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Minecraft 1.7.6 pre-release 1 is available for testing! This is a huge step towards one of the most requested features since the birth of Minecraft;


This version provides complete support for identifying players through unique IDs and not by names, so that no matter what a player is called they will remain banned/whitelisted/oped/etc on servers. Dinnerbone has provided a helpful FAQ on what all this means:

Dinnerbone said:

If I ban a player “Foo” and he changes name to “Bar”, will he stay banned?
Yes. Same for whitelisted players and oped players. They also keep their inventory, pets, statistics and everything they own on a server.

Can I steal somebody’s name? Can I call myself “Dinnerbone” too?
No. I am Dinnerbone and names are still unique. You cannot have the same name as another player, they will have to change their name for you to be able to take it.

How will this work with mods? What about my custom stuff on this one modded server?
Ask your mod maker/server owner. They should be able to support this system easily, but we aren’t responsible for mods or servers!

Can I already change my name? Where do I go? Will it cost? How often can I do it?
We will enable name changing when we feel that enough users are using 1.8 or higher, so that servers have time to switch to the new player formats. We do not have any details on how name changes will be performed or any restrictions that will be required to actually perform a name change. We want it to be easy and freely available, but we also don’t want people changing their name every 5 minutes!

So where do I change my name?
Read the previous answer!

I’m a server owner, what do I have to do when I update to 1.7.6?
Nothing, really. The server will update itself, but it’s entirely possible that it may require your input if it finds an issue (nonexistant players, for example). If your server fails to start then check the log, otherwise it’s ready to play!

Is this compatible with 1.7.5?
No, sorry. We had to change the protocol to support the new player formats.

I’m scared. I need a hug. Posted Image
Aww, here you go little guy. *hug* Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

This pre-release also comes with a lot more Minecraft Realms improvements, crash fixes, optimizations and general bug fixes.

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, Mojang can’t fix it!

To get pre-releases, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “pre-releases” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots”, select the version from the dropdown and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).
Snapshots and pre-releases can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: https://s3.amazonaws....1.7.6-pre1.jar

Report bugs here:

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April Fool's day aside, plenty has been going on in the world of Minecraft - check it out! Back to Top

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We here at the Minecraft Forum take Minecraft very seriously. We are serious about our community, we are serious about our forum, we are serious about our favorite game. We are seriously sorry for not being more serious on this seriously normal day. To make up for this sub-par attempt at puerile humor, we will immediately make amends with the following changes to the forum:

  • Sacheverell will only post news about game updates
  • All sections of the forum will have the prefix "serious" attached, to show our commitment to seriousness
  • Forum moderators will now have a minimum quota of infractions per day to give out (meaning, they will have to give out infractions to stay above the minimum limit), to demonstrate seriousness
  • Forum admins will now have a minimum quota of bans per day
  • The following actions are now infraction-worthy:
    • Misspelling words
    • Incorrect grammar
    • Whimsy
    • Fun
    • Jokes
    • Talking about games other than Minecraft
    • Complaining about the new policies
    • Making fun of anything
    • Embedded videos
    • Creating new threads
    • Posting in existing threads
    • Correct spelling
  • Cats will no longer be discussed in any section of the forum

We know these changes - which are in line with our vision of the perfect forum - will please 100% of our users. We are committed to making sure every single person is satisfied, and we will not stop changing things around until this goal is met.

Also, enjoy your villagers. Back to Top

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In light of his deep love for cats, Jeb has confirmed that this baby ocelot - named "Missus Puddums", cherished mascot at EA - will now be the Lead Developer for Minecraft, going forward, following the takeover of the game by gaming industry giant, Electronic Arts. This gives Puddums final say in all design decisions, though Jeb jokingly added that he made her "promise to not sell hats." Jeb cites personal time and additional projects as reasons for his stepping down, but makes it a point to say that he will still be involved in Minecraft development.

Some of the proposed changes to Mincraft include:
- "Always on" DRM, to reduce account-spoofing
- Monthly DLC packages
- Graphics enhancement, to make Minecraft more realistic

Jeb added that it was a "scary move, but I feel strangely confident. I guess we've worked close enough for long enough for me to feel confident about it. EA is exactly what Minecraft needs right now. Puddums is a bit more DLC-friendly than I am, and we need to embrace DLC more."

