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The Dead Worker's Party is back, with the finale to their Shipwrecked adventure series!  This week, The Shaft tries to find Minecraft heaven, the end of the adventure, and answer a quiz based on their prior exploits (which they may or may not cheat on), intermixed with bouts of physical assault.  Do they ascend to heaven?  Do they make it through the quiz chamber without suffering a death-by-punching?  Take a look and find out! Back to Top

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Survival - Coming Soon

Players of Minecraft - Pocket Edition have strongly expressed a desire for a Survival mode since the game was released, and while Mojang has commented in the past how the full PC title would likely never make it to the handheld, it seems that significant progress is nonetheless being made on a portable Survival Mode. Mojang's Daniel Kaplan had this to say:

Daniel Kaplan, Mojang said:

...we had an initial plan of making Minecraft – Pocket Edition more like Minecraft Creative. But alas we were wrong. We have read tons of comments and feedback and it seems like we made a huge mistake. You wanted monsters, resources, animals and more different blocks. This means that the initial code we had written didn’t exactly fit with the new plan where we wanted to add all the stuff you have been asking for. So we have been reorganizing, rewritten and changed the whole plan for Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

Posted Image

As noted above, Mojang plans to submit the new and improved Pocket Edition by February 8th, 2012, where it will go through processing and approval by the Android and iOS markets. Yes, it won't be long now before creepers can stalk us and chickens flee from us, no matter where we travel! In particular, there was emphasis that, while new creatures and blocks would be added, crafting will not be included in this update, stating that the UI needs some revision before adding such a comprehensive feature. However, they also enthusiastically added that updates should be more frequent (and feature-filled) going forward, so keep an eye out for them!

Holidays Over - For Some

As the holidays wrap up, most of us spent a significant amount of time putting our various decorations, new presents and such back into storage. However, one man's decoration refuses to be put away - and refuses to relinquish its Santa hat.

I'll spare you the litany of explosion puns that immediately come to mind.

Still, winter is in full swing, and not showing any signs of slowing down. As most of us are stuck inside from the cold, we find ourselves spending even more time playing Minecraft, and it brings to mind a question - what sort of awesome winter mods are out there? What are some of your favorites? Tell us about them! Back to Top

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Posted Image

This week, the News Guys cover a number of topics:  this week's snapshot, which includes the highly sought-after ladder fixes (by removing hitbox detection, for easier navigation), cleaner biome transitions, flat worlds for building (beginning around height 5, for maximum building) and more; they also briefly touch on various members of Mojang in their day-to-day activities, including Notch, MinecraftChick and others.  One thing users have been clamoring for is the official release for 1.01, which Jeb touches on briefly, in addition to AI alterations, possible wolf breeding, and much more.  Give it a watch! Back to Top

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Mojang has revealed this week's Snapshot!  We have an exciting list of changes, including the following:

  • New language translations. We changed from using Google Docs to a new system, so these may still contain a lot of errors or missing texts. Please check the Minecraft forums (language section) for more info.
  • Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
  • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
  • Decreased randomness of Enchantment Tables
  • Changed colors of spawning eggs to more represent the mobs they spawn
  • Made biomes slightly more varied (hills in forests and deserts, beaches)
  • Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)
  • Removed collision box from ladders
  • Updated fence gate collision box to align with fences

Mojang went on to add the following about the highly anticipated modding API:

Mojang said:

We are currently still preparing work for the mod API. The API is going to take some time to implement properly, so we ask for patience :) Also, Jon is currently working on improving the AI for mobs to make it easier for us to add new behaviors. The first goal is to add breeding support to wolves, and then move on to more useful / interesting villagers.

One almost wonders if future wars betweeen villages will be possible, or even quests.


Get the 12w01a client right here!

Get the 12w01a server right here! Back to Top

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Minecraft Land Generation, Revisited

Are you a fan of how terrain used to be generated, with massive mountain ranges, hills and more height variety? Jeb is hard at work on land generation, with the intent of having land generation be more varied in a future release. Not as much a fan of massive, hilly landscapes - or would you at least like an option for flat plains, for easier building? Not to worry, he is working on adding that as an option as well, which you can use at will. Whether you're a fan of rolling mountains or rolling plains, the power to exercise some control over land generation is not far off.

