Bioshock (and Tons of Other Stuff) Revisited

It wasn't long ago that we saw a massive recreation of Bioshock Infinite's Columbia city, as seen at Ever wondered how to get your hands on that map? What if I told you that map was available? Why stop there - what if I told you that the team responsible for that map has 61 other maps like it, each a detailed wonderland?

The Voxelbox creative Minecraft server - responsible for untold numbers of incredibly detailed buildings, landscapes, cities, and more - is putting out their numerous creations for the public to download and use! Each day, they release a new map (up to 41 as of this writing), until all 61 maps are available for you to enjoy!

And here, I can barely manage to build a mud hut.

Every map has an album to look through, as well as a worldfile, schematic, or both! I could go on about these maps all day, but really, nothing I say can do them justice. They speak for themselves just fine:



Check out the map thread right here!


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