Ask the Pocket Edition Devs (almost) Anything!

This Monday, Minecraft: Pocket Edition developers Johan, Tommaso and Jens will star in a panel broadcast, live from the Mojang office. What will they be discussing? That’s up to you!

They are hoping to harness the collective power of the Pocket Edition players to submit questions to this reddit thread. Then, they will pick the best ones and put them to the team live on air. While the exact time of the show isn't currently known, the archived footage will be uploaded later on, just in case you do miss it.

This is all in celebration of hitting over 20 million sales of Pocket Edition just a few days ago. As mentioned in the Xbox 360 Edition post, Mojang is extremely grateful to all players for their dedication and creativity. Without that, Minecraft wouldn’t be anywhere near as significant as it is today.

Head to the reddit thread and submit your questions! Then check back on Monday for the live stream/archived footage!


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