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Lindsay unveils the Minecon goodie bag!

There is a ton of cool goodies in this year's Minecon goodie bag, including a Minecraft gift code! Back to Top

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The convention hall at Disneyland Paris is a bustling whirlwind of activity, as the final setup preparations are made for tomorrow morning!

Posted Image

Walking into the convention entrance!

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The main hall, which will see the Opening Ceremony, and a whole lot more!

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The Chunk Error is an interactive Minecraft experience, complete with souvenirs!

Posted Image

The Mob Trap is an awesome haunted house, rife with scary goodies - we will be touring this in detail soon!


Want an in-depth timeline of all the events going on at Minecon?  It's easy!  Just get the Guidebook app - found at the app store, or the Android Marketplace, for free - and search for "Minecon".  The app gives you the entire schedule of Minecon, plus maps, with no detail left omitted!

Curse Client Free Premium Features!

We recently updated the Curse Client with a host of Minecraft goodies, and all this weekend, you can try out the Premium features, such as Cloud Syncing save games, free!  Just load up your Client (or get it here, if you don't have it yet), and give the Premium features a go!  They will be free to try all throughout Minecon, as our thank you for being an awesome group of gamers.  Enjoy!

Minecon Coverage

We will be covering the entire convention all weekend, with hourly updates on all the awesome happenings at panels, shows, and more!  We will bring you video coverage, up-to-the-minute pics, and an in-depth look into every awesome event going on!  Stay tuned here, for all your Minecon coverage needs!

Still not enough?  You can also check out the official Minecon livestream, by clicking here, and seeing the convention as it happens.  See you there!

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In Paris for Minecon tonight?  Want to meet the who's who of Shapeways, while having an awesome time?  Shapeways wants to hang with you!  At 19:30 tonight at the address below, drop by and hang with the Shapeways crew!  If you have a 3D model you want to show off, bring it by!  Whether or not you have a model to display, you can still get your party on.  Drop by and chill with us!  

Where:  Lake Lakanal - 2 Avenue René Coty, Paris Back to Top

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Going to Minecon this year?  If so, we have a special treat for all the attendees who drop by our booth - the annual Diamond Deposit Scavenger Hunt!  What does it entail?  Simple - winning free stuff!  Here's how it works:

  • Get a Scavenger Hunt card (comes with your Minecon goodie bag!)
  • Fill out your info on the back
  • Visit each of our partner's booths, and get your card punched there
  • Bring your fully punched card back to the booth, turn it in

That's it!  Once the Scavenger Hunt is over, we will draw winners at random, and give away prizes!  We have some pretty awesome prizes available, too!  Our generous partners have offered the following for the giveaway:

Shapeways: $300 Shapeways Gift Certificate
J!NX: €100 Gift Certificate (x5)
Intel® : x4 Intel® Solid-State Drives (x2 intel® SSD of 240Go & x2 Intel® SSD 480Go)
57Digital: iPad Mini
Microsoft: Xbox + Minecraft Download
CraftStudio: Xbox Kinect Bundle
Curse: Alienware M14x Laptop (courtesy of Alienware!)

So, if you want fabulous free stuff, drop by our booth at Minecon, get your scavenger hunt on, and get ready for your chance to win some awesome loot!

A huge thanks to our incredibly generous sponsors:

Posted Image

Alienware:  http://www.alienware.com
Shapeways: http://www.shapeways.com/
J!NX: http://www.jinx.com/
Intel: http://www.intel.com...drives-ssd.html
57Digital: http://www.57digital.co.uk/
Xbox: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/
CraftStudio: http://craftstud.io/
Curse: http://www.curse.com/

Disclaimer : *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Copyright © 2012, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel Inside, Intel Core, Ultrabook, Intel, Intel SSD , and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. For more information and details, visit http://www.intel.com/ultrabook Back to Top

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Minecraft World Management Tools, now in the Client!

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Have you ever died in-game, or had your home destroyed by creepers, and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish I could just go back and do that over again"?  Lucky for you, we have thought that too!

Are you ready for a savegame management tool that will let you back up and restore your worlds, quicksave on the fly, and even store backed up world copies on the Cloud, to free up hard drive space?  The new Curse Client - Minecraft Update includes a host of features, including:

  • Saved Worlds:
Each individual world on your computer can be locally backed up for safe keeping! In addition to showing when a world was last backed up, the "More Info" tab will show you your health, level, and the number of items in your inventory, as well as give you the ability to share your world's seed with a simple click to copy option. Any saves listed on this screen can be restored.
  • Quicksave:
In regular intervals, the Client will create a quicksave of any given world -- These can also be created upon hitting the escape key. If you manage to fall into some lava, have a creeper destroy all your hard work, or just want to go on an NPC rampage without there being consequences, the Quick Saves will have you covered. Just click to restore the world back to its previous state!
  • Saved World Sync:
Any Curse Premium member will additionally have the ability to sync any world to the cloud, allowing you to download your world to any PC without the hassle!

That's all pretty cool, but what about something special for the creative minds of the community?  Any artist, modder, or equally creative talent who uploads their creations to the Client via Bukkit (for Minecraft), or CurseForge (for any other game), and gets 1,000 or more downloads will get FREE Curse Premium!

Now, the Cloud Sync feature is a Premium feature, but there are some exciting things going on in the world of Minecraft, and we want to help celebrate!  For the entire duration of Minecon 2012 (Friday the 23rd, Saturday and Sunday), you will be able to test the Premium Cloud Sync features for free!  No sign-up, no catch, just a client that will let you try the Cloud Sync feature, worry-free.

Ready to give the Minecraft World Management features a try?  If you haven't picked up the Curse Client yet, click here, download the client, and give it a try today! Back to Top

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The 1.8.2 Update for MCX360 is live!  What changes come with this awesome patch?  Well:

Changes and Additions:
  • Added an option to clear the quick select bar in the creative interface.
  • Added an option to enable or disable bedrock fog, and set to off by default.
  • Added an option to toggle the HUD off/on.
  • Added an option to turn the player hand off/on.
  • Added a crafting recipe for Golden Apples.
  • Added a crafting recipe for Pumpkin Seeds.
  • Made cakes stackable.
  • Added a How To Play page for Host and Player options

  • Fix for a problem with signs in online games causing crashes.
  • Fix for save renaming deleting the wrong save due to input received during the confirmation flow.
  • Fix to the mob generation code to increase the number of animals in the world.
  • Fix for chests being incorrectly lit, and rotated for maps from previous versions.
  • Fix for problem with the eating animation being shown for players who weren't eating.
  • Fix for problem with chest lids not behaving properly.
  • Fix for animals looking like they were taking damage when they shouldn't.
  • Fix for some sounds not playing when the player has an empty hand.
  • Fix for lever sounds.
  • Fix for fence gate sounds.
  • Fix for splitscreen players sometimes having their settings zeroed.
  • Fix for being damaged while flying over lava.
  • Fix to stop lava, milk and water buckets being empty after use in creative mode.
  • Fix for Leader of the Pack achievement being awarded incorrectly.
  • Fix for leaderboard stats issue where value stored was incorrect.
  • Fix for hitbox problems with glass panes and iron fence.
  • Fix for small character display changing color to green.
  • Fix for map rendering incorrectly in some situations with clouds disabled.
  • Fix for block rendering problem at the edge of the map.
  • Fix for splitscreen players not being able to mine in the tutorial.
  • Fix for players not being able to sprint/sprint-fly in creative mode if the player was previously in survival mode with a low food bar.
  • Fix for arrow damage not being ignored when PvP is turned off.
  • Fix for activated pressure plates not working correctly.
  • Fix for the low food bar hint appearing when loading a game in creative mode (usually the tutorial world saves).
  • Fix to remove the player shadow when the Invisible option in the Host Privileges is used.
  • Fix for Red Roses not being generated on the terrain.
  • Fix for paintings being pushed by pistons.
  • Fix so that players who can't eat, due to the Trust Players option being off, do not get exhausted.
  • Fix for the interface disappearing after a Share to Facebook action.
  • Fix to limit the number of Slimes, Ghasts and Silverfish that can be spawned in a world.
  • Fix for the cursor position in creative mode being able to go offscreen.
  • Fix for players showing on maps when they should not be, after the player dies and respawns.
  • Fix for capes displaying wrongly when sprint-flying.
  • Fix for capes not displaying in the Nether.
  • Fix for capes not displaying when the player respawns.
  • Fix for tools taking damage in Creative Mode.
  • Fix so Bows don't need or use up Arrows in Creative Mode.
  • Reduced the volume of the chest open/close sound effect
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It's time for the Weekly News!  David and Toby cover a range of goodies from the last week, be sure to check it out!