Puddums commented on the situation as well, stating that she wasn't "sure when the idea came up the first time (from Jeb), but it has been a few months now. We all knew that Jeb was going to work on other things after 1.8, so it kind of seemed natural for me to 'take over'. Besides, I can clean myself while I'm working, and efficient use of time is important to us."

Puddums' next step is to work on the cat API for Minecraft, a long-awaited feature for players and modders alike, which will be the first paid DLC for the game. She had the following to say on the API:

Missus Puddums said:

Until June, I will be the only developer on Minecraft, so things will have to be slow initially. But my absolute main priority now is to create a fish API DLC, because there is no way in hell I will be able to add as much fish as the whole internet can do. The game needs more fish, so end users can obtain them without hassle. I'm not going to do it all by myself though. We have a new programmer beginning in June, and we are talking to existing fish API teams, such as Bukkit-O-Fish, Minecraft Forgefish, and Minecraft Fisher Pack. If we can make a little money on the side from it, all the better.
She went on to add that a release for the new DLC would likely be seen no sooner than August.

Jeb and Puddums have collaborated on Minecraft development for over a week, and Jeb has expressed the utmost confidence in his collaborator's capabilities. You can contact Missus Puddums via Twitter.

Puddums was originally hired as EA's office mascot, to see if real ocelots made good companions. Over time, Puddums became increasingly involved in the development of Minecraft, and is now responsible for many well-known (and expensive) DLC packs for other games. Having worked on features such as fish DLC, cat fur pattern DLC, and map structures (scratching posts, litterboxes, and nether dogs, all part of the Home Decor DLC), she now takes her vision of Minecraft's future forward as the official head developer of the game. Congratulations, Missus Puddums! Back to Top

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CavemanFilms has a hilarious series - Pixelmon Lapis - on his channel, which uses the Pixelmon mod to tell their story! Laughs and battles abound, check it out!


Have you heard about Wildstar yet? Eager to try it out for yourself? We're giving away beta keys right now! Check out our Wildstar beta key giveaway, click here! Back to Top

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David and Toby slide down the slippery slope of weekly news, grabbing all sorts of interesting tidbits along the way! Back to Top

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Posted Image

Updates for Minecraft 360 are live! There is a heaping mountain of goodies, including:

  • Emerald
  • Emerald Ore
  • Block of Emerald
  • Ender Chest
  • Tripwire Hook
  • Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Anvil
  • Flower Pot
  • Cobblestone Walls
  • Mossy Cobblestone Walls
  • Wither Painting
  • Potato
  • Baked Potato
  • Poisonous Potato
  • Carrot
  • Golden Carrot
  • Carrot on a Stick
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Night Vision Potion
  • Invisibility Potion
  • Nether Quartz
  • Nether Quartz Ore
  • Block of Quartz
  • Quartz Slab
  • Quartz Stair
  • Chiseled Quartz Block
  • Pillar Quartz Block
  • Enchanted Book
  • Carpet
  • Added new recipes for Smooth Sandstone and Chiseled Sandstone.
  • Added new Mobs - Zombie Villagers.
  • Added new terrain generation features - Desert Temples, Desert
  • Added Trading with villagers.
  • Added Anvil interface.
  • Added sideways log placement.
  • Changed placement of half blocks and other blocks on half blocks.
  • Changed placement of upside down stairs and slabs.
  • Wooden Buttons and Wooden Pressure Plates can be activated with Arrows.
  • Can dye leather armor.
  • Can dye wolf collars.
  • Can control riding a pig with a Carrot on a Stick.
  • Added different villager professions.
  • Villagers spawned from a spawn egg will have a random profession.
  • Furnaces can use wooden tools as a fuel.
  • Ice and Glass panes can be collected with silk touch enchanted tools.
  • Nether mobs can spawn in the Overworld from Portals.
  • Creepers and Spiders are aggressive towards the last player that hit them.
  • Mobs in Creative mode become neutral again after a short period.
  • Remove knockback when drowning.
  • Doors being broken by zombies show damage.
  • Ice melts in the Nether.
  • Cauldrons fill up when out in the rain.
  • Pistons take twice as long to update.
  • Pig drops Saddle when killed (if has one).
  • Sky color in The End changed.
  • String can be placed (for Tripwires).
  • Rain drips through leaves.
  • Levers can be placed on the bottom of blocks.
  • TNT does variable damage depending on difficulty setting.
  • Book recipe changed.
  • Boats break Lily Pads, instead of Lily Pads breaking Boats.
  • Pigs drop more Porkchops.
  • Slimes spawn less in Superflat worlds.
  • Creeper damage variable based on difficulty setting, more knockback.
  • Fixed Endermen not opening their jaws.
  • Added new Host Options for flying, invisibility and invulnerability for remote players.
  • Added teleporting of players (using the player menu ingame).
  • Furnace will return an empty bucket when fuelled by a bucket of lava.
  • Updated Bonus Chest content with more items.
  • Added new tutorials to the Tutorial World for new items and features.
  • Updated the positions of the Music Disc Chests in the Tutorial World.
  • Updated all texture packs and mashup packs with new TU14 additions.
  • Changed the gray wool texture for City to be more like a road surface
  • Fixed a crash with Maps in Item Frames which happened when players were in the Nether or The End
  • Fixed Chest locks showing through walls at a distance
  • Fixes a couple of crashes related to the player's banned level list
  • Some lighting fixes
  • Fix to Blazes so they go on fire before shooting fire charges
  • Fix to allow drinking milk in Creative mode
  • Fix to allow split screen players to see Splash Potion particles
  • Fix to stop the held item being replaced with the first item in the Quick Select on exiting The End.
  • Fixed an issue with throwing an Ender Pearl while travelling to The Nether or The End
  • Fixed the active time for Wooden and Stone Buttons.
  • Fixed a crash with Dispensers and Fire Charges
  • Fixed a crash with local profiles in the Help & Options menu
  • Corrected the leaves obtained using silk touch on Jungle trees
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Recently, a convention was held in the name of Minecraft that has raised serious concerns about scamming Minecrafters. Bebopvox brings us the latest - this is a must-watch! Back to Top

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Posted Image


Ever wanted to learn how to make Minecraft mods? There are nearly limitless ways to change Minecraft to your exact preferences, and no one knows this better than modders! What if you could change the game however you liked? Now is the time to learn how!

Wuppy29 and freezzerrr will be hosting a livestream event this Friday, which aims to teach viewers the ins and outs of making Minecraft mods! This event will be going on for a very limited time, so be sure to check it out while you can.


The stream will be Friday, March 28th, starting at 3pm GMT +1 (10am EST, 7am PST). Alternately, you can check this website for details on your timezone!


The event will be hosted right here, be sure to follow if you want to be updated the second it goes live! If you cannot make the event for whatever reason, wuppy plans to post the stream (and highlights) to his modding tutorial channel, which has a host of useful info for aspiring modders! Back to Top

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Posted Image

Plans that were in the works for Minecraft to have an Oculus Rift-supported version have now ground to a halt, following Oculus Rift's confirmed buyout by social media giant, Facebook. Markus "Notch" Persson wasn't shy about expressing his thoughts on the matter, saying that Facebook creeps him out, and would not be working with them any time soon. He went on to say that he felt Facebook - while excellent pioneers of social networking - were not good for a device he hoped to see grow in the gaming world, having little background in the field of game design.

Notch said:

Don’t get me wrong, VR is not bad for social. In fact, I think social could become one of the biggest applications of (Oculus Rift). Being able to sit in a virtual living room and see your friend’s avatar? Business meetings? Virtual cinemas where you feel like you’re actually watching the movie with your friend who is seven time zones away?

But I don’t want to work with social, I want to work with games.

Read the full blog entry here

Notch was a strong early supporter of the Oculus Rift, donating $10,000 towards the project's Kickstarter, and personally flying out to meet the Oculus team, to discuss the device, and potential development ideas for its future.

While Oculus support is off the table, a number of competitors have been surfacing in the VR industry of late, any of which may be viable alternatives for Minecrafters eager to see a fully immersive version of the game.

While no official plans to support Oculus currently exist, there is a working (with version 1.6.2) mod that is currently available to the public, called Minecrift, which boasts a number of support features for Oculus users. Back to Top

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