Posted Image

Minecon, from Mojang's Perspective

We attended Minecon alongside thousands of players and their families, and it was certainly an event to remember. We had a chance to show you the convention from our perspective, and now Mojang would like to show you theirs - with their own photo album! They took pics of everything from the setting up of the con, numerous shots of attendees who met with them, booths they went by, and so much more. It's a fascinating look into the convention from the hosters' perspective, and one not to be missed.

If you look really hard, you can even see your favorite content writer.

Additionally, Mojang is looking for your feedback on Minecon! What did you think of the convention? Where would you like to see the next Minecon hosted? You can let them know right here!

Curse is Hiring!

Posted Image is looking to add more members to our awesome team! We’re growing quickly and actively hiring for our Engineering, Sales, Content, IT and Marketing teams!

Posted Image

At Curse, you will have the opportunity to work with a young, growing team of passionate and talented individuals making a living doing what they love.

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Posted Image

Our Star Wars-themed contest is still ongoing!  Here, we show off one of our submissions, from forum user birchbeater - a 5:1 scale model of the Millennium Falcon!  This is only one in a massive number of awesome entries we've received so far, and we want to see what you can do!  Wonder how you can get in on this contest?  It's easy!  Just head over here, read up on the rules and regulations for the contest, and submit your entry!  Once the deadline is reached (January 15th, 2012), we will review each and every entry, and pick 10 lucky winners to receive a FREE subscription to Curse Premium, as well as having their work spotlighted here, on the front page of Minecraft Forum.  Show us what you've got! Back to Top

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Looking Back at 2011

With the full release of Minecraft, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of just how far the game has come in such a short time. It's funny to think, with the inclusion of dragons and such for the final release, that it wasn't so long ago we were marveling at the addition of charcoal, noteblocks and bones. The year began with Minecraft freshly into the Beta stage, and features were added fairly regularly for a long stretch of the year. From beds to bedrock fog, Minecraft spent 2011 in a constant state of growth. As the game grew, so did the player-base; it wasn't long before over 4 million people bought the game.

For a game that wasn't technically completed yet, that's quite a base of customers!

We have shared quite a volume of content with you guys in 2011, from cool videos to lawsuits - still, one half of the power of Minecraft has always been you, the players. What awesome things do you remember from 2011 in the game? Do you have a link to a favorite texture pack, mod or story here on the forums? Tell us about it! Back to Top

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First-person shooters have been immensely popular for over a decade, catering to an immensely broad audience of gamers in all age groups.  So, it's no surprise to see this genre creep into Minecraft, as has been done in this tongue-in-cheek spoof of Call of Duty.  This video features working firearms, custom skins, operational vehicles and more - give it a watch!

Curious about the map, mods or skins used?  Click here and read the description for links! Back to Top

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This week saw little in the way of high-stakes action, mainly due to the holidays.  However, we still have some exciting updates on the various goings-on with Mojang, including an employee getting a prestigious award, updates on a few new-hires - at least one of which wants to revise the AI in Minecraft NPCs - and a quick look at the upcoming title by Notch, which was directly inspired by his recent Ludum Dare entry.  Give it a look!

Curse is hiring!  Do you want to join a dedicated team of people who love to play video games, and spend every working day immersed in them?  Check out our job openings, and see if you have what it takes to work for a great company in the gaming industry! Back to Top

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Have you ever built something so absolutely amazing that you wanted to keep it forever? Imagined a structure in Minecraft, and longed to see it brought into the real world?

Well, now's your chance.

Eric Haines from Autodesk (the makers of 3D rendering software, no less) has just released his Mineways program to the world. Mineways allows you to select various blocks from within the game, trim them up, and send them to 3D printing service, Shapeways.

The process is extremely simple, and after a quick turn around, you can have any Minecraft scene, object, or mob rendered into a real life object of your very own. Back to Top

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