Right now, modifying Minecraft means changing the game itself - adding, removing, or modifying files, which will inevitably get overwritten with updates. The new, proposed system will let you pick any version to play that you wish - up to and including modded versions that you have installed - without accidentally breaking other versions, or worrying that a new update will overwrite and ruin your modded game. Pretty awesome!

"Wait...does that mean the MOD API is coming now?!"
  • The new launcher - and the 1.6 update itself - do not include the mod API. However, the API will require many of the coming changes, and so this can be thought of as a preliminary step towards the API!
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You heard right, it's a double-feature today!  The 1.5.2 Pre-Release, as well as the 13w17a Snapshot are now available for testing!  So how does this work?  You can get these files in one of two ways:


Download the new experimental Minecraft launcher (Click here, and select the launcher for your OS), and select which version of Minecraft you want to play from the dropdown box - no extra installation or effort required!


13w17a Client Download

13w17a Server Download

Additionally, you can download the 1.5.2 pre-release by clicking here.


  • Jukebox audio volume doesn’t decrease
  • SMP: Anvils charge level for nothing when using languages other than English
  • Tamed wolves and cats despawn
  • Endermen are rendered hostile if they take environmental damage
  • Pick-Block and Furnaces
  • Achievement "Hot Topic" Uses Faceless Furnace Icon
  • Using the anvil for free
  • Arrows visually float when shot into a block
  • Improvements to FPS when using high-resolution texture packs
  • Many Realms fixes


  • Added a new “Hardened Clay” block
  • Added extra tooltip info in the search tab for the creative inventory
  • Made deserts more deserty
  • Zombies made slightly more sociable
  • Bug fixes!
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Suddenly, out of nowhere...SNAPSHOT TIME!  What lies in store for today's amazing snapshot release?  Let's take a look!


  • Added horses, based on the work of John Olarte (DrZhark), of Mo’ Creatures fame
  • Added hay bales
  • Added leashes
  • Added carpets
  • The “Respiration” enchantment now also helps seeing underwater


Dinnerbone and Grum have been hard at work creating a NEW Minecraft launcher, with some pretty sweet features!  To get the snapshot, use the new launcher available in the link below. To return to 1.5.1, simply start the old launcher and play as normal.  That's all there is to it!

Want to send feedback on the new launcher?  Be sure to tweet @Dinnerbone, @Grum, or @jeb_ with your suggestions, or make a post right here!


Windows: Click here

Mac/OSX: Click here

Linux/Other: Click here

  • You might get an "unsafe" warning when trying to download the launcher. Disregard this, it is safe!
  • Don't forget to report bugs you encounter at the links above!  The launcher can be updated nearly instantaneously without additional downloads!
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