It's also that time of year again - time for MINECON!  We will be covering all the goodies of Minecon 2012 in the coming week, as well as real-time coverage of the convention, on the 24th and 25th!  Every day this week, we will touch on an awesome aspect of the 'con before it goes live.  Then, during MC12, we will be covering all the awesome panels, events, and shows from the convention, as it happens!

Be sure to check back here every day this week for all things Minecon.  If you are going this year, we will see you there.  If not, we will see you here! Back to Top

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In the mood for an arena combat game, but don't have a server to visit with the mods all set up and ready?  Well, you're in luck!  This 100% vanilla adventure map, Zombie Arena, features all kinds of cool stuff!

  • Single and Multiplayer compatible
  • If you die, press a button reset the map - no need to reload the map from a backed up save
  • In-game shop, with a selection of equipment
  • Map hazards
  • Bonus drops will fall into the arena occasionally - free power-ups!

You can check out this awesome adventure map by clicking the image of the arena above, or the link below.  Enjoy!

Map thread:  Click here


Speaking of zombies, interested in getting the latest info on all things FPS (including the COD:BO2 Survival Mode?  Check out FPS General, your source for all things FPS! Back to Top

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Not content to leave bugs unfixed, Mojang has already sent out the 1.4.5 Pre-Release!  This isn't a required download for anyone still playing 1.4.4, it is meant to address issues with LAN servers.  If you were having problems with your LAN games, definitely give this a try, and offer some feedback!

A number of SMP related issues were addressed here - crashing when entering certain servers, baby villagers only being farmers, and issues with spawning baby wolves, among others.  Remember, if you aren't having trouble with 1.4.4, you can continue playing with it normally - however, if you want to update to the 1.4.5 PR client, don't fear!  The 1.4.5 Pre-Release client should be able to connect to any 1.4.4 servers without any trouble at all.

Give it a try, see if it doesn't help with certain SMP issues!  Whether it does or not, be sure to report your findings right here!


1.4.5 Client:  Click here
1.4.5 Server:  Click here Back to Top

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Pocket Edition Updated to 0.5.0!

Yes, the 0.5.0 update has gone live!  All sorts of goodies came with this edition, including:

New features:
  • Paintings
  • Mushroom farming
  • Melons
  • Zombie pigmen
  • Nether Reactor
  • Glowstone
  • Restore hearts when sleeping in bed
  • Food now restores more health
  • Tweaked the fog to make the game less foggy
  • It is now easier to get out a bed
Bug fixes:
  • The game could crash when loading a saved game
  • Animals would sometimes never respawn in a map
  • Using an item could sometimes attack animals/players when not facing them
  • Spawning by a bed sometimes resulted in the player being several floors up from it
  • Seeds would drop below grass block when using the hoe
  • About 25 additional bug fixes

Dive right in, and enjoy the best version of Pocket Edition yet!


Curse Client Seeking Beta Testers

Posted Image

We're updating the Curse Client in the very near future to include a whole host of savegame management and backup tools, and would like your feedback!  If you would like to try these features before they go live, and have your voice heard for what features YOU want, click the link below, give it a try, and tell us what you think!  Your feedback will help shape features to be added, removed, and improved in the full release!

Beta Test Client: Click here Back to Top